Turkish PM walks off stage over Gaza
Associated Press
Published: 29.01.09, 21:25
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1. No Israeli should go too Turkey.They can
Eric... ,   Israel.....   (01.29.09)
never see my money again.Terrorism is terrorism you moron.Too have a president for a moron must be hard for normal good Turks.
2. Erdogan caves to Islamists and looks like fool
steve from Raleigh   (01.29.09)
No matter how much you repeat and scream the same old libels, you Erdogan look like an idiot and a fool.
3. Why didn't Peres mention Armenian genocide or Kurds
Ken Jurist   (01.29.09)
To read about Turkey's terrorism against the Kurds. Go to this great site.
Tayfun_Turkey   (01.29.09)
Panel moderator tried to gag PM Erdogan when he attmpted to voice humanist feelings and peacefull ways against Israeli aggression. Obviously pane was under zionist control and there is no gain for peace staying there and listening to Peres despite zionists was allowed twice longer time than PM Erdogan, they even could not bear Erdogan's soft critics as Erdogan and his party is quite Israel friendly. As for Turkish President, President Gul will think no different than PM Erdogan and he may also leave such panel if they tried to gag him as well. DO RESPECT OPPOSITE THOUGHTS, DESPITE I HATE ZIONISM I NEVER THING TO GAG THEM BECAUSE I BELIEVE MY LINE JUSTIFIED AND CORRECT AND I HAVE NOTHING TO AFRAID FROM A ZIONIST SPEAKER but obviouly Israelis have a lot to get afraid from opposite ideas.
5. Slowly, slowly, finally, true face.
G.A. ,   London   (01.29.09)
It had to come sometime, that Erdogan can no longer hide his true side . What a disappointment from a so called friendly moslem country. When will Turkey change that leader ?
6. Unfortunately they didn't finish the job like Russia.
Cynic ,   USA   (01.29.09)
7. Prevention
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (01.29.09)
"We had to stop the incessant cycle of terror" Clearly. But now the anti-Semites of the world are dancing around the rubble. Israel needs to act in a way that prevents these wars from happening in the first place. One way to prevent wars with Hamas in the future is to get rid of Hamas now. Expel them all to Somalia, perhaps. They'd fit right in. But by allowing Hamas to remain, Olmert et al. did exactly the wrong thing. Israel can't afford such mistakes.
8. Good for Peres! Sounds like he handled the situation well.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.29.09)
9. Turks kill Kurds! Turks killed Armenians and Greeks!
Avraham ,   NYC   (01.29.09)
Turks occupied vast stretches of Central and South Eastern Europe and subjugated their populations.
10. Davos
herb glatter ,   wyncote, pa, usa   (01.29.09)
Bravo Shimon!
11. Erdogan is right
Halil ,   Germany   (01.29.09)
Peres shouted like an idiot, he turned against Erdogan and shouted at him for 25 minutes what do you expect from Erodgan? Just sitting and listening to a man shouting at him? I think you israelis now must understand and know your position, you can't do whatever you like. This had to come either from Turks or Arabs. The majority in Turkey backs Erdogan 100%, you can stop arabs but you can not stop turks. Did you even know that both Yitzhak Ben-Zvi and David Ben-Gurion is from University of Istanbul, we have teached you!
12. Israelis Can Be A Bit Slow On Uptake
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.29.09)
For years Israel has been selling Turkey the best Military technology,as if they as a muslims could ever be friends of a Jewish state.It was so obvious it would all end in tears,one can not make a silk purse from a pig's ear.As for Peres,Shame he did not kick President Erdogan in the Nuts.
13. "Israel Killing People" DUH?
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.29.09)
Dear President Erdogan,the aim of War is Kill People you Moron,or should Israel shower its mortal and lethal enemies with Marshmallows?
14. what a drama queen
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.29.09)
i don't remember the turkish anyone shed a tear when rockets were falling by the thousands on israel. i guess he's perfectly ok with palestinian terror. at least we know his true colors now.
15. Ergodan is out of line
Stephen ,   Minneapolis, USA   (01.29.09)
The beauty of President Peres' response was that Turkey DOES face attacks and terrorism by Kurdish militants, based across their border in Iraq. And Turkey DOES respond with air-strikes and even ground action. So just WHAT on earth was PM Ergodan so worked up about??!! Hamas continued to launch rockets from Gaza to Israel, for months and years even after Israel pulled out fully from Gaza. Israel had to respond, and I think took too long and was too soft. Israel should not be alienated in the world because of this...this world is filled with so many hypocrites.
16. Erdogan is 100% right
Mikhail ,   Moscow / Russia   (01.29.09)
Turkish PM Erdogan is not against Jews, he is against the wrong policies of Israel... Israel killed hundreds of innocent civilians. This cannot be justified by Hamas rockets. If you want to stop Hamas, then go catch Hamas militants, DO NOT KILL Civilians.
