Report: IDF strikes Gaza vehicle, bystanders hurt
Ali Waked
Published: 29.01.09, 11:57
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1. Surprised the kids were'nt in the vehicle
Hamastrobate   (01.29.09)
Was it an ambulance?
2. IDF is to soft!!!
dennis kedas ,   indonesia   (01.29.09)
IDF most be hard and harder .
3. Israel back to restraint,limited targeting
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.29.09)
The loser kitchen cabinet can only cook up failure and nothing else. It's easy to see that their masters in Egypt,Washington and Europe have called for Israel to restrain it's response to Gaza once again.
4. Olmert is traitor!
Lednah ,   Europe   (01.29.09)
He again did the same thing as in the Lebanon war. Started a war, killed civilians and Israel got hit by the leftist media over the world, soldiers died and once Israel was going to achieve something he stopped the troops and allowed the terrorists to regain strength and to claim victory. So the negatives remained for Israel and HAMAS really became the winner.
5. That's nothing... yalla in one more month a real leader!
Bibi ,   Tel Aviv   (01.29.09)
6. according to eyewitness
vashDi ,   israel   (01.29.09)
ok so what really happened was that maybe 1 kid got a bit scratched on the arm or something and ynet produced this sad arse article with help of gazan eyewitness and turns story into 5 kids. well who cares. release Gilad and stop pushing kids into firing line hamas.
7. The illegal government of Hamas.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.29.09)
Hamas is a radical terrorist group which openly uses anti-Semitic rhetoric and actively seeks to wipe Israel off the map. It oppresses the Palestinian population and leads them into endless war. It teaches young Palestinians that their career goal should not be as a teacher, engineer, or doctor but as a suicide bomber. Is there a moral reason to the existence of Hamas ?
8. IDF attacking children again!
Bob O'Really ,   Australia   (01.29.09)
I bet the IDF will say that they thought it was an ambulance, and that the children were carrying rockets! This could be the last straw...........another day, another IDF war crime!
9. just think
oshmar ,   NZ   (01.29.09)
if the aircraft had fired another shot he coulda nailed all the eye witnesses too
10. #9 Oshmar - It wouldn't matter
William ,   Israel   (01.30.09)
Hamas would just doctor up some video of the event anyway, then parade the children's bodies around until the PR event was over...then maybe bury them...or not.
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