Elbaradei: Israel violated international law in Syria
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 01.02.09, 08:20
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zionist forever   (02.01.09)
Its long past the time when this Egyptian steps down as head of the IAEA. He should also leave international law to the official bodies responsible for investigating that and he can get on investigating possible attempted nuclear weapon proliferation by your fellow arab state Syria and their persian master.
2. Who establishes "International Law"
curious ,   Israel   (02.01.09)
Arab, arab friendly, Other countries with arab interests, UN which by the way in Israel answers in Arabic when calling their offeces? Bah!
3. So what're gonna do about is, huh?
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.01.09)
4. "sitting on the information" TAKE THIS FOOL OUT!!!!!!!!!!
Elmer ,   Fiji   (02.01.09)
What kind of madman do we have heading the UN's nuclear watchdog, with comments like; there has been a lot of offensive statements made by Iran, but that as far as he understood, Iran was interested in a one-state solution rather than in seeing Israel wiped off the map. ???!!! - He must have a very limited (like '0') understanding of what time it is......... Oh, and then: "Damascus' request for help in building a nuclear power station did not constitute a threat, and that the West's efforts to hinder the project threatened to hurt the agency's reliability. " It's WAKE UP!time...
5. Elbaradei:Israel has violated international law....
roxy ,   Israel   (02.01.09)
By protecting its very existance by bombing the Syrian nuke plant being secretely built! Get off it Elbaradei, it is all too clear what you really are saying...that Israel has no right to defend itself against the dangers that surround it, and that Israel should have let Syria build the plant and receive the materials to make the bomb, then cry to the UN to investigate after which you & your investigators would lie to the world about the results and Syria would have the bomb, just like the way you & your chronies are lying to the UN and the West about Iran's nukes!
6. Baradei selfish indignation
Kidon 77   (02.01.09)
a lot of "laws" self established by the muslim El Baradei will soon be violated by Israelis. We aren't bound with anything you vile hypocrite says. Look to Iran secret nuclear weapons program. But there you prefer to turna blind eye, as for Syria, the security of our country relies in our hands exclusively. Hold on your advices for you
7. Elbaradei a nuisance ? Of course.
Jan   (02.01.09)
This nuclear watchdog chief omited from his list, the international violation by Israel ,for the elimination of Saddam's nuclear facilities.
8. What a Yerk !!!.
Orao Stranka. ,   Tsarigrad u Srbia.   (02.01.09)
ISRAEL and Syria are to my knowledge still formaly in war with each other. Elbaradei: Israel violated international law in Syria IAEA chief says that instead of using unilateral force, Jewish state should have provided nuclear watchdog with intelligence on alleged Syrian reactor Yitzhak Benhorin This Jerk think he is ruler over Israel, and demand Israels submission to his fancy. Is there only Idiots in this world ?. Orao.
9. #8 Orao
Sammy ,   TA   (02.01.09)
Not only idiots, no, but an awfully large percentage. Ask yourself what someone with a name like El-Baradei is doing heading a nuclear ANYTHING. What are his qualifications? Has he come out and said, "No, I do not want to see Israel wiped off the map?" Maybe that question should be mandatory for anyone who tries to tell us what to do.
10. Israel should have shared?
Israel   (02.01.09)
What a load of TUT!!!! History tells us to act not share - because when we share - the talking and the nicities start and we don't have time for that crap. Sod that!
11. Shared info so Elbaradei and company would do nothing.
dor ,   Israel   (02.01.09)
12. Blind and Deaf Watchdog
Kaha ,   Auckland New Zealand   (02.01.09)
Why doesn't he just apologise to everybody for failing to do his job, and thank Israel for doing it for him!
13. sharing does not work in this sand box
issi   (02.01.09)
israel only kicked a little sand in their face. no big deal go back to the UN and stick your finger. you get the rest.
14. koo koo
Ilana   (02.01.09)
Good that Israel did it, should've done it to Iran as well. I can see what could've happened: "BREAKING NEWS!!!" "Syria and Iran have dropped the atomic bomb on Israel" World countries blaming each other for not taking action earlier due to politically correct procedures..."
15. What for?
Danny   (02.01.09)
not like the IAEA would have ever done anything... It has a 100% failure rate in stopping illicit nuclear weapons.
16. OMG and Syria never violated the intl law? Look @ Iran to!
Joe the Plumber ,   LA, USA   (02.01.09)
in the words of Hamas, "This is preposterous". You expect Israel to bend over and make room for Syria to violate Israel as well? Gimme a break, we can see how the international law takes care of Iran after Israel shares nuclear intel with everyone else. Somebody has to do the dirty work and instead of pointing the finger at Israel, just say thank you for having the balls that you will never have.
UN=IRAN   (02.01.09)
18. joke
david ,   jerusalem   (02.01.09)
international cease fire, hamas fires rockets and UN is silent...lets close down ALL news media
19. Israel despite its perceived racila superiority
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (02.01.09)
has no legal right to wage a preemptive war on any state and definitely not on Syria. The manufactured evidence that Syria had WMDs cannot be substantiated. The Syrians were clever not to respond despite the provocation. Now Israel must suffer the consequences of it's illegal invasion.
20. international law?
Mrs.Nimasli ,   Galut   (02.01.09)
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh DIDUMS!
22. 5Israel as a member of the IAEA must abide by the terms
lydia ,   Brisbane   (02.01.09)
and conditions of the organization. It can't ruddy well do as it feels, it can't drop bombs on the neighbors whenever it feels like it, without going through the necessary procedure. Iran as a member of the NPT has a right to it nuclear reactor. Israel who is not a signatory has no such right.
23. #14 G-d forbid ilana
vashDi ,   israel   (02.01.09)
Every time Israel seeks to defend its civilians against terrorist attacks, it is accused of war crimes. Israel is the only democracy in the world ever accused of war crimes when it fights a defensive war to protect its civilians. we are an envyed state. G-d bless Israel, long live Israel
24. What has international watchdog done to stop anyone?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.09)
Why should Israel have handed information to the one organization guaranteed to drag its feet and delay any findings until after the first weapon grade material is manufactured - and then to say that it is allowed? Having done nothing with Iran and the proven atomic weapons plans and traces why would anyone trust this particular Arab and the IAEA?
25. An Egypt supports Hamas and is an Iranian sympathiser
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (02.01.09)
Sure how can Israel trust an Egyptian who clearly defends Iran and recently boycotted the BBC because they refused to air a Gaza fundraising drive.
26. Elbaradei is flat out wrong
Paul ,   GR   (02.01.09)
There is a war situation between Syria and Israel. Furthermore, Syria manages a proxy war against Israel through Hezboulah and Hamas. Israel has sufficient reasons to attack Syria. In fact, the question should be why Israel demonstrate this level of self restraint.
27. IEA record with NK and Irak is NOT reassuring
28. Anti-semitic Israeli's
Observer ,   World   (02.01.09)
Thanks Israeli's for showing the World who we really are. I don't think Israeli's are liked or wanted anywhere in the world, I guess you guys did a real good job on talkback. Hope you enjoy each other
29. Watch Dog showing teeth
Ben-Gan ,   Ein Ayallah Israel   (02.01.09)
Why is this blind in one eye watchdog legitimizing Iran and Syria's nuclear ambitions while criticizing Israel. If they "investigate" any more thoroughly, this one eye blind watch dog would be chasing his tail whilst allowing anyone with a desire acquire the most dangerous and widely destructive tool in the history of mankind. NO MORE NUKES!
30. IAEA useless joke, close it down.
Yisraeli   (02.01.09)
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