New rules of play
Isaac Ben-Israel
Published: 30.01.09, 00:23
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1. Making the I.D.F. a credible deterrent once again was a ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.30.09)
Making the I.D.F. a credible deterrent once again was a national imperative. When Israel integrated its Jewish identity into its national life, it easily defined its enemies, all its enemies, and restored the spirit of the I.D.F and its deterrence. Now that we can have confidence in the IDF once again, real independence will be much more than a slogan. Independence is not created by poses and declarations, but by military power, economic prowess and national determination. Some details about the I. D. F . at : http://xrl.us/oq28g
2. Of course this is right.....
andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.30.09)
Even Hamas knows this, while it claims to have won the war. The civilian casualties, while a tragedy, ARE NOT of our making. We will continue to kill terrorists even if they operate from civilian areas. We will do our best to avoid civilian deaths, but that possibility, parades and demonstrations in Europe, lawsuits in Spain, calling us baby killers, whatever, will not prevent us from killing the murderers in Gaza. I am very proud of how the government handled this necessary war. Now, like Obama said, we will shake any hand offered to us in peace - but first they need to unclench the fist. "Resistence" will get them NOWHERE. Compromise will.
3. Israeli are living thier own identity crisis
George ,   Canada   (01.30.09)
The written is typical for these after Gaza war days. Israeli arrogance and racism toward Arab is clear, but I didn’t expect them being so ridiculous. A professional Israeli army equipped wit the latest technological weapon fighted against weak disorganized enemy like Hamas with primitive weapons and proclaiming heroism and victory leaving 1200 civilian s dead half of them are children and women. Then 88% of Israeli shout patriotism and the majority want vote to extreme right parties including the fascist Liberman party. No doubt Israeli are living its own identity crisis and who know when this society weak up what will be left to recover if it will recover at all.
4. hamas
paul kazar ,   tempe usa   (01.30.09)
Israel should begin broadcasting to the Gazans the message that as long as they support Hamas they are members of a hopeless movement. Their lives can only improve if they drop this idea of eliminating Israel.
5. The strategic importance of Cast Lead
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (01.30.09)
The strategic importance of Cast Lead may be that this is the operation in which Israel violated international law more than any other, and hopefully it would be the operation that ended US support for Israel. My thought: if you want to kill innocent civilians, not with my money. Do it yourself.
6. Yet all these achievements coup
7. Yet all could be undermined by a bad deal for Shalit
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.30.09)
There are rumblings the government is more open to a deal on Hamas' terms, this after the IDF's many achievements. If they follow through with this, Hamas will have a real achievement to show, and its ranks, despite its recent losses, will be replenished. And more Israelis will die.
8. Same story
Rini ,   BY USA   (01.30.09)
This same story is written after every Israeli military action big or small about how the enemy has learned a lesson and how deterrence has been restored. i know that psychologically it feels good to believe but so does believing in the tooth fairy.
9. great artical; New rules of play
tr ,   michigan   (01.30.09)
Hit back hard is the only way when you live in a "tough neighborhood"
10. Finally, somebody is sober.
leo ,   USA   (01.30.09)
11.  total fallacy
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (01.30.09)
Hamas have not been deterred they have been suppressed you cannot deter religous maniacs they like the choice of victory and martyrdom in fact they celebrate their civilian losses and destruction of Gaza in order that they can demonise and deligitimise Israel and find Israel guilty of war crimes in political show trials in the eyes of the world who will then impose a Palestinian state on Israel therefore defeat IS victory Conventional warfare cannot defeat terrorism as it is an idea and a grassroots movement the only way to defeat terrorism is to destroy the society until it ceases to function and cannot be ressurected The aid both political ,military and financial that the Palestinians are receiving is ressurrecting them and therefore the problem will reoccur
12. new rules
Aron Leoni ,   Milan, Italy   (01.30.09)
The Author is perfectly right for what he says. However it is a pity (in my opinion a mistake) that the Zava left Gaza without Shalit. All the best. Aron Leoni
13. "The path of resistance"? You mean the path of TERROR.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.30.09)
There is no need to beautify and whitewash Hamas' actions, into vague terms. "Resistance" is a word which could be interpreted positively, and this is inconceivable when we talk about firing rockets deliberately at civilian population, from behind their own population, used as human shield. This is no "resistance", this is plain murderous terror.
14. To Andy #2
Leif ,   Denmark   (01.30.09)
The fact that Israel was willing to inflict civilian casualties -- not because it wanted to, but because it had to -- is nothing to be ashamed of. Israel's willingness to see Palestinians die (rather than Israeli civilians or soldiers) sends exactly the right message: that like any other country, Israel will act in its national self-interest. Terrorists (and their civilian supporters) who who want to damage Israel's national security interests now understand that the consequence of their actions is to find themselves on the wrong end of a 500-pound bomb.
15. #5 is a real person - check this link
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (01.30.09)
What a piece of work http://www.masada2000.org/list-C.html
16. Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, US money
Michael Gutman ,   Mosul, Iraq   (01.30.09)
It's OK to submit to death meekly if you are a Jew right Jerrold? US money and policy has resulted in far more powerful responses to attacks on it's sovereignty. Lets not have a double standard. Stop being such a Galut Jew.
