Report: Gaza detainees held bound for days
Aviad Glickman
Published: 28.01.09, 13:57
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61. In total agreement, #7
Cameron ,   USA   (01.28.09)
Your first sentence spoke completely as to my own thoughts on this creepy, self-destruct crew. if anyone would benefit from a good, proper beating for some vital clarity on reality and the world, it is surely the preaching, finger-wagging progressive lot. Have had my fill of those wankers.
62. You people suck!
wendy ,   memphis US   (01.29.09)
63. Oh the humanity,lmao
Abrahum ,   New jersey usa   (01.29.09)
Israel is a fist and hamas is its target!Do these 'civilians' realise that they are but combatants,active or not?Anyway you look at it,i would like to see israeli and palistinian 'civilians' duke it out in the streetS,real old school!Wonder if Rus will have such mercy when the shtf?
64. Hammus is a great bean dip with oliveoil.
Rob Templars ,   Rome, Kansas   (01.29.09)
I love hamus with pita bread, but you must use garlic, lemon juice and good olive oil, otherwise the hamas is no good... who the f@ck is hummus anyways and they have no relation to palestinians so what is thier contrived concerns for these people... actually, and why are they fireing missiles at Israel all the time. Phuck Ham Ass, they are stupid idiots, get the heck out of Gaza and go back to your Lebanon. I think these Lebanese militants are just like militants around the world, stupid, arrogant, cold and inhumane mutations of the good human race. There are good people and bad people everywhere but their is an inordinate number in the middle east, why? Must be the heat and the hammus.
65. humanity
Milad ,   Halifax USA   (01.29.09)
The problem with many of these comments is that they are poisoned with presuppositional bias. Forget about greater or lesser than for one moment please. God's Chosen People have suffered enough over centuries at the hands of people that have rounded them up and attempted to exterminate them like vermin and only because they were envious of the incredible culture and humanity of the Jewish culture. It pains me to witness acts of intentional cruelty against individuals that happen to be both male and Palestinian. Hamas was democratically elected by the Palestinians after forty years of living in refugee camps and ghettos. It does appear to the rest of the world that the oppressed has become the oppressor. What is more, the hawkish right leaning war mongers are putting all Jewish people in a negative light with these acts of clear psychological torture. The soldiers are conditioned see the Palestinians as vermin and want nothing more than to exterminate them. The Palestinians are conditioned to detest and abhore their Jewish cousins. We need a real and lasting peace in the region and this can only come through honour. The more powerful of the two is holding all the cards. They have the capacity and wherewith all to behave like civilized emotionally enlightened beings. What sort of leadership perpetuates this? This is not the way to prepare for peace. There is no justification for war. Give the Palestinians their land back and let everyone get back to productive lives again. I do hope that the Gazans realize what Hamas has brought upon them. They need to understand that Hamas gloats at all the innocent lives lost in their holy jihad against the Israeli. It obscures how bankrupt their ideology is. But we must all acknowledge how long these people have suffered and to what end? I have great faith in Israel and Jewish people in general. The mindful, empathetic people on both sides must dust themselves off and try and try again until peace succeeds. Prepare yourself for peace. That is the first beginning.
66. The bulk of you sound like animals
Can ,   AB Canada   (01.29.09)
Listen to yourselves?! Can you do that? What hypocrisy! How sad. I sure hope the opinions on here are not representative of the majority in Israel. Talula and others need their heads examined. The vast majority of the world IS watching and do not like what they see coming from Israel's side. We know the fight is not fair and that the Palestinians are defenseless. You are fouling your own nest with words of hate and thoughts of violence. Grow up, please. One Israeli detainee vs. 70 Palestinians. 13 Israelis killed vs. 1300+ Palestinians and still you want more of their blood. Sick and twisted rationale, people. Wake up. You're ALL being used for political purposes.
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