Livni is right
Ariana Melamad
Published: 02.02.09, 11:06
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1. As a woman who completely upholds..
Lior ,   Israel   (02.02.09)
woman moving forward in the political arena, I will not vote for Tipsey simply because she is a woman!!! If anyone would dare imply to me I should vote for her because of male chauvinism; even given the fact a woman should be PM in no way can not sway my vote. This reality does not call for or deserves a blank check to a woman who should not be elected to PM. Sadly, I have seen one too many men elected for all the wrong reasons to simply vote in a woman. This is not the change we need. I only wish we could wipe the damn slate completely clean of all the old cronies.
FAD EGYPT   (02.02.09)
3. Why not talk about the cronyism, too?
Michael D. ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.02.09)
To Lior: I agree with you 100%. While we're at it, let's change the voting system so we vote for individuals representing our areas of residence and not a generalized party list.
4. Livni achieved nothing and failed at everything!
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (02.02.09)
The fact that she is a failure is her problem and not that she is a woman that wears men's clothes. Mike
5. Glass Houses
David ,   Jerusalem   (02.02.09)
And just today, Livni started taking shots at men. Not her opponents, but all men. It would seem we're all lazy time-card padders according to her. So, really, what does she have to complain about? Her opponents may succeed in alienating some women, but she's not doing herself any favors by turning around and returning fire at men in general. In fact, while I wasn't going to vote kadima (a failed party) to start with, I wouldn't vote for her now even if she jumped ship to a party I would consider voting for.
6. Livni -hardly
DT ,   TA Israel   (02.02.09)
Drippy Zippy maybe right for many things but politics and leadership is NOT one of them.
7. Hillary already tried this strategy
It didn't work
8. The fact she's a woman is completely irrelevant
Nudnik   (02.02.09)
She's just not the right person the country needs in charge right now. I don't want Olmert or Barak either for the same reasons. No gender comparisons at all.
9. Israeli Chauvinism
NYC Girl   (02.02.09)
While discrimination in any form is repugnant, at least Israel has had a female Prime Minister. Here in the States, where we fancy ourselves as being so enlightened, both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were savaged in the media, albeit from opposite ends of the political spectrum.
10. #1 Lior: I have a better reason to vote for Livni!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.02.09)
She stood up to Shas, refused their attempt to extort more money from the Treasury and she did not go bow and scrape before the Rav Ovadia Yosef who is nothing more thaan a Jewish Ayatollah! There are a few other points in her favor: She hasn't done any fiddles, she has never had to be investigated and she has done a pretty good job as Foreign Minister. We all heard the remarks made by Barak and Netanyahu but we should ask them why they bowed to US pressure and Bill Clinton. Let us not forget that Bibi Netanyahu gave away Hebron, left 400 Jews there facing 160,000 murderous Palestinians and Barak was prepared to accede to 93% of Arafat's demands! Are they suitable to to lead this country in what could be the most dangerous time in our history since 1948 particularly with an American Administration which has appointed Samantha Power, a rabid anti-Israel campaigner to the National Security Council?
11. Israel in the Middle East, don't exect Europe here
Avi ,   Israel   (02.02.09)
The Israelis may want to be as western as they like, it doesn't help. The mentality is Middle Eastern, chauvinist, tribal, goes eternally around the bulbul. Jordan, Lebanon or Syria will never be enlightened, normal countries, nor will Israel.
12. I will not for Livni because.........
Safta ,   Israel   (02.02.09)
she is not capable of doing the job. Not because she is a woman. We need a strong leader who will stand up to the world and be able to say enough, this is not in Israeli's best interest. Livni is not that leader!
13. what has livni contributed to israel?
jake   (02.02.09)
Ms. Melamed, Plz! This has nothing to do with livni being a woman. It has to do with the fact that livni has not contributed to anything in her public life. what does she have to show? what has she done to prove her qualifications? the answers to these questions have caused her to lose about 5 seats & the fact that kadima doesn't have a coherent agenda has caused them to lose another 3 seats. this totals 8 seats, but I fear that it will be more like 9-10seats.
14. I'm gonna vote for
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon, ISRAEL   (02.02.09)
Livni. I was hovering between Labour and Kadima, but those insulting and demeaning posters from the Likud really cinched it.
15. Irregardless of gender, not the right person for PM
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.02.09)
Livni, to refresh the memory, was brought into Kadima by Sharon because she showed 'loyalty' to Sharon. He put her as Justice Minister as a reward and later only by virtue of not being under indictment made it to the Foreign Ministry. After more than 8 years as a MK and Minister what has Livni done? Is there one piece of significant legislation or some ministerial contribution of note? NO. So why should be taken seriously as a candidate for PM ?
16. a three bag girl
Rami   (02.02.09)
17. To #12 Safta: So, who is your "strong leader"?
Concerned ,   The North, Israel   (02.02.09)
Is it Bibi aligned with Shas or Barak who abandoned Lebanon and did not make any provision for ensuring that Hezbollah doesn't rearm? Neither Bibi nor Barak stood up against Clinton and now with Obama, who is prepared to "talk to Iran" do you think they will be "strong enough" to stand up against the new US Policy of appeasement? Livini is "clean" and who knows, she might be ok. Remember Golda! Yes, the other two have the experience of failure! So, who is it? Two failures or an FM who has done ok but is untried?
