Iran: Holocaust is big lie
Published: 27.01.09, 16:51
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1. Does that mean mean Iran accuses Israel of acting like Nazis
Danny   (01.27.09)
He means that we are victims of a big lie order to settle a rootless regime[the Palestinians]?
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.27.09)
3. ah mad jani
lol ,   london uk   (01.27.09)
yet again this madman has been buring his head in the white powder...but never again will we allow what happened to happen again.....when will the world learn that the islamist regime of iran is hell bent on spreading its cancerous version of islam on the whole world ......they must never be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon,as we know they are happy to use it,even if it would kill millions of thier own in the process.their belief that the mahdi will return when chaos comes to the world,would be enough for them to launch a strike on israel....
4. give it a break, Ah Mad!
miriam ,   Canada   (01.27.09)
this is getting sooooooo boring- give it a break Ah Mad ....we heard you the first time- this is a sure sign this man is getting senile- repeating himself over and over.... you make me vomit! you are sick and disgusting and I feel sorry for the country who has you as a president. Whz does ynet publish this trash? We all know this guy is a nutcase.
5. And these people want to teach us about human rights... :)
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (01.27.09)
6. just projecting their wishful thinking
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.27.09)
goes to show their corrupt minds and hearts. but we already knew that.
7. His days are numbered.
Barney Rubble ,   Aza   (01.27.09)
8. Well, guess who's getting the A-bomb?
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (01.27.09)
Yup crazies like him will soon have the power to wreck the entire world. Betcha that's gonna make a believer out of even Charles from Petach Tikva.
9. Holocaust a lie
josef szmuda ,   los angeles usa   (01.27.09)
Let all chip in for a 2 week vacation at Auswitz and Treblinka for this 7th century throwback. They have the most comfortable beds in the barracks, and in case it gets too cold, a fire can be lit for Ahmadinejad in the crematoria ovens. josef szmuda
10.  Iran: Holocaust is big lie
josef szmuda ,   los angeles usa   (01.27.09)
And Obama wants to have a direct dialogue with this putz! josef szmuda
11. This is not the first time
Sidney ,   USA   (01.27.09)
So why is this news today?
12. wha?
Ilana   (01.27.09)
First they say there was no holocaust (well just because I say there is no Gaza or Gazans doesn't mean anything more than wishful thinking. It can be quite fun actually: there is no Ahmadinjad, thereisno Haniya, there are no antisemites...) Second they blame Israel for acting like nazis which means what? I thought there were none!! Silly isn't it!! Third, we are again told by Iran that the holocaust is a lie. Fourth The holocaust is too horrible to really believe, I know. But it did happen and it was as far from the cast lead as my heart is from Ahmadinjad. Crazy extremist moslems!
13. If he denies the Holocaust "again"
Then why is it news?
14. good news!!!
smith   (01.27.09)
because Obama want to talk with Iran. I hope he will negociation with this... lol
15. jimmy carter - the sequel!
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.27.09)
16. Holocaust
Steven D. ,   USA   (01.27.09)
Just remember that when you call Gaza Strip the Holocaust.
17. Iranian morons...
Natan   (01.27.09)
Does any one take this seriously??? It is just incredible that Iran, that has been a thriving and well educated society with long and rich history is being governed by a bunch of rejects!!! When will the Iranian wake up and get rid of this cancer???
18. anal-retentif?
Luisa ,   Spain   (01.27.09)
what an anal retentiv obsessive moron- the Holocaust must really worry him- he keeps repeating himself over and over- trying to talk himself into believing it never happened- how pathetic!
19. Just like this slimy fool to read history backwards
Amamonkeyjad ,   SUX!!!   (01.27.09)
to justify his jihadi-crazed hatred and delusions of grandeur. Hey Anmadingdong: It's time for Chavez to pick the lice off your back, you cunning baboon.
20. Yes... there was no Holocaust
chezki ,   USA   (01.27.09)
just like there are no homosexuals in Iran which AhmadinJERK and his mullah posse hang in public
21. A Real Lie
Arena ,   USA   (01.27.09)
Ahmadinejad's allah is a big lie. Mohammed is a big lie. Neither ever existed. Ahmadinejad worships a vaccuum.
22. This is no doubt enough to get him TENURE at
eli ,   haifa   (01.27.09)
at Ben Gurion University!
23. the only myth here is....
gali ,   israel   (01.27.09)
a so called "heart in the islamic world" coz believe me it definantly doesnt exsist , they run on hatred and lies, corruption, murders of their own children, they treat their women like shit , should i carry on? no too tired , thats all folks
24. and another thing
gali ,   israel   (01.27.09)
how can six million dead murdered jews be a fuckin myth bechlul?hmm. did steven speilberg make up "schinders list"? i mean come on armadickheadjad your gonna have to do better than that if you want people to take you seriously! thats me done goodnight
25. it is a bizzare psychological game - if the world denies
palestine had existed, then he denies the holocaust has existed. I must admit, it is yet another best seller from hollywood lets see: taking the red pill, and we live in a world where there was no Palestinian state, or Palestinian empire or merely pali kingdom. i.e. the world as was written in history books we learned from. taking the blue and we live in a world where holocaust did happen. i.e. the world according to ahmadinejad. hum, every jew would prefer the holocaust didn’t happen, so maybe ahmadinejad is indeed the descendent of a great palestinian king, or is it a Palestinian empire? well, even if the lost kingdom of palestine is not the issue, one has to admit that an envoy to iran has to include a good director & doctor on board with a long sharp needle ready just in case
Goyim ,   UK   (01.27.09)
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it...In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left...And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem – Zech 12.
27. It's Not About Israel OR The Holocaust. It's About...
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (01.27.09)
..the price of oil dropping like a stone ...lack of gasoline refining capacity means Iran has to IMPORT Gasoline which is very expensive ..huge, disaffected Persian youth that loves the U.S., MTV, Hollywood and hates the religious police .."Farzad the Plumber" could care less about Hezbollah and Hamas and is angry that his government is squandering their oil wealth on foreign adventures instead of at home ...the Persians, some of the greatest traders in history, are hampered by rampant corruption favoring companies run by the Revolutionary Guards -- just like the apparatchiks in Russia ...the Persian government is in big trouble and their rapidly growing population is becoming increasingly restive, younger, combative, and more secular.
28. Holocaust during WW Two.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.27.09)
Quote :” Iran's government spokesman on Tuesday branded the Holocaust a "big lie".” The government of Germany apologized decades after decades for the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis during WW Two. EVEN as of today President Horst Koehler of Germany acknowledged the Holocaust during WW Two. The question arises, then, were does Iran’s government gets its History materials from -- from listening to lunatics or by sucking their own thumbs ?
29. this rant
Erich ,   germany   (01.27.09)
this rant is getting really tiresome- who is this joker trying to impress? we heard it before, a sure sign of senility setting in when you start to reapeat yourself..... time to give up Ahmad....
30. #29 This man must be a CIA plant
Mark ,   Boston   (01.27.09)
He has to be a plant designed to create constant war in the world. No leader would keep saying this over and over. He is hurting his own country. His ranting is designed to put people in fear so we have an endless war on terror.
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