Foreign banks to fund Tel Aviv Light Rail
Guy Mei-Tal, Calcalist
Published: 01.02.09, 13:05
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1. TA Light Rail
David Feigenbaum ,   Netanya, Israel   (02.01.09)
What is the route? How much traffic would it take off the streets? How many riders per day? How much revenue? These are the items I would like to see in your article"?
2. now tel-aviv???
leslie ,   aus   (02.02.09)
Great they've screwed up the traffic in jerusalem with the light rail there, and are considering ripping it out of the ground after spending millions of dollars on it. why not shut-down the roads in tel aviv for 5 yrs as well???
3. if you want funding dont follow the jerusalem example
zionist forever   (02.02.09)
Years overdue Costs way over budget Slow construction make driving in some parts of the city a nightmare. To far ahead to cancel the project but so far behind to make it economical for decades. If they can get it right in Tel Aviv which should be easier considering Tel Aviv is a more modern city and not based around centuries old infastructure and it is needed with the increasing traffic levels but if they are going to do things the same as they have been doing things in Jerusalem then leave the rail in the mind of dreamers not engineers.
4. #1- they don't know...end
Leonard ,   LA usa   (02.02.09)
5. Israel has little problem
Haim ,   Akko   (02.02.09)
with bus explosions. It wants to fight tram undermining?
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