Spanish court to probe Israeli officials for alleged 'crimes against humanity'
Roni Sofer and AFP
Published: 29.01.09, 18:18
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2. Let Spanish Jews sue Madrid over the Inqusition!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.29.09)
3. see ! israil is alone in all world
atilla karagözoğlu   (01.29.09)
4. This is crazy!!
dave ,   uk   (01.29.09)
How about laying charges on hamas for walking onto buses and in restaurants and blowing apart woman and children.
5. "in the name of universal justice." ahah
yoni ,   Ashkelon   (01.29.09)
rather should be "in the name of universal antisemitism." Israel also should sue politic people from spain and it may found lots of reason (like settlement in morroco where theire border police probably kill many immigrants from africa who wish to enter europe.
6. It is the 1930's again! Wake up Jews.
Lior ,   Israel   (01.29.09)
7. what about crimes against Israel
vashDi ,   israel   (01.29.09)
or is it ok to get on a bus with the intention of blowing yourselves up and killing innocent israeli civillians along the way. what about sneaking into a house and murdering a father and his daughter by smashing open her scull with a rifle, while the mother upstairs smothers her baby to death by tryng to keep him quiet so that the murdering ARAB doesnt hear them. what about kidnapping israeli soldiers and returning them to us in coffins! is that not a crime? well spain can just fuck off and join the hamas parade. you racist anti semite bastards.
8. Only One???
Bob O'Really ,   Australia   (01.29.09)
9. Denounce all palestinian leader
robert ,   italy   (01.29.09)
Israel must denounce at the same court all the palestinian leadership for terrorism and crimes against humanity and antisemitism and use of minor in battle and harm of civilian and....
10. Indict Justice Fernando Andeo
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.29.09)
For his aiding genocide! Maybe Spain needs to learn that we are not intimidated, nor under their authority.
11. Great!!
rocio   (01.29.09)
I Think its a great iniciative
12. Spain's "Inquisition"
DT ,   TA Isr   (01.29.09)
I would not give Spain as much as nano seconds thought. Their Inquisition is still alive and very well there.
13. Where is the source
Wonder   (01.29.09)
Where is the source for this article. You are the only newspaper in the world currently publishing this. Who is your source?? Similar to the National Post in Canada a couple years publishing a bogus article claiming that all Jews in Iran were being forced to wear yellow stars.
14. Spanish Chutzpah
Douglas Miller ,   Detroit, USA   (01.29.09)
Nothing has changed in the 500years since the Inquisition. But you know what, no matter how hard Spain goes after the Jews, it's not going to get the Jihadists to call off the dogs. Spain can pander to the Jihadists til the cows come home, but the Jihadists still have them in their sites. Spain is going to be part of the caliphate whether they persecute the Jews or not. Good luck, senores.
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.29.09)
16. Boycott Spain
Gershon ,   Kfar Saba   (01.29.09)
17. Who Will Investigate the Terrorstinians?
emanon ,   USA   (01.29.09)
All terrorstinian acts angainst humanity: Rockets / mortars targeting hospitals, schools and apartment buildings? Homicide bombings in market places and on buses? Attempted homicide bombings at hospitals? Attacking students in yeshiva? Brainwashing their own people into committing suicide? Practicing FGM? Using their own people as living shields? The list could be almost endless . . .
18. What is Spain standing here. Hutzpa.
naro   (01.29.09)
This is none of Spain's business. Israel should ignore Spanish courts, and spit in faces of the Spanish "judges."
19. Israel should indict Sanish crimes against the Basque .
Nero   (01.29.09)
20. And....the kidnapers of Shalit?..
ed ,   herzlia, IL   (01.29.09)
Su honorable majestad de la justicia espaniola, supongo que en estos siete anios estuvo compilando pruebas sobre muertos y heridos que ya habran sanado, y el actual cautiverio de Gilad Shalit, que si aun conserva vida, no sabemos en que condiciones esta? El ataque a los terroristas que UD pretende descalificar enjuiciando a los pasados jefes de aeronautica y ex ministro, eran los jefes materiales e intelectuales delos actuales terrorstas/secuestradores de SHALIT. Que D'os provea justicia, ya que, en su persona o justicia espaniola no confio. Como os encontrais de comodos con la ETA?
21. Time to sue the Spanish government for all their crimes....
Spain=Anti-semetic   (01.29.09)
against the Jews!!
22. "Spanish court probes.." Paella someone? LOL
Ariel ,   Europe   (01.29.09)
23. Spanish luncy, still doesn't matter
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (01.29.09)
Let them have their courts and tribunes. This court will most likely find the palestinians guilty rather than the Israeli military. Why? Well because they are.
24. this is getting ridiculous
meg ,   israel   (01.29.09)
seems europe has nothing better to do.
25. Why not send a squadron of F-15Is over
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.29.09)
the court house and JDAM it. Give the spics something to bitch about.
26. Basqueland
The Jews and the Basques are denied the right of self-determination by racist nations who view themselves as superior. Israel should support the Basque against the racist genocide perpetrated by the Spanish by investigating and indicting the Spanish leaders. Perhaps Israel also send weapons and disks for rocket manufacture captured from Hamas to the heros of the ETA.
27. Israeli Double Standards
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.29.09)
While the spanish Jew-haters make me want to puke,what about the stupid Israeli "Justice system" which is now investigating Lieberman on jumped up charges.The same hypocritical corrupt justice which also castigated Sharon,Olmert ,katzav and others.The spanish are only doing what they have learned from the Israeli example.
28. As Much As One Can Condemn The
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.29.09)
Spanish and their self-righteous persecution of Halutz and Ben-eliezer,how is this any different from the attempt by Israeli Police to legally "crucify': Olmert,Katsav,Sharon and now Lieberman and his daughter? Israelis ,it seems,sometimes need to learn the hard way: do not do unto others that which is hateful to you.
29. when will anyone investigate palestinians?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.29.09)
when talking about the textbook definition of "crimes against humanity", the palestinians are exhibit number one. but no one dares to investigate the obvious. instead, they want to microscopically check israel (who happens to have to deal with the perverted pals as they commit their crimes against humanity against israelis). typical.
30. We let the Spanish off too easy
jon ,   ny usa   (01.29.09)
We go on "Jewish Heritage Tours" we meet with the king - we feel real good about spain - only thing is they want us dead same as they did 500 years back. The only thing that needs "probing" is inquisition judge - with a spiked baseball bat. Maybe thats too kind, just bring him to Israel and burn him at the stake -
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