17. #5 Cohen: how would you respond ?
Moshe Israel ,   Tivon, Israel   (01.30.09)
#5 Jerrold Cohen The Israeli response to hamas in Gaza came after 8 years of hamas rockets on the town of Sderot, Israel : thousands of crude hamas rockets, that killing a few Israelis and traumatizing many children. When it became clear that hamas, hizballah, are being armed with more deadly rockets from Iran, Israel had to react to hamas. hizballah, Syria , Iran were WATCHING. WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE ?
18. George, #3
EY ,   Haifa   (01.30.09)
What makes you think Hamas is weak and disorganized and that their weapons are primitive? Why do you believe their disinformation? First it was a quarter of them were women and children, now it is half, what will it be tomorrow? That all the people killed in the Gaza Strip, and for the total number we have only the information given by Hamas, which is unreliable at best, were children? Because that's what they're aiming for, and if you believe one word Hamas says you are as stupid as the rest of the world. Israel has no identity crisis, we know exactly who we are and what we want, and you can use all the psychobabble you like, "George" from "Canada," you will still me a million miles away from the truth.
19. #18 EY The truth hurts. End
the Prophet ,   Ouar   (01.30.09)
20. a further analysis
David Y ,   Paris, France   (01.30.09)
I fully agree with your article. But I would also add that not only resistance doesn't pay, but palestinian resistance is a lonely job: where were Hizbullah, syria and Iran during the Israeli offensive? I think the palesitnians are likely to remember that when it comes to war, they are left alone in front of Israel. this is likely to undermine seriously the Hamas hard liners and may help the emergence of a more moderate line (otherwise the benefits will go to Fatah...)
21. To #19
Norman ,   france, Eurabia   (01.30.09)
Right, and tht's why the "truth" of your "prophet" hurted so many people.
22. It seems to me
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah   (01.30.09)
B"H It seems to me that this analysis is only partially correct. It seems to me that the jihadist enemy was not defeated, even if it could have been. A question of the glass half full or half empty? Not if you consider the just-before-elections timing of the "op". It seems to me that this operation was designed to re-establish Barack ooops Barak, Livni & Olmert, the Israeli leg of the BLO-PLO establishment as a credible force to recon with. On the same token: isn't it strange that no one talks about the expired Abbas mandate?
23. To #18 Yes I am long way, but well informed
George ,   Canada   (01.30.09)
1-First let start from this: Firing rocket to civilian area and suicide bombing is definitely wrong and unacceptable, period. 2-Hamas leaders did deadly mistake not extending the existing 6 month truce and entering a war with Israel not being prepared for it. 3-Yes I agree some of the death and distraction can be blamed on Hamas stupidity and miscalculation etc… BUT, 4-During 6 months of the truce period when Hamas did not fire any rocket, Israel continued the co -called target assassinations and killed 23 Palestinian, kept the boarder closed not letting any thing in or out including the every day live necessity. ,shut down electricity ,they run out of fuel in winter time ,lot of sick end up dying on the crossing points ,not let them reach hospitals etc…..simply you make their every day live worse than animal misery. 5-Dear, Hamas has no aircrafts or even anti craft weapons, no tanks or artillery no laser guided smart weapon like the Israeli army did, no intelligence informations etc……so this not even close to any measure a misbalanced fight, and nothing to be proud about killing 1200 and injuring 5400 civilians in 2 weeks destroying UN facilities, power station schools and civilian infrastructures, which was done intentionally to create the fear and deterrent among Palestinians as most Israeli Generals advertised. 6- I don’t read arabic and Hamas is not CNN, BBC, Fox News, Reuters, they don’t even have an english spokes person to listen to their opinion. 7-Believe me a nation that 80% of it citizens support extreme right views is not a healthy society, I will say seriously sick.
24. Arabs wish small scale attacks until ready for big one
Sam ,   Canada   (01.30.09)
The Palestinians wanted to attack Israel from anywhere. (Lebanon, West Bank, Gaza.....) just to show everyone they are doing it until their partners joined in for the "big one" to eliminate Israel. Israel has shown it doesn't have to play the game by their rules. Small attacks can be met with a harsh response.
25. To #2, #23 George the silly Canadian
Eran ,   USA   (01.30.09)
George, How convenient for you and your fellow Canadians to live peacefully in the shadow of America's military might, while possessing to true ability to ever defend yourselves should you God-forbid ever actually need to. Armchair liberals like you are the worst sort. There was no period at any time when Hamas stopped firing rockets on Israel, certainly not during any point in the so-called "truce" prior to Operation Cast Lead. Israeli children in southern towns have been traumatized for years, have developmental problems, suffer from shock, still wet their beds at advanced ages, and can't finish a bowl of cereal without running to a bomb shelter. Were anyone to ever bomb Canada in this way, Canada would not even possess the ability to fight back, as Israel could conquer Canada militarily. But Israeli uses its might only to protect its citizens, its children, against terrorist regimes who fire rockets at children. If that's not clear and simple enough for you, go back to moose hunting and watching hockey, for you are the one who truly lives in a bubble of detached lunacy.
