3 lightly injured in mortar attack on Negev
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 01.02.09, 18:28
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1. Oh, it's just our moderate peace partners from Fatah...
LEE ,   NY, USA   (02.01.09)
2. And the typical silence from Ban-Ki Moon and his ilk.
Cynic ,   USA   (02.01.09)
3. Nice Hamas and mild shrapnel
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.01.09)
The mild news from YNET The Israeli left like YNET go out of their way to kiss the ass of Hamas and protray them as nice activists. One day soon you will pay for your treachery ,Israeli left.
4. Well Done Guys... Good Shooting.
RJBH ,   Methil   (02.01.09)
Force the IDF back from your Borders.
6. #4
Natanel ,   IL   (02.01.09)
Save your comments for Arab TB somewhere. No one here gives a damn about your opinion so stop spamming Ynet!
7. We need BIBI
glenn ,   los angeles   (02.01.09)
I am so sick of the political leaders in Israel today. First, they pulled out of Lebanonin 2006 before the operation was completed. NOW....Hamastan. I hope BIBI will have the guts to retaliate and finish these attacks for once and for all...and that means taking out Hamas/ Jihad etc.. and UN installing an international force and leadership until peace negotiations are completed and the Israeli and Palestinian people have voted for and endorsed the peace plan.
8. barak and livni are the best
Palestinian ,   gaza - hamas land   (02.01.09)
the south will be quite for a long time ...... ha ha ha
9. Hamas is deterred but not the people who fire the rockets.
E.M. ,   USA   (02.01.09)
10. They don't get it ..
Mark Watkins ,   East Bernstadt ,USA   (02.01.09)
These people only understand one thing -Force . Give them what they want !
11. lull, lol
eliezer ,   jerusalem   (02.01.09)
Hamas has decided on a one year LULL, don't sound like a cease fire to me. A Lull means keeping it down a bit 'till they can regroup, retrain, rearm and then reboot the fighting. Sort of like the break between the "rounds" of a boxing match when the two fighters relax a bit before the next round. So too with Hamas, there is no intention to stop hostilities, so what did Israel's dumb politicians gain with their ceasefire?? We need to learn from General George Patton who fought the Nazis to the end:
12. 8# "barak and livni are the best "
Akbar ,   Bahrain   (02.01.09)
You have internet over there in gaza?!
13. #7 Bibi Is Just A Phony
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (02.01.09)
No better than Livni,Barak or Olmert.
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