48 Gaza orphans to travel to Israel for 2-week rest
Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad
Published: 28.01.09, 09:37
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1. How sick
Mehdi   (01.28.09)
So first you kill their parents "The Kibbutz Movement educates its sons to be the first on the battlefield and kill the enemy before being killed..." The enemy here being palestinian civilians (out of >1300 dead more than 600 were children and women, not to mention non-combatant men and the elderly) and then you treat these children with some sweets and movies so they would forget what the IDF did to them, hoping they will not take revenge when they grow up. Sick indeed
2. a 2 week vacation?
jerusalem   (01.28.09)
Is that how they are going to recover and rest? these children have lost their parents-probably even whole families. what about a psychiatrist? being an advanced country as israel may be, it would be logical to think of the psychological damage done to children such as these. if they wanted to do something, try finding a home for these orphans of their hands. " show the world things can be different"--yeah, i knew there was something behind this "gesture." minister herzog's last comment especially shows his knowledge of "reality".
3. simply pathetic
me ,   Sweden   (01.28.09)
4. Big hearts
Mike ,   NY   (01.28.09)
sick minds of Israeli kill their parents and be kind to them I am going to throw up!
5. this is plain sick...
Doron   (01.28.09)
6. bedtime story...
Elena ,   Hungary   (01.28.09)
we killed your papa, see... your mother too, she went into flames... why you have no brothers and sisters, well we had burn them alive with phosphorus they made nice torches, wanna see some pictures ... kid
9. lets hope
joe   (01.28.09)
they dont meet most of the "keyboard warrior" talkbackers here.
10. how kind of israel.
ahmed   (01.28.09)
if only other murderers would learn from their example and take the children of the parents they murdered with phosphorous bombs for 2 weeks of relaxation.
12. Wonderful
Aviva ,   Israel   (01.28.09)
What a lovely idea!
13. Twisted
krix ,   usa   (01.28.09)
14. Get them converted to Judiasm!
Talula ,   Israel   (01.28.09)
Give them a chance in life to be on the right side of the fence. The side where the people hold the sanctity of life precious and not something that is taken away in a second.
15. Really sick...
Nobody ,   Nomans land   (01.28.09)
How do you guys come up with such ideas... you think you can sleep better at night by doing such initiatives... shame on you... and on your interpretation of humanitarian aid... yAkhhhhhhhh
16. Can you get them thier Parents Back?
Abu Mazen ,   Ramallah   (01.28.09)
17. #10 phosphorous bombs are legal
Israel   (01.28.09)
Get over it! And secondly, if Hamas had them, they FORE SURE would have used them. So get off your high donkey and touch down into reality, you Idiot.
18. #8 Atilla - incoherent as usual
Talula ,   Israel   (01.28.09)
19. #14 have you taken your pills today
Your Shrink   (01.28.09)
...   (01.28.09)
atilla karagözoğlu
21. Will Moishele be invited to Pakistan?
Alan ,   SA   (01.28.09)
22. israel is always grovelling
JL   (01.28.09)
23. You Kill my Dady and try to wipe my tears, how sick??!!
24. I'm disgusted by the talkback here
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (01.28.09)
I won't go and try to explain to the idiots who bash everything Israelis do, be it humanitarian efforts or self defence. I think it's more then obvious that the arab society has almost zero self criticism, while they sure like to criticise everyone around them. So, do not put your verbal excrement online too much. It's beginning to go against you already.
25. To those who cry "sick!" and "evil"
Dana ,   Ramat Gan   (01.28.09)
If not for the Jihad policy which the Hamas sticks to with such holiness, those children's parents wouldn't have died. Israel, unlike Palestinian leaders throuout history, does actually yearn for peace. Hence the way children here are educated, singing songs for peace, unlike the murderous Hamas education, for instance. So this wonderful initiative is one more attempt on behalf of Israel to acheive a better future for both sides. I never heard of a Palestinian initiative to bring Israeli children who lost their parents in the numerous terrorist attacks (aimed at civilians) closer. No. Israeli children are a declaired enemy to the Palestinians, aren't they? So keep being cynical and one-sided, all you critics. Islamic Jihad propaganda seems to work quite well, unfortunately.
26. Ideas
quentin ,   ciruela   (01.28.09)
it is funny how many people in the talk back have the idea that Israel or the kibutz movement are a single entity. There is many individuals and they may have different initiatives agreeing or not. Let´s face that reality is not the ideas in our heads but something else, and many children can be benefit out of it
27. this could be like "birthright" israel
JL ,   israel   (01.28.09)
i hope these youngsters will develope deep and meaningful ties with israel...after all...we are the light unto the nations...way to go israel!! col ha kavod israel
28. to #25 Dana
Mehdi   (01.28.09)
"Israel, unlike Palestinian leaders throuout history, does actually yearn for peace. Hence the way children here are educated, singing songs for peace, unlike the murderous Hamas education, for instance. " that is why we saw israeli children writing death messages to Hizb on IAF bombs that were then dropped on Lebanon with the outcome that everyone knows: > 1000 Civilians dead
29. This is ridiculous
Israeli   (01.28.09)
How embarrasing to the world - their parents were killed, and so you think 2 weeks of love and attention, they will forget their parents and love israel. WeIl hope my taxes arent paying for this vacation, i would rather my taxes go on unfortunate israeli children that also have poor lives here. Why dont they go to Turkey for a vacation or to the other 21 arab countries in the world.
30. #24 Matityahu
Marco ,   Spain   (01.28.09)
Have you ever considered that the reason you are disgusted by the talkbalks is that you yourself is a disgusting person? What humanitarian effort? This is simply propaganda in an effort to repair Israel's badly bruised image worldwide. Kill the parents and be nice to the kids. You cant get any lower than that.
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