Iran: Holocaust is big lie
Published: 27.01.09, 16:51
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31. UN observing Holocaust rembrance
Mark ,   Boston   (01.27.09)
The UN has selected this day as Holocaust Remembrance. He wants to provoke people and create trouble.
32. "Farzad the Plumber" LOL! I like that!
33. The Palestinian "Nakba" NEVER HAPPENED
Keep spinning it ,   usa   (01.27.09)
It was just some Arabs from Jordan and Egypt on vacation in Israel when fighting broke out and they had to leave their hotels for their own safety. Their passports were not from Palestine.
34. amazing
Michel ,   Israel   (01.28.09)
Mahmoud, look at the ten thousand's of Spielberg holocaust videos. They talk for themselves no matter how much it does not fit into your agenda. Anyway you are wasting your time on the few Jews instead of taking care of your own People who really need you. Try to give them a better life, they are wonderful people and deserve it. Why are you wasting time with Jews just because we did not convert such a long time ago??? You will destroy your own Iran. For what ? You must forgive your father once for hitting you so hard. He did not mean it, but you did not behave, at least that is what he thought. And yes there are Gay's or Kuni's as you say in Persian in Iran today. Stop living in the past and face your people and give them a better live.
35. NO, Persian regime really is that a$$-backwards...
shneer   (01.28.09)
And so are some of their Arab 'cousins'. The Muslim world is full of illiterates, frothing at the mouth Jihadists, rich or poor, makes no difference. We see it in London, Paris, Madrid... and Tehran. I know, let's drop a big one on A-mad man and then insist 'it never happened.'
36. A poem written by my daughter about Anne Frank
Maria ,   MD   (01.28.09)
Anne Frank was born 1929 When Germans called Jews "swine". Adolf Hitler was very cruel He would not let Jews like Anne go to a Gentile school. The Frank family went into hiding, In her diary was Anne confiding. She told of her secrets as well as her plights, She also told of the World War II fights. Anne and her family and friends were caught in hide, In Bergen-Belsen concentration camp she died. Otto Frank received Anne's little book, But he wondered if he should ever take a look. He soon read it page to page, inside and out. Mr. Frank knew that he should without a doubt Publish the diary for people to see And remember Anne Frank for eternity.
37. Ahmadinejad May Be Jewish
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.28.09)
With all the Monkey of Iran's howling over the Holocaust, there's information circulating that he has Jewish roots. See Radio Free Europe article;
38. #30 Mark from Boston
Tahl ,   Ashdod Israel   (01.28.09)
I find your comment very problematic. Your reasoning implies that: 1. There isn't really a terror threat from fundamentalist Islam - this is burying your head in a sandbox 2. Iran is absolved from Jew-hatred and Islamofascism, as their lunatic leader is a "CIA plant", and the rest of the fanatic Iranian establishment is ignored by you 3. The blame is placed not on Islamic terror, but on the US, thus undermining the legitimacy for its important war on terror It is strange to hear such statements from an American, are you perhaps an Arab by origin?
39. Achmajanun Syntia 37
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.29.09)
Now that achmajanun learned that he is a Jew,he must be full with self hatred,therefore he must kill himself ,in order to free himself from Jewish occupation,
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