Israeli officials say State will protect them from Spanish lawsuit
Roni Sofer
Published: 29.01.09, 22:01
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1. what about if you are not cautious
Ramsis ,   Chicago   (01.29.09)
Cautious and you killed 14 civilians....what about if you were not cautious ....will you kill 1400 kids and women!!! Try another excuse Ben-Eliezer for killing in a cold blood Israeli officials should be trialed for their crimes in 2002 and 2008/ are not superior and should understand humans are equal and all came from Adam and Eve. Ehud Barak also will be on that list soon
2. We've got
Jane   (01.29.09)
Iranian wannabe Holocaust II, Spanish wannabe Inquisition II and Catholic wannabe Crusades II. What more could the Jewish people want?
3. the disgrace is protecting Ben-Eliezer & co
sami ,   son of palestine   (01.29.09)
4. There will be more Jihad Terrorism attacks against Spain now
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (01.29.09)
Spain shows that it is a weak target
5. Israel should try Spaniards for Inquisition and 1492 exile
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (01.29.09)
this will seat very well with this Antisemitic Spanish Judge
6. The Spanish should be charged with crimes against the Basque
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.29.09)
Why do they deny the Basque People independence? Obvious the Islamic terrorists didn't kill enough people in the Madrid terror attacks! Memories are very short indeed!
7. Spain is a Nazi State - Sever Ties
Eric R. ,   USA   (01.29.09)
This should be the last straw in a recent series of events to show that the Spanish government AND the Spanish people are incurable anti-Semites bent on helping the Islamists to exterminate the Jews. There is no point having diplomatic relations with these people. Sever ties and boot out their bigoted diplomats. Tell them to go to their Hell.
8. But Israel Can Persecute Olmert,
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.29.09)
Gaydamak,Katsav,Sharon ,Lieberman with trumped-up charges ? Israel is a bullshit Banana Republic.As much as I condemn Spain and their self-righteous nonsense,the Israeli justice system and police are masters at persecuting their own.The day Israelis stop persecuting their own is the day the Spanish,British, Belgians etc.leave Israelis alone...JOIN THE DOTS.
9. No surprise that Spain appeases the terrorists.
Cynic ,   USA   (01.29.09)
Remember Spain was actually attacked by Al-Quaeda, but now they are on the side of Hamas.
10. #1 and #3 - two big lying morons....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.29.09)
Israel will continue to kill murderous terrorists. Let this be a warning to those "innocent" people surround, vote for and support them. You and your families are in mortal danger. I am proud of my government for its efforts to protect us. The pathetic looser Palestinians need to build and not destroy. Then you and your families will know peace. We have a wonderful, beautiful country and we intend to defend it and our people however you make us do that. Go cry to Spain all you want. Long live the Jewish State of Israel!!
11. spain is nuts, see link
amymarkell ,   usa   (01.29.09)
12. Spanish law suit against Israel
bear ,   zefat   (01.29.09)
SUE SPAIN FOR THE I NQUISITION! That was a REAL crime and there wasn't even any war! Sue for loss of life, possessions, etc!
13. Spain gave up fight agst islamists
G.A. ,   London   (01.29.09)
Spain is giving into the islamist threats again. Immediately following the train massacre , they pulled out of Afghanistan. This judge should be investigated for taking bribes from you know who .
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.29.09)
They are only doing the same as the Israeli courts and Police...persecuting Israelis...Olmert,Sharon,Gaydamak,etc.
15. Who the hell is Spain.
Debbie ,   Toronto   (01.29.09)
Take them to court over the inquisition,If any nation has the right to challange the inhumanity of the Spanish nation it is Jews.
16. To #1
J ,   Chicago, USA   (01.29.09)
We are in the US. Unless you don't follow any news accept Israeli, you will know that the US has killed many innocent people many times this month alone in Afghanistan in targeted assassinations. Do you protest those? Are US soldiers and defense dept officials being held in court for them? Why does that not bother you but this does? Please answer . . .
