Confusion on the Right
Yoel Meltzer
Published: 28.01.09, 12:24
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1. Feiglin is the solution
Sam ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (01.28.09)
He is the only one who means to speak to the entire people of Israel, not just to "religious people", "secular people" or "rightis" or "leftists".
2. How Wrong You Are
Jeremy Bara ,   Atlanta, USA   (01.28.09)
For the sake of long-term security for the people of Israel, the creation of a Palestinian state is vital. The general population is currently being strangled in Gaza as a result of the economic blockade and has turned to Hamas (as they seem to be the only ones that are actually trying to do something about it), the exact opposite of what Israeli's want. Give them something of their own that will enable them to live their lives with more freedom and self-determination and the majority will live their lives in peace. Violence begets violence, peace begets peace. P.S. I have an Israeli girlfriend and care deeply for the country of Israel yet I'm sure I will still get flak for this message and be accused of being ignorant, etc.. The problem is that the majority of Israeli's don't see the situation for what it actually is as they are filled with so much fear and hatred of the Palestinians.
3. Crappy waste of space article
Israel   (01.28.09)
It's all hearsay - he's guessing and he's got no business telling anyone who they should vote for. What alot of nerve!
4. #2 Jeremy
Marco ,   Spain   (01.28.09)
Jeremy, you summed it up perfectly. I agree with you 100%.
5. #2 they are relaying on israel's resources, what economical
independence ? when they can create their own economy, to take care of their people regardless of israel's policy at the israeli borders, then they are self sufficient and independent. we don't want any of them here, israeli tax payers support enough these terrorists due to government's decisions. can you imagine mexico starting war against you, because you don't want mexican terrorists and pro terrorists in your country? none the less in this case, where there aren't lengthy economical ties between israeli individuals and gazans, if any. we should have made a fair exchange, if we got jews out of gaza, we should have evacuated arabs from israel to live in gaza the arabs are endorsing apartheid, not wanting jews to live in their regions not the other way around
6. Jeremy - Hamas chased away the EU monitors at open crossings
Louis ,   Chasmonaim, Israel   (01.28.09)
Jeremy, Unfortunately that was tried and Hamas chased away the EU monitors at the crossings and shot rockets.
7. Replies 1, 2, 3 and The Writer
Shlomo ,   Israel   (01.28.09)
Reply 1- Feglin will never lead Likud. Netanyahu won't let him. Reply 2- Sorry, but a pathetic and ignorant response from you. Reply 3- What a crappy waste of space your reply was. National Union are comprised of both religious and secular politicians. The common denominator being that they all care about the preservation and strengthening of the state and no longer want to be 'Yes Men' to America and the EU. National Union is the only party to vote for. Period.
8. Vote Shas
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (01.28.09)
First of all, why would anyone state that they are opposed to a two state solution under any circumstances? Suppose the Palestinians transform to Swedes overnight and renounce their heritage and violence, would you still be opposed? Secondly, Shas is the only party strong enough to stand up to the Likud, Labor, Kadima and nothing ever gets accomplished when Shas has power. This is historical fact.
9. #7, Shlomo you are 100% right
Norman   (01.28.09)
#8 Your if's are so far from reality Expulsion of more Jews from Judah and Shomron seems more likely With Shas. Ichud Leumi is the only party if you don't want a repeat of Gush Katif but on a much larger scale. Remember the next war missiles might hit Tel Aviv etc...
10. #8 - Besalel Shas has sold out to the Likud
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (01.28.09)
Did you miss the news? Just yesterday your premise that "Shas is the only party strong enough to stand up to the Likud" is wrong. They have publicly sold out to Bibi in hopes of getting more money and the education portfolio.
11. To Eric in Tel Aviv
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (01.28.09)
And did you not hear that Harav Ovadia on Saturday night praised Olmert for all he did for Yeshivot. This is Shas playing one sucker against the other. Its classic Shas. Shas is the ONLY party that sticks to its platform and no significant changes ever occur when Shas is powerful.
12. Sadly he is correct
Elisha Cohen ,   Rishpon   (01.28.09)
Whatever you choose to vote, you cannot deny that the National Union (along with some Likud members) was correct and that the Kadima/Labor plan to retreat from the West Bank is irrational. The Hitnatkut was a mistake that ruined the lives of its victims, gave no advantage and put Israel in danger. Even the hope that the world would allow Israel self-defense turned out to be false as Israel is unanimously condemned while Livni and Barak are called war criminals. The National Union was also correct that a Palestinian state makes Israel undefensible. A map circulating the Internet shows that North Tel Aviv and Azrieli Towers are within the 30 second range of rockets from Kalkiliya while the airport is within 30 second range of rockets from Na'alin.
13. on the mark
Chaim Silberstein ,   Israel   (01.28.09)
Great piece Yoel - on the mark! A stronger NU in the Knesset is the only real way to prevent a repeat of Oslo or some tragic mutation
14. #2 Jeremy
Canadian Jew ,   Montreal   (01.28.09)
The problem with leftists is that they have a very short memory. You forget that the blockade on Gaza was imposed because the people of Gaza supported Hamas. The support for Hamas was the cause of the blockade, not a consequence of it. It is very nice to believe that peace begets peace, but that is naive. Hamas does not care how peaceful Israel tries to be. And the Palestinian population either supports Hamas or does nothing to stop them. If the Palestinian population tried to oppose terrorism but was unable to, then the situation would be different. But as long as the Palestinians are either complicit or complacent in the face of Palestinian terrorism, peace cannot be achieved.
