Soldier killed, 3 injured in border blast
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 27.01.09, 12:51
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1. Time to send strong message and not wait for next time
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (01.27.09)
2. Dont wait one second
Art ,   Syd   (01.27.09)
IDF should not wait one single second before responding to this. Let's get back to it and finish the job we started. This is the right opportunity to finish off these monsters once and for all. The whole world will applaud.
3. i just knew these ba$tard$ cant help themselves or control
amymarkell ,   usa   (01.27.09)
their blood lust for war. like i say you can not reason with these retards. they just dont get it.
4. Israel's ceasefire
shere ,   Jerusalem   (01.27.09)
One correction: This is not the first violation of the truce, Israel has been firing from its gunboats on Gazan fishermen, and Gazan houses on the shore on a daily basis.
Alberto ,   France   (01.27.09)
Hamas will never learn. Israel has to fight again. Diplomatic efforts to convice them to take a part in a peace plan is a JOKE. Obama will be surprised.
7. Israel breached the ceasfire first
JayZ ,   Jerusalem   (01.27.09)
The navy was shooting at gazian fishermen and on civilians on the shorelines, even some in their houses. Ynet had already written an article about that 2 days ago, So it isn't the first breach.. so for #3 yeah, i wonder why they can't get shot at, and control themselves, isnt this what tsahal doing according to media
8. Kadima's weakness once again put soldiers at risk
jeff ,   miami usa   (01.27.09)
Once again Hamas is able to denonate bombs at the border because of Kadima. Thousands of tunnels are open to smuggle weapons from Iran. And then we hear from Kadima how the goals were achieved and Barak says the same thing. How much damage can a party kadima do to Israel. Enough already, 3 and a half years of this government and people want them to stay in power. Kadima won't even allow a knesset session to debate the facts of gaza. Kadima is a stranglehold over israel.
9. Livni wrong PM for Nasrallah, Assad, Sadr, Haniyah, Iran
Neal ,   tel aviv israel   (01.27.09)
Israel is surrounded by people with bad intentions. To have Livni as prime minister at this time is a sick joke. The Kadima party is so far left. They left Likud to give israel's security away to unifil, eu and turkey.
10. Kadima willing to give turkish forces the power to stop idf
David ,   ashkelon israel   (01.27.09)
Kadima is negotiating to have turkish forces and EU forces have the power to stop IDF at the crossings from entering gaza. IDF won't be able to stop bomb attacks like this on the other side of the border fence. Kadima is giving away Israel's security and yet Livni is still close in the polls to be Prime Minister.
11. Barak and Kadima said quiet for long time
Steve ,   ashdod israel   (01.27.09)
Barak and Kadima flat out lie to the public. 2,000 tunnels because they wouldn't allow idf ground troops to go into rafah and destroy them. Kadima wouldn't even allow idf to use bunker buster bombs so they could please egypt. Kadima has a stranglehold over IDF. Kadima and Barak allow iran to continue to smuggle and say egypt is taking care of it. Kadima and Barak say all the goals were achieved. And it is working as they are within striking distance of staying in power. Kadima is a curse.
12. Not 1st violation by hamas
sal ,   Greece   (01.27.09)
during the first weekend,hamas continued to fire rockets,so even then,it was the terrosrissts who violated the ceacefire and Israel had every right to repsond
13. Peace and Propaganda
Sam ,   Jerusalem   (01.27.09)
Peace does not generate good propaganda. Hamas needs to provoke Israel into responding so that once again they can claim Israel is the aggressor who attacks poor innocent peace loving Arabs/Palastinians . Simply put Hamas plays the Western press like a fiddle!
14. Get the F-16s and Apache's airborne
isrel   (01.27.09)
And finish off what we started. It's the only way for us to live in peace. Without them!
15. #4 Are you stupid? Those incidents were in response
Honey! I've booby ,   trapped the kids!   (01.27.09)
to actual or potential incursions - innocent or otherwise. The IDF doesn't just fire without a reason - unlike the Pals. You people really are thick.
16. Let them have another whack! They LOVE IT!
Honey! I've booby ,   trapped the kids!   (01.27.09)
17. Allah's curse vs. Jehovah's curse
Jan   (01.27.09)
To No. 11 - Steve. Kadima a curse ? Of course it is. That's god's curse on Jews for allowing IT to be.......... Not really different then allah's curse on hamas. HE needed a cesspool, so He created Gaza.......... When we Jews get rid of Kadima, and the "good" arabs get rid of hamas, Peace will be achieved. It will help if Moshe Yaalon takes on the Defence Ministry.