17. God Bless ETA
Salvador ,   USA   (01.29.09)
18. Spain is a primitive country...
Hansje   (01.29.09)
When you leave the big towns, built on the gold robbed by the spanjards from the poor Indios, you enter a primitive barren land. It looks alot like you're in Marocco. And that's the truth, with money of the Eu they are building megalomaniac "congress centres" and esplanades, but once outside the city , it's primitive. They are full of envy on the jews and Israel. Please don't visit this country , cursed since 1492!After the expulsion of the Jews, this country needed some 500 years to recover.
19. We are outraged and will talk and talk and talk
Gur   (01.29.09)
We haven't recalled the ambassador because that would involve actually DOING something - and that is not Kadima's forte.
20. I apologise for this stupid judge
Fran ,   Spain   (01.29.09)
As a spanish, I apologise for this stupid judge, and I encourage relatives of people wounded or killed by Hamas attacs to bring a criminal complaint agaist Hamas leathers (and Siria and Iran leathers for the economic aid to a terrorist group) before this spanish judge.
21. With every day goes by, another nation you blew it up with
Realist   (01.29.09)
Reminds me much of former South Africa, fully heading into isolation...
22. #15 because Jews do not believe in hell
observer   (01.29.09)
23. decision to file the suit was political?
observer   (01.29.09)
Spain is going to nominate a Sephardi crypto-Jew Christian in Israeli presidential election?
24. to debbie ┬┐who is Canada?
Spanish pride ,   Madrid   (01.29.09)
Who the hell is Spain?, well, Spain is the 8 power in the world, so, go to the school and learn more, fanatic terrorist, Israel= Hamas. by the way, who is Canada? Ah, the USA bitch of the north
25. #8 Should Have Read "Prosecuted"
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.29.09)
Israelis are obsessed with their courts and police.They even have to try to prosecute Prime Minister Olmert who is about to be questioned by Israel Police for the ..THIRTEENTH time,yes Folks you read correctly THIRTEENTH TIME.The case against him is so strong and watertight that police need thirteen interrogations.So much for a country respecting its own Prime Minister,and if you do not respect/trust him then why elect him? ,Makes no sense.The Spanish learned all they need to know with regard to prosecuting Israelis and branding them as criminals.All they needed to do was to copy the Israeli police and court system,aah those self-hating Jews again.When the Spaniards do the same everybody screams..GEVALT
26. Spain have been well trained by their new overlords
Sean the Jew Lover ,   London, UK   (01.29.09)
Sad to have to call myself a 'Jew lover' but in this new, evil era it's important to show who I stand with... The desired effect of the Madrid bombings has worked. They are so petrified of the muslim world they will do exactly what they're told. Usually I wouldn't use such language but they are 'whores' to the pimp of islamofascism and they deserve everything they will undoubtedly get from their new masters! (Nu...I can talk! I live in Britain which is almost as bad, but hey! at least we're not Sweden. Just sold my Saab. I've had 3 over the last decade, but as a result of their Jew hatred this week I've switched to Audi)
27. Kangaroo Court
Shaka   (01.29.09)
It seems that Spain is opening up Pandora's box by hearing a court case that has nothing to do with its country or its citizens. . . it seems this Spanish Kangaroo Court is emulating many bogus Arab legal Justice Systems. I would Suggest that the Israeli legislators pass a law that Judges from outside the Israel that do not respect Israel's Sovereignty/Legitimacy and Jurisdiction to be held as enemies of the State and turn the tables on these arrogant SOB. Hamas could also create a court case and decide on Israeli's fate so can my teenage brother but that is why Jurisdiction and sovereignty of a state must be respected otherwise all hell will break loose and these stupid judges will be responsible.
28. franco killed 330 000 and imprisoned 500000 no investigation
held for these atrocities till this day. they had seventy years to check on this, but instead they concentrate on aiding the mujahideen in gaza, THANK YOU AMYMARKEL it is amazing how they looted and killed for centuries in other continents, how they still hold on to territories they call spanish although not in iberia. but what they investigate? israel's right to defend itself? they should get a small taste of their own medicine, i.e. no protection against jihad , and a taste of muslem determination to eliminate foreign influences on muslems
29. So lets see how far it actually gets....
Danny   (01.29.09)
thinking thrown out again? How many times can you try to prosecute for the same exactly the same "crime"?
30. #9 You are right!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (01.29.09)
I ask myself how imbecile some people can be.
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