Gimmick with a beard
Emmanuel Rosen
Published: 01.02.09, 11:13
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1. Israel Beteinu supports civic marriage AND national security
Vered, Israel   (02.01.09)
and that's why they'll get my vote. They also spell out exactly what they stand for on their website, unlike others.
2. Author is an idiot
Josh ,   Jerusalem, IL   (02.01.09)
http://www.beytenu.org/ Israel Beitenu is getting my vote because: 1) I believe in a 2 state solution (this thing can not go on for ever) 2) the only way to do that is to separate the arabs from Israel. Land for Land 3) he believes in civil marriage 4) a party for immigrants - Old (Vatickim) Israeli's hate us because we are immigrants and are not part of the establishment. 5) easier conversion process 6) More funding for healthcare 7) separate from West Bank and Gaza!
3. OMG, again
alexander tel-aviv   (02.01.09)
A very shallow analysis indeed, or even rather the author promotes his own agenda. What I find particularly disgusting is the condescending, patronizing atittude towards us, "Russians", whom Mr Rozen still consider to be dumwitted rubble of a totalitarian upbringing, who hate Arabs and want war. Who told you that, peace-loving Ahmed Tibi? Punches nicely laid, Mr Rozen, it's so safe to write about Russians in this manner, no-one( till know) has sued you. You're begging for a joint suit against your racist statements. Having a loud voice and failed leftist ideas doesn't make you into a a particular smart person. You don't need to beat around the bush, you hate Lieberman just for what he is - an outsider who kicked you out of your golden slumbers with his honest assessment of plain idiocy of the government. He can't do much? Of course he can't - the whole police force is after him, clearly showing him - Look kid,dance within this circle, don't try to jump over, or else.
4. A cynical article
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.01.09)
which really does not do justice to Avigdor Lieberman and the historical basis of his political platform. No gimmick here, just the skepticism of a veteran journalist without much else to write about.
5. A petty and superficial article that says nothing!
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (02.01.09)
Which party left the coalition? - IB That's a good reason to vote for it and many people won't forgive the parties that didn't quit the coalition. Why is Lieberman being investigated again at this time? Because the police don't want him to be the minister of internal affairs which he most likely will be. I know many people from the former Soviet Union and none of them voted for Lieberman last time out. I am from the UK and voted for Lieberman. I was and am embarrased by the weak politicians who are afraid to speak their mind or to act. Every time I heard about reinforcing buildings in Sderot I cringed. With Bibi and Lieberman that won't be any reason to reinforce buildings because we will have deterrence again. Mike
6. Gimmick-vote Lieberman
DT ,   TA Isr   (02.01.09)
Just one more reason for me to vote Lieberman
7. Emmanuel Rosen is retarded and is a left-wing liberal
The end of the left ,   is near! Thank G-d!   (02.01.09)
lunatic. His views are outdated and no one in Israel thinks the way the racist left think anymore! Stop trying to make Lieberman look bad because it seems to backfire every time! The more the left-wing lunatics try to brainwash the public the more right wing you make them! The left in Israel is bankrupt!
8. Mistaken. We all know the shadow face is wrong
Jo   (02.01.09)
and not many I know are in so much despair to vote for it.
9. Let's talk more about ''gimmicks''
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.01.09)
Let's start with the phoney peace process. How's that for a gimmick? Moving on, let's talk about ''coexistence'' - that doesn't even qualify as a gimmick, it's just wishful thinking. How about the two-state solution? Now there's a real gimmick to discuss. With a probability of success that approaches zero, that really qualifies for the gimmick of the last few years, not just 2009. Livni would like to use her status as a woman to attract votes - that's kind of a gimmick, but lacking balls (pun intended) is just stupid, not a bonafided gimmick. How about out-of-touch political analysts who talk about gimmicks as a gimmick not to analyse but to further a political agenda. Smear campaigns are often based on gimmicks, as this article proves.
10. #3 Alexander, Tel-Aviv.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.01.09)
Don't you love it when someone criticises Lieberman for being tough on Arabs & insinuating that he'll get the ''racist'' vote & then disparages another group like Russians, the vast majority of whom are productive, patriotic citizens - effectively trying to harness prejudice himself. The sheer hypocrisy just boggles the mind.
11. This is exactly the TOR for an Israeli politician
Indigenous ,   statless   (02.01.09)
12. Hate idiots, vote Liberman!
The Russian   (02.01.09)
13. Leftist media are terrified of Lieberman, he's got MY vote!!
Sarit ,   Israel   (02.01.09)
14. Leiberman gets my vote. Only one that wont cede land!
Jayj3 ,   Israel   (02.01.09)
He is also the only MK with enough Batzim to leave the corrupt Olmert government! He also doesnt recognize the bogus Palastinian arabs! Every ISraeli should vote for Leiberman! In fact i bet anyone that Bibi will be left with no other choice but to form a coalition government with Leiberman! That would be great! Enough of the leftist lies trying to convince the world that there is a distinct Arab Palastinian people that deserve their own state!
15. Dumb Article
Felix ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.09)
Easy to figure out the agenda of the writer by asking a simple question: "who benefits from it". Lumping all Russian Olim into one group has 2 aims: suggest IB is a russian party and a racist party. The jerk should be sued for slander.
