Givati troops leave 'Death to Arabs' graffiti in Gaza
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 30.01.09, 11:57
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1. a world that cant see the true writing on the wall
lol ,   london uk   (01.30.09)
more hamas propoganda ........the idf leave, hamas machine goes into overtime with paint and crayons .....alas the rest of the world day the non islamic world will wake to the realisaton they have been consummed by a cancer but it will be 2 late....if its not already 2 late
2. Hope they will find the low-life.
S.   (01.30.09)
To ynet: why don't you publish this? An Open Letter to A citizen Of Gaza: I Am the Soldier Who Slept In Your Home
3. How stupid is this?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.30.09)
About as stupid as most ''politically correct'' idiocy. Soldiers from the beginning of history have left graffiti. Out of all the things one could discuss about the Gaza Op, this is surely at the bottom of the list, something of so little importance, that it boggles the mind to think anyone would mention it. This is a mental condition, of this I have no doubt.
4. No Where to Hide!
Arab   (01.30.09)
So, for those arguing in an earlier article about how impossible it is for israeli soldiers to draw graffiti in English because as we all know English is such a difficult language besides how ethical IDF soldiers are ofcourse! What argument will they baffle us with now? hmmmm... you guys are sad!
5. what?and you write an article about it?
vashDi ,   israel   (01.30.09)
so what , our soldiers are brave and i love them G-d bless them. where does it say we have to love our enemy? grow up ynet
6. Writing on the wall to #1
Eva ,   Italy   (01.30.09)
I sincerly hope you are right, otherwise why give more excuses to world press to bash IDF and Israel.
7. nice but they shoulda
eliezer ,   jerusalem   (01.30.09)
used a clearer font. How can anyone really care about such trivia when the real issues of the political leaders' constant stupidity misses Ynet??
8. It's far worse to have voted for Hamas
Avi   (01.30.09)
The graffiti doesn't bother me at all. Our enemies deserve far worse.
9. Graffiti?
J K ,   NYC, USA   (01.30.09)
Wow...scribbles on walls. Have you read whats written daily about Jews in Arab media or tuned in to hear one of those Friday sermons that goes into detail about what Jews are and what should be done with them? Not only wouldn't the graffiti seem so bad anymore, but its pales in comparison by a country mile. This is much ado about nothing.
10. why everyone is surprised? i live in jerusalem, i hear these
mohannad   (01.30.09)
words everyday from zionists that dont belive in peace or coexistence, when am in a bus talking arabic , zionist keep telling me to stop talking this language cuz they hate it. thats how they act, and all this has nothing to do with hamas propoganda, its something that i hear everyday in jerusalem...
11. ynet and the haaretz have become used toilet papers
JL ,   israel   (01.30.09)
12. Send Haaretz reporters to the clean the walls
Soap Opera   (01.30.09)
YNET=IDIOTS   (01.30.09)
14. Not a Ral Story
bob ,   potomac usa   (01.30.09)
This happens in every war---b.f. d., as they say where I grew up. If Israeli sodliers were raping and pillaging--that would be a story--but of course, youy guys, like that stupid professor at HU, would probabably think that the lack of rape means that our soldiers dehumanize Arab women.
15. Next they will claim graffiti is a war crime.
Cynic ,   USA   (01.30.09)
16. This is most likely Hamas propaganda!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.30.09)
As usual, we jump to conclusions before the results of the investigation. We ALL know to what level Hamas will stoop to hurt Israel in every forum on this planet and even at home! If our soldiers did do this then they must be punished but until then we must keep an open mind. Our soldiers are all we have between us and our enemy and we must wait before condemning!
17. A longer view
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (01.30.09)
In 1527, the Protestant soldiers invaded Rome and sacked the Vatican. They used their daggers and bayonets to carve horrible curses against the Pope, the Vatican and the Catholic religion... and where did they do this? In the Pope's office (la Stanza della Segnatura) and his private bedroom - in the already-world-famous frescoes of Raphael. All the hate-filled and blasphemous inscriptions are still there and are considered historically quite important. These inscriptions in Gaza do NOT fall into that category. There is much less of them, and they are also appearing in the media quite some trime AFTER the end of the conflict, which brings into doubt who actually wrote them. I agree with the sagacious Terry of Eilat (who should really be the editor of Ynet) that this is one more pitifully desperate attempt by Hamas to beg some more sympathy and cash from the world. They would gain a lot more credibility if they put down their arms and brought their people back home to Egypt and Jordan.
18. Pee Yelloy chalk for Hamas
Gideon Reader   (01.30.09)
"Shmulik was here!" Shmulik being the israel "Killroy"(the ubiquitous non-existant person featured all over europe, when the U.S.Military saved the sorry asses of the euroweenies in WWII. Each Army in history has had examples of "Message" left by the soldiers of their forces. The question is when is the UN going to form a rights committee to discuss and condemn the writing of messages on bombs with chalk?
19. #10 i kissed my husband in jerusalem and a group of arab men
maya tourist   (01.30.09)
walked by & said we are dirty cats. that is my strongest impression from arabs of jerusalem. i could see arabs pushing people maybe because they were jewish or israeli
20. e before i, except on Shabbat
Gideon Reader   (01.30.09)
I would be more concerned with the correctness of spelling and grammar.
21. arabs always chant "death to the jews"
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (01.30.09)
dont wast resources searching for thee soldiers, another double standard. It is reasonable to expect such slurs towards a people who bring up their children to kill the jews. Abuse towards jews by muslims is commonplace. Israel must stop shooting itself in the foot to protect those who would NEVER protect tnem
22. Quick! Call the UN, NYT and Betsalem!
mic ,   Israel   (01.30.09)
Mommy, Mommy! This is for sure equal to the Shoa!!!
23. Mediacentricity gone basket case.
Kev ,   London   (01.30.09)
24. and what do Arabs publicize 24h daily
Charles   (01.30.09)
hate and call to murder jews since 1929
25. What ablout the Hamas Cartoons or teachers
Daniel ,   Amsterdam   (01.30.09)
They are teaching hate at school, so i do not care if some soldier wrote something not polocally correct against Pals.I am use to say that the fools mother 's is always pregnant.
26. Unfortunatly, two much heatred on both sides...
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (01.30.09)
27. Proud of Givati and all our soldiers
Dad ,   Israel   (01.30.09)
We love and proud of you Givati and all our boys in IDF! All armies in the world should learn from IDF ethic Shame on Hamas and Ynet, the liars
28. #17 Ungratefull Roscio
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (01.30.09)
Despite agreeing with most of your points of view,I hate injustice and ungratefulness.If It were not for the actual Ynet editor,you,me and Terry and everybody else wouldn't be able to express our views the way we are. Try to write in other Jewish sites and see if they have the courage Ynet has to publish what we say.I guess,it is not easy for them to stand for what they have been standing. Frankly,ungratefulness is very ugly ,and just these words of yours are able to neutralize all the good you have said up to now.
29. #26 - Rami - are you the One we are waiting so long?
Waiting for Messiah   (01.30.09)
30. Whatever happened to Killroy was here?
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.30.09)
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