15. But if too many vote for right of Likud, Kadima wins
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.28.09)
If Likud doesn't end up with the most seats, Kadima can go to Peres and ask for an opportunity to form the new coalition. Add in Labor, Meretz, Shas, and a few others and we're pretty much back where we started. (Shas will sell out in a pinch to get more in family allowances, yeshiva support and a portfolio or two.) Netanyahu is right about needing a broad coalition, especially now that it's likely to face increasing pressure from the US. That means Kadima in a supportive role, but it also means the real nationalist wing to remind Likud what it's fighting for.
16. yoel,
boris ,   ny, us   (01.29.09)
not to worry, arabs never agree to "palestinian" state unless israel takre all "refuges" from gaza, judea, samaria and from all arab countries.
SG ,   Washington, DC   (01.29.09)
Remember that Bush is long gone... Hillary HATES Bibi. You may be impressed by his English, but Netanyahu is viewed as a TOTAL CLOWN here, esp. by the folks in power. This is very frightening to me, because Israel will be left without effective friends to protect it, at a time when there will be INCREDIBLE pressure for unfair concessions, and great many risks from other sources. Not crazy about Livni, but at least she will always have an audience -- at least with Hillary -- to make Israel's case. Focus can shift more to pressuring the Arab side. It's not perfect, but with Barak as defense minister, we know Israel will be able stay safe and keep its US relationship firm at what will be a very difficult time. But with Bibi as PM -- EVEN if Labor and/or Kadima join his coalition -- we cannot know what may happen, as Israel will be left totally isolated and without protection.
18. Yoel Meltzer is correct
Debra ,   UK   (01.29.09)
The in-depth conflict is as long as our history. It is wise to remember that Ben-Gurion was warned not to declare the Jewish state and ignored the world. The right to the land is from the bible that no culture can challenge.If you believe UN gave us the right, think again.
19. Don't worry Raymond - we can all vote National Union
Jeff   (01.29.09)
Because there are more than enough "centrists" who will vote LIkud this time around. Those of us that care about the entire Land of Israel are free to vote for National Union, and Likud will still have the most seats.
20. Livni will be PM if the vote is split any more on the right
Seth ,   haifa israel   (01.29.09)
New poll out has Likud down to 28 seats and Kadima at 25 seats. This would be a disaster for Livni to be PM because so many on the right want to split the vote. There are huge differences between kadima and likud. Kadima will allow iran to continue smuggling weapons through the tunnels while Bibi will stop them.
21. #20, Bibi will stop them, HAHAHAAHAH
SG ,   Washington, DC   (01.29.09)
If you believe that, Seth, you are a SUCKER!
22. Right Premise, Wrong Conclusion
Robert ,   USA   (01.29.09)
Very well thought out opinion -- there is only a "one state" solution for the future of Israel -- but the idea that voting for any party other than Likud will make that happen is wrong. Israel will be one state and will include Judea and Samaria in one form or another... and it will remain a "Jewish" state, there is no demographic bomb. A Palestinian state on the West Bank is neither viable nor in the long term best interest of either Jews or Palestinians -- and most Palestinians who think would agree with that. The one state solution will be moved forward most quickly by Netanyahu's efforts to help develop the economy and security of Judea and Samaria; when the Palestinians and Jews living there live together in security and prosperity, the calls for a separate state, adverse to Israel, will disappear.
23. Good Article, plus reply to #2
Ben-Yehudah ,   K'far Tapu'ah   (01.29.09)
B"H Great article Yo'el. It was clear, to the point, and very pragmatically oriented. Jeremy, We already have a piece plan. It's called the Torah. Please realize that your belief in everything modern, politically correct, and Western as being compatible with a Jewish way of life is not your fault. It's the result of 1700 yrs. of galuth living. You are not responsible for your disease of galuth, but you are responsible for your recovery from it. Get with it, before it's too late, and you end up being one of the 80 percent left behind in Egypt on in this case Edom. If you're a Jew, then learn about what it means to be one. It does NOT mean being, acting, eating, dressing, and thinking like the goyim. You have a different path. Take it.
24. #20 Seth answer this if you can
Marcella   (01.29.09)
1. Bibi helps set up a Palestinian state. 2. A land corridor is given to it so as to make it a viable state. Israel is split in two. 3. The State of Palestine, as a sovereign state, has every right to import as many armaments it deems necessary. Bibi will have NO say in it. So here's the question; how can Bibi's plan for Israel and Palestine can make the Jews of Israel any safer? Tough talk can only get him so far. His is a flawed plan and a dangerous plan. All the political parties except NU have plans that will eventually lead to the demise of Israel.
goldberg ,   rome italy   (01.30.09)
26. Great Article! I too am voting Natinal Union!
roi ,   jerusalem   (02.01.09)
I enjoyed this article and am glad that Ynet printed it. I agree iwth National Union and am votingf or them Feb 10th. For more info on them visit http://www.leumi.org.il/english/
27. Missing Sentence
Ben-Yehudah ,   K'far Tapu'ah   (02.02.09)
B"H Here's the sentence YNET left out: "Some nice people, but not the type of party I would turn to when the future of the country is literally on the line." I wonder why.... EsserAgaroth.blogspot.com
28. national union is the zionist party and hated in ramat aviv
ALEX MOISE ,   PARIS FRANCE   (02.02.09)
the national union is the only zionist party and hated in ramat aviv. jews must understand we must for zionism not for ramat aviv anti zionist candidates
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