16. we have john kerry flip flopper,YOU HAVE LIVNI FLIP PLOPPER
..............DACON9   (02.01.09)
SHE CHANGED HER MIND ABOUT GIVING AWAY JUDEA / SUMEREA / EAT JERUSLAEM A FEW TIMES IN A FEW WEEKS she will give away E Jerusalem she doesnt have the guts or the knowledge to debate the arabs livni is the barking puppy,only brave in a pack of the alpha dog you israeis will not have a israel if she is elected she will be worse than olmert she IS INCONSISTANT and lacks reasoning skills, based on her quotes and reactions posted in the media. this is election hype from her recently. DACON( jewswithviews@gmail.com
17. OK Mr. Rosen, who would you advise Israelis to vote for?
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (02.01.09)
Let's see; Avoda? Yeah the last time they were in power we ended up with Hizbulah on the northern border and a bloody intifada, that sounds great. How about Kadima; well they've certainly done wonders for Israeli industry with all the metal imports from Gaza, but don't you think they ought to work out that kink with the explosions before we vote for them? The fact that Tibi is scared of Livni does sort of incline me toward Kadima, but then I think she only scares him because of the way she looks. How about Meretz? Yes that should solve all our problems. After all Oslo was such a brilliant sucess, and they were only the senior coaltion partner then; imagine what they could do to us (oops, I meant for us) if they get to head a government.
18. Livni and Barak
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.09)
Rosen's prejudices are showing. People do not refuse to vote Livni because she is boring. Kadima failed in everything it did, including increasing antisemitism and bringing Israel to the brink of destruction. People aren't refusing to vote Barak because they do not understand him. This man has failed in everything he has done since 1980: Sultan Yaakub, murder of Madhat Yussuf, destruction of SLA, strengthening of Hezbolla, and allowing Arafat to start the Second Intifada with its thousands of deaths. His latest "success" is "Cast Lead". Gilad Shalit is nowhere to be found, rockets are still falling on the south, Barak is opening the border crossings for Hamas, Israeli generals are being prosecuted, and Jews are being persecuted all over the world.
19. Another media hack...
Alex ,   New York   (02.01.09)
Mr. Rosen you sound like another hack and party apparatchik. You would be great in running Arab sensitivity classes at a local Kibbutz. or better yet tender after potatoes there.
20. Ideological party will win not Rosen's gimmick
Ron ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.09)
The biggest gimmick is Rosen himself, pitty individual with nothing to say.
21. thank you mr rosen
JL ,   israel   (02.01.09)
after reading your article i will now definately vote for lieberman...
22. I agree with # 2
Benateed ,   Galil   (02.01.09)
As hard as the media tries to confuse the public about Lieberman, his program speaks for itself. Swapping populations with their territory is the obvioous key to the workable 2 state solution. I hate the way the left tries to paint this as "racist" .
23. Does the author imply that undespaired ones vote meretz???
Trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (02.01.09)
24. Lieberman will keep the Golan
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (02.01.09)
25. Lieberman's position problematic
Steve   (02.01.09)
While Lieberman offers a refreshing perspective at times, I fundamentally disagree with Lieberman's suicidal / defeatest approach to solving the Muslim -- Arab world goal toward achieving the destruction of the Jewish state; the so-called "phased plan." Mr. Lieberman's approach, as I understand it is a kind of 'separation' of the peoples. This would include Israel relinquishing Jewish land to Israel's enemies. In other words, more of the same failed "two state solution" to the Arab-Israeli conflict. I fundamentally disagree with Lieberman's defeatist approach. If Lieberman will not advocate victory over the enemy, then perhaps he might move aside and make room for a man of greater moral courage that will advocate victory.
26. Different parties
Mike ,   Haifa   (02.01.09)
Labor is totaly bakrupt. It is managed by a few people living in a few buildings in Tel Aviv. Kadima is a group of people looking for easy money. Their Mofaz is a joke that brought the Gaza war, and Livni -what is she doing/ Sharon can manage Kadima from his hospital better than Livni.. Meretz is money and nothing else. Bibib has some good people but nothing big. So we left with NU and Israel Beiteinu - the rest worse nothing, small juglers.
27. you got my vote liberman!
mira ,   israel   (02.01.09)
28. Israeli Jewish -Russain patriots
George ,   Canada   (02.02.09)
As a rule Russian Jews is an extremist Jews. They were born and raised in the previous totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union. They carry the previous “sovdep and Gulag “ mentality ,they were discriminated against at that time and this feeling is carried over with them and transferred against Arabs of course .They know only one thing ,eliminate ,kill and transfer Palestinians to Arab countries. They carry with them the Russian Mafia style work to Israel and most of the have criminal background and gangster incorporated They are wanted to Russian police and have pending courts lawsuit. Widespread immigration in the 1990s allowed Russian criminal organizations to spread themselves further around the world. Prior to the collapse of communism Russian Jews were allowed to emigrate from the Soviet Union, and many criminals took advantage of this if they were themselves Jewish, or if not, acquiring a Jewish passport to be granted permission to leave. Few examples are Vyacheslav Ivankov ,nick name “Yaponchick “in the USA, oligarchs Perizovsky flee to Spain, Vladimir Gusinsky flee to England ,Geudak to Israel and wants be a politician etc…. The list is long …and Liberman is not far away from them.
29. 28 - what % of IB voters were from the old S. Union?
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (02.02.09)
30. As we stand now
Mark ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.09)
I believe Liberman will get more votes than Kadima. Kadima is a sort of Olmerts criminal organization - nothing more, nothing less. If you don't belong to it you are nothing. Where I live in Tel Aviv (the best place) left votes for Liberman and Right for Bibi.
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