17. erdogan
nomi benun ,   israel   (01.29.09)
a shame to turkish people to have a prime minister like this
18. Peres with a spine?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.29.09)
A miracle in our times. Now I know anything is possible
19. Why doesn't Erdogan answer the simple question?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.29.09)
What would Turkey do if rockets fell on Istanbul? OH WAIT - They have answered that question: They have repeatedly ordered the military in to attack the Kurds in Iraq as retaliation!
20. Relations between Israel and Turkey are pragmatic
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.29.09)
Whatever the mutual interests that drew Israel and Turkey together, there was never any real friendship. Yes, Turkey's tourist industry did a good business off Israeli vacationers, and the military got state of the art goods. But there wasn't much more. Turkey's Muslim side, its affiliation with the the "umma" beyond anything else, is now on full view. Erdogan is fanning the flames of anti-Semitism with his outright hostility to Israel, a presumptive ally. Turkey these days appears closer to Syria and Iran than it does to Israel. Israel therefore needs to be more circumspect in the technologies it shares with them. Israeli travelers are already wisely choosing not to travel where they're not respected. I wasn't enthusiastic about Peres as Israel's President, given Oslo. But I respect the job he's doing making Israel's case.
21. Time for the military in Turkey...
kenstee   (01.29.09)
to take over.......
22. Erdogan was right
Can ,   Istanbul   (01.29.09)
its an another genocide so erdogan was right to sayin these words.someone should say these subjects in global forum.
23. Much Needed Wake-up Call For Peres
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.29.09)
And unpleasant no doubt.Perhaps President Peres,and indeed all of us,need reminding of the true nature of the world in the year 2009,as Jew hating as ever.Israel must HANG TOUGH ALWAYS.Forget about bogus and phony peace scams..they are as reliable as Bernie Madoff. NO to land 4 Peace.
24. To #22
The New Zionist   (01.29.09)
Turkey is the least one to preach morals, genocide??? what about armenia?
25. Erdogan
Wissam ,   Beirut / Lebanon   (01.29.09)
All respect and salutes to Prime Minister Erdogan. He is a man that has conscience, and feelings. It was a very understandable reaction. All the respect to this brave man. Turks, i salute all of you for voting this gracious person to become a prime minister.
26. RE: No: 14
Gokhan ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (01.29.09)
How many Israelis shed a tear when a Palestinian baby was killed? No one in Turkey approves Hamas's killing civilian Israelis but if you occupy a nation's homeland for 40 years, how and where can they live? How many Israelis were killed by Hamas rockets in 8 years and how many Palestinians were killed in the last 8 years? ANSWER THIS...
27. Turkish army did not kill even ONE Civilian in N. Iraq.
Hami ,   Ankara, Turkey   (01.29.09)
Some said Turkey laucnhed air-strikes into north Iraq against Kurds. But those narrow-minded cannot say that not one (1) civilian Kurd was killed in North Iraq, even after the ground offensive... But Israel killed over 700 civilians and bombed mosques. EVEN AT WAR, you can't bomb holy places. do not tell me there were Hamas militants and m-bombs, everyone knows it is a BIG LIE to cover the guilt.
28. New iranian pipe line over turkish land ?
gil ,   city of david israel   (01.29.09)
Stop israeli tourists in turky stop to sell weapons to turkey Fire turkey from Nato Of course no ahesion to Europe Turkey is slowing sliding to Axis of Evil Bad for us . but surely bad for them
29. I'm shy that we have such P.M.
A.C. ,   Ankara, Turkey   (01.29.09)
I felt really shy to see what happened tonight. Turkish people feel proud to support Jewish people through out all history, departuring from Spain (1492), during WWII, etc. We are living together in peace for ceturies in Istanbul & in Anatolia. Unfortunately, both nations are living in such hostile geography. Noone can understand Israel better than Turkish people what does mean under being constant terrorist attack. Hamas is a terrorist group the same as PKK is. On the other hand, I do believe that many Israeli people feel sorry about civil losses in Gaza. Unfortunately, we have a P.M. who cannot control his anger, and I think he feels him self first muslim than being Turkish. I believe the historical friendship, and history shows us that arab people betrayed Turkey many times, while we two nations were supporting each other. I hope we can recover our friendship as soon as possible.
30. Great !
European eagle   (01.29.09)
That thuggish Turkish behaviour has closed the door to Turkey to become a member of the EU. This saved europe of being invaded, once angain by the Ottomans ! Sham eon Erdogan, he should remmeber all the terrible massacre comitted by his nation against teh Kurds or teh Armeminians. I should wash up his mouth before lecturing anybody about massacre !
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