18. #7...
daniel ,   London, UK   (01.27.09)
Do the attack, and then find a reason afterwards.
19. Just get on with it
Art Hurwitz ,   Sydney   (01.27.09)
For PETE'S sake: can Barak and co. just get on with the response? NOW!! Not tomorrow or the next day. No questions asked, no threats, no talk. Just ACTION, NOW, PLEASE.
20. Heroic resistance - IDF cowards
Palestinian ,   Stateless   (01.27.09)
The Palestinian militants are heros for focusing their efforts on soldiers and not civilians. The IDF will respond in its usual cowardlhy way - by dropping bombs from pilotless drones or F-16s, safe in their weapons of mass destruction which tear the limbs of innocent Palestinian civilians to pieces. Who's the terrorist again?
21. Our deterrence has been restored.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.27.09)
So say the morons who run this country. Barak bills himself as the ''hero of Gaza'' & can't shut up about our new deterrence .... Evidently, he forgot to tell Hamas. Maybe he should go to Gaza City & make a speech to explain about deterrence to Hamas. They seemingly did not get the message.
22. #6 attila if hamas killed your bother your views would chang
23. dont really see the problem
j   (01.27.09)
theyre hitting the military. no civilians are dying. those guys are in the army for a reason. getting blown up is something of an occupational hazard in the army. i dont shed tears for hamas and i dont shed tears for IDF.
24. #7 Please give your source from this post of yours
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (01.27.09)
25. "..since last soldier left Gaza" ??
avi ,   nyc, usa   (01.27.09)
Not exactly. One soldier has not left Gaza. Gilad Shalit.
Epilef ,   Madrid Sefarad   (01.27.09)
No ELECTRICITY, No WATER for the enemy. DESTROY AND BE HARD , thats the only way to the victory and the peace.
27. Ithought that 1km of cease fire lines were off limits
Trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (01.27.09)
how could the terrorists get so close to plant their device ???
28. #20
SBK ,   HK   (01.27.09)
Now you call them heroes. So what were they for the past 8 years when they fired rockets at civilians on a daily basis? Also, careful who you call cowards. It was Hamas and not the IDF who hid behind children and women, it was Hamas who hid underground. And about your question in relation to who's the terrorist. Clearly, Hamas.
29. dumb dumb remarks
Ilana   (01.27.09)
boysome of your remarks are so incredibly stupid- is this who we are against? Morons? #1 - it is cowardly to firerockets on civilians from far away, but brave to protect civilians. #2 those soldiers are on OUR side, patrolling to protect our civilians from your terrorists!! So by shooting at the protectors, you are nor only killing for no reason but also to get at the civilians. The IDF is brave cause it has to put up with an army of terrorists that plant bombs and run away to use remote control. Everyone knows the IDF is the best Everyone knows Hamas is a brainless savage terror group out to kill
30. Livni, Olmert & Bark are responsible not Hamas
zionist forever   (01.27.09)
Hamas exist to murder Israelis for them this attack was something to be proud of. Thanks to Livni, Olmert and Barak and their unilateral ceasefire the IDF wasn't given the chance to finish of Hamas as a fighting force in Gaza and they are instead still killing our people. Now Livni is talking about releasing 1000 terrorists & opening crossings in exchange for Gilad Shalits freedom before the election in an attempt to buy votes. What they refused to for the past 2 years they have agred to 2 weeks before the election, If they had let the IDF finish off in Gaza rather than starting a war and not finishing it then Hamas would have been forced to release Gilad unconditionly. Barak talks about restored deterent but the reality is that although we may have got it back during the fighting when they called for the unilateral ceasefire it weakened us even further because we sent the message our mistake in Lebanon with 1701 was not a one off mistake its standard practise Gaza is proof of that. Fight a war, kill some Israelis and showing everybody what brave resistance fighters we are but at the end of the day no matter how badly Israel hurt us during the fighting they will agree to end the war early on our terms so we win. Livni, Olmert & Barak are greater enemies of Israel than Iran and all the arabs combined and if they are reelected then the voters who put them back must take direct responsibility if they screw up again.
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