IDF soldiers leave racist graffiti on Gaza homes
Published: 28.01.09, 08:03
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61. I can show you places in ISRAEL that say the same thing!
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (01.28.09)
Very few Israelis can write English as neat as that. Most of the children are taught Arabic in school, so If it was one of our boys they would have written in Arabic to get the point across. How come it's OK for them to spout death to all Jews, and scawl their death threats all over OUR walls and its another story for us ? They lost, we won and they will do anything to defame us with the Media, so Ynet you really have been duped. If we had not blindfolded our prisoners (The US & Eng. do the same in Afghanistan and Iraq) they would have been tortured and burnt alive as traitors. (Thats if Hamas has not killed them already.) A Piss on their houses.
62. #52 Never read such a load of crap.
Honey! I've had a ,   work 'accident'!   (01.28.09)
No wonder there's trouble - you people are the worlds worst neighbors. The only people that are siding with you are pinky leftist twits , those harboring anti-Semitic feelings and ARABS. There is nothing righteous about your people or its "cause". Your a bunch of nut cases that think you can get rid of Israel and cry and wail when you get whacked. Pathetic. Its all about JIHAD , isnt it? There never be any peace with you people - not in million years. Crazies. Pi55 off.
63. #49 How about some PROOF?
Hamastrobate   (01.28.09)
That's right - don't need any if its Israel.
64. didnt know that the IDF have an ethical code
mohannad   (01.28.09)
65. Enough from IDF Spokesmen admitting to any Pals nonsense
Alan ,   SA   (01.28.09)
66. @ #52
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (01.28.09)
You need no excuse to hate. You would never live in pease with Israel. You would rather take than make, steal the possessions and lives of those your cowardly Hamas, terrorist "Fighters" murder. We all saw your great, brave, manly leaders charging into battle at the head of his "troops". Yeah, from the Cairo Hilton or the botttom of a safe pit in the cellar of a "U.N." protected building. Keep your "Peace Initiative", Arab. I for one live with no false hope you and yours will ever live in peace with anyone. Cowardly backstabber, footpad, thief and murderer. I deny you are the seed of Abraham Avinu. You are the seed of depravity.
67. the writing is on the wall
laura ,   jerusalem Israel   (01.28.09)
enough is enough...the IDF is defending with their lives all of Jewish nation ..they are putting their lives on the line so Jews in Israel can live here and Jews around the world can be free. No, its not a nice thing to do...but compare why are we there in the first place...Leave our soldiers alone ,let them fight and if that is a way to release some of their steam, so be it...what should they write..thank you arabs for bombing innocent Israelies?
68. Do they still have walls in their homes ..
North Israel   (01.28.09)
Oh shame, now the human rights society can donate paint, its worse for the residents of Sakhnin to protest and give their kids plastic guns, and then one day after the war, they are inviting you into their restaurants in Sakhnin and walking around Carmiel like nothing happened - they are two faced people.
69. To #22
leo ,   USA   (01.28.09)
"Doesn't look good in the US; shows up Israel's racism" So, now you understand why it had to be done in English. Or you still do not get it?
70. Easy to recreate
Elin Ryosa ,   Sweden   (01.28.09)
Now I don't doubt that people in any army are capable of leaving such childish messages. But the images are just too easy to recreate, even without photos. Just a texture and add text in any image editing program will give you what we see here. At least show us the photos in context of the supposed rubble.
71. To #47
What a joke?   (01.28.09)
You are completely right - my son "a soldier" in the war - really did not have time and energy to write stupid slogans on walls. He was busy looking for Hamas and was not going on a picnic.
72. Talula, always knew you were blood-thirsty racist
Wissam ,   Jenin   (01.28.09)
No point in "negotiations" - this is what we've been telling that pupper ex-president of ours for years. No point, but to work on your deportation to Europe, where u came from!! Qassams will rain upon your heads, until you give back what's not yours!!
73. 'make war not love'
mike   (01.28.09)
lol, very racist words there, how unhuman of the IDF. Oh my, oh heavens... oh the giant manatee!!!
74. Husam in GA
American Girl ,   Washington DC   (01.28.09)
I was thinking the same thing! I have shown all my colleagues and friends here in DC the talkbacks. They have been appalled by what true Israelis really think. And here there used to be sympathy for them. Even leftist Haaretz is nasty. I say, keep writing people! You're doing wonders for the propaganda war! Keep telling the world what you truly think.
75. HAHA
Avigdor ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (01.28.09)
Unbelievable that they even publish this BIG DEAL, in Europe jews get harrased and beaten and you hardly even hear something about it. So childish thing, doesn't even deserve a reaction from someone in the IDF.
76. Conspiracy theory?
JC ,   USA   (01.28.09)
Sometimes if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Hamas did it. No ifs, ands or buts. Take your dumb blinders off already.
77. #42 photo of Hebrew graffiti
observer ,   USA   (01.28.09)
I don't know whether to laugh or what. The photo of Hebrew graffiti you linked to at says "We don't have anyone to depend on but our Father in heaven." I don't know what the accompanying Arabic article says.
78. Well...we autograph our bombs.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.28.09)
It's a are supposed to kill the enemy and make the aftermath so ugly.....that the general population doesn't want to get involved in another war with you again. How hard is this to figure out? Has everyone forgotten why we bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Have you forgotten why we bombed Dresden into oblivion. We were tired of sending our young men and women over to be slaughtered because inept idiots wanted to take over the world. These people don't come to reason, without a painful reminder of why you shouldn't kill your neighbor. Get a clue for once.
79. #74 Wow! You really are a gullible, closed-minded twit!
American Woman ,   USA   (01.28.09)
"...true Israelis think?" That's nothing but a shameful over-generalization about an entire nation's worth of people. Why don't you show your "colleagues" in "DC" some of the slanderous, racist garbage that is broadcast all over Al-Jazeera? You need to develop some healthy skepticism, or grow up a little and learn to question peoples' political motives, or both.
80. To #79
leo ,   USA   (01.28.09)
I think you are overreacting. #74 just learnet how to spell "DC" and decided to try. "DC coleagues" my gluteus maximus.
81. @14
jones ,   london   (01.29.09)
hmm arent you contradicting yourself there? as you said: 'most palestinians dont know english... these graffiti can be easily made up by the palestinians'???????
82. More Common Than is Reported
Lee Kaplan ,   San Francisco, USA   (01.29.09)
Just go to YouTube and search for "Tel Rumeida" or Hebron and you will find many videos of IDF soldiers behaving shamefully. Are all "investigated"? And I suppose the investigations are all done by the IDF themselves. Shamefu.
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