26. To #3 George
Amnon ,   Israel   (01.30.09)
Wow, what a smart analysis. If only it was based on one accurate fact. So apparently we are in an identity crisis because we may vote for the extreme right or god-forbidding Liberman. and off course we are racists by wanting our towns not to be under a continuous threat of rockets and missles. And of course we did not kill a single Hamas gunman. Just went in and killed 1200 innocent women and children. but if that is our goal and method - did you ever wonder why we ever risked the lives of a single infantry soldier. We could have just leveled Gaza strip from the air. Well, here aer a few facts. I recommend that you do not read them, as the reality may be very confusing for you, as they may conflict with your dogmatic view. 1. Israel is a democratic state and we have prime ministers from left and right and center. Like any other democracy there is a constant change and trends towards right and left. The ruling party was, is and will always be from close to the center. The extreme parties on both sides of the political map are always contained. Some times they are part of the coalition (For example Liberman was already a minister before this "identity crisis" that you are describing). There is not difference this time and the majority of the votes - around 90 of 120 will be split between Likud (slight right), Labor (Slight left) and Kadima (center). 2. In the current operation, Israel was forced to fight in densely populated areas, because this was the battle field chosed by Hamas. I am sure you saw the maps captured by the IDF showing Palestinean neigbhorhoods mapping combat tunnels, booby trapped houses, etc. Not to mention that the majority of the rockets and missles were launched from urban areas. Under this circumstances the IDF did all it could to prevent civilian causualties including calling people's home phones to warn them of upcoming attacks in their neightborhoods to allow them to seek shelter and get away from the battle zone. One thing you are missing - everyone in Israel is part of the IDF, either directly or through a relative, so unlike your biased sources of information, we know exactly how the army operates and how the soldiers are educated and guided by moral standards. because these soldiers are our children and husbands and they would come home at the end of the day and tell their stories. And we are very proud of how they handle the almost impossible situation. this is why 88% are proud these days to be Israelis. I wonder how to turned this fact into an identity crisis. 3. now the numbers. well I remember Israel's "massacre" in Jenin. It was 3000 civilians to begin with. Then it turned into 1500. I especially remember the "funural" that was captured by Israeli unmanned plane, where the stretch with the dead person was dropped, and the "dead" corpsed all of a sudden rose and started to walk. at the end of the day it was 54 people, out of which above 40 were armed gunmen. The situation here is similar and the estimate is that more than half of the people that died were Hamas operatives and of the rest less than half were women and children. My heart is with all the innocent victims and I, like most of the Israelis, feel very sorry to any loss of lives, even a single one. As I said before, it would have been much easier to just level down Gaza from the sky, but because of our moral values as Jews and as Israelis, we went in and risked the lives of our children to minimize fatalities among innocent people. So go on, continue with your rethorics using big empty words disconnected from the reality on the ground. And by the way, you need to work on your English. Try using a dictionary.
Albert ,   Buenos Aires ARG   (01.30.09)
the policy should be to CRUSH them until they disappear phisically or politically, and that Gazans wake up from sleep and throw them out of power. One bomb should be answered by 1000 bombs and 1000 dead on their side. They must understand that we will not take the JEWISH ATTITUDE of patience and negotiation. ONLY STRENGTH will deter them. ANd worldwide, we should do the same ELIMINATING opposition (Chavez, Ahjmenijad, etc)
28. #5 Cohen?
Albert ,   Buenos Aires ARG   (01.30.09)
how come you can be ignorant? maybe because you are american !!! Americans do not have much brain left but if you are jewish you should be over the average..... but it seems that too many hamburgers damaged your system.....
29. #23 George - Wrong
SBK ,   HK   (01.30.09)
Sorry but I think that your claim of being well informed is incorrect. During the 6 months truce period, Hamas fired a total of 329 rockets and mortars into Israel. If you blame Israel for keeping their borders closed, then you are blaming Egypt as well. Why aren't you condemning Egypt? They also share a border with Gaza, and they also kept their borders shut after Hamas was elected. You are also incorrect for saying that Hamas has no anti-craft weapons. In fact, an anti-aircraft weapon was discovered in a mosque. Search it up on YouTube if you do not believe me. Moreover, the casualties over the 2 weeks were NOT only civilians. This statement of yours displays more of your false claim of being well informed. Furthermore, Israeli officials and generals has stressed over and over again that their enemy is HAMAS and not the PALESTINIANS. Therefore their goal was to create deterrence amongst Hamas and not the Palestinians. Well informed? I really think not.
30. #14 - Leif - exactly...this is the reality....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.30.09)
while the Hamas TARGETS our civilians. Their goal is to see our people die in their homes and in pizza shops. I am glad that we are finallly willing to fight an urban war and to bomb the rocket launchers even if they are in apartment buildings, schools or mosques. Stop firing and no bombings. Period.
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