18. Feminist chauvinsim right there. Livni sux b/c of her views.
Doron ,   Israel   (02.02.09)
19. Ariana, Not Sparta: Women Fought There
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (02.02.09)
Ariana, your conclusion may be right but your arguments are weak. For example, in Sparta women were athletes and fought too, so brush up on your history. As for the sexism of the Israeli Knesset or some of them, yes some of their comments are inappropriate and over the top but I see the same kind of savagery used on men too--just with different words. Its a savage Knesset. As for Livni as PM, she certainly is not impressive and I would not vote for her for a number of reasons, none of which have to do with her gender. The argument that you cannot handle defense if you haven't been in fighting has a certain merit, but there are certainly good leaders who are not totally "well-rounded". As well, one presumes that Peretz was in the IDF but that did not stop him from being totally inept on military decisions and behavior. Rather than whining about being left out, I suggest you--and Livni--gather those who support her around her. Take a leaf from Hillary Clinton's book--she fought very hard but it was a relatively clean fight. When she was the president's wife, she had to keep her hair long and wear pink suits--I was in DC at the time and I know--so she too bent to the prevailing winds when it was politic. That does not make her any less brave and strong (I am not referring to her stance on EY).
20. Kadima minister = sex offender = chaim ramon = Livnis friend
BS article   (02.02.09)
21. 14. you won't vote for Labor because of Likud posters :-)
martin knopfman ,   tel aviv   (02.02.09)
That makes about as much sense as voting for Kadima. Maybe ask yourself what Kadima is offering? Martin
22. Tsipi the best choice
Jacques ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.09)
1. She's not corrupt 2. She is originaly BETAR 3.She is the honest Likoud the new one 4. the only one hoese going to do whath she say in her canpain after been elected 5. In bibi i don't beleive one word 6.Liberman a shme for the state of Israel 7. She gat more ball's as any male candidat VOTE FOR LIVNI
23. #10, David
JAyjay3 ,   Israel   (02.02.09)
Did she stand up to Olmert? NO You say she hasnt done any fiddles? Then why does she change her mind so much? As for past achievements as foreign minister, you cant name even one because she was totally inept, especially during the last war in Lebanon! Bibis only thorn was Hebron, but the past government, before him, had already made that commitment that he couldnt get out of Livni has absolutely no qualifications or ability to lead his country, and Livni using the chauvinism card is completely pathetic and false. Vote Lieberman, the only MK to stand up to Olmert and leave him! The only MK that want cede land recognize a bogus Arab PAlestine!
24. men
colin   (02.02.09)
I believe a woman controls the household. Men are completely unqualified to fill the home upbringing.A WOMAN'S PLACE IS THE KITCHEN AND THE BEDROOM. She feeds the family ,she bears the children she rears the offspring. Any feminisn is only the week man capitulateing to the woman. Let nature rule where the male is alwys dominant send livni to make coffe and cakes. She will excell in the task
25. livni
sas ,   israel   (02.02.09)
it's not because she is female that people are talking against her. The woman is DUMB. Can anyone tell me what she has done as Minister of Justice and as Foreign Minister (except criticize her Prime Minister during war)???????? She certainly has RUINED the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to such an extent that it will take years to recuperate. This FEMALE is over-rated and is not capable of doing anything. There are VERY GOOD females out there - but LIVNI is NOT one of them. If she was really intelligent she would not run for office as she knows that the job is too big for her. The alternatives are not much better but at least they do/did something.
26. She isn't fit as a leader !!!
common sense   (02.02.09)
It seems quite stupid to judge Tzipi in respect of her being a woman. Didn't we have a PM. who was considered fit for the post [Golda] ? The PM. shoes are much too big for her average personality and her lack of leadership ! She demonstrated those two features after the Winograd report !
27. why not to vote for Livni
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.09)
Livni said she refused Shas' attempts to extort money. She is not telling the truth. She gladly sat in Olmert's government while he gave Shas millions. Livni failed as a foreign minister: she negotiated UN1701 which allowed Hezbolla to take-over South Lebanon, she is the one responsible for failing to explain Israel's defensive war against the racist Hamas, so Israeli commanders are now being persecuted and a wave of antisemitism is sweeping the world. You may be right that Netanyahu surrendered to the American dictates. But both Barak and Livni have declared that they will start negotiations with Israeli retreat to pre-1967 borders. You are not stupid, you know that when you negotiate you always end up with less than your starting position. What more will Livni (and Barak) give the Arabs? Immigration of 30000 Arabs? 100000?
28. Did Olmert ever fire a gun? or does having a pair suffice?
Woman   (02.02.09)
29. we fight together when we found this country
Dave ,   ─░stanbul   (02.02.09)
are these people the descendents of our ansestors who found this country figthing without discrimination??? i cant belive this we found this little country women and men who fight against our enemies. the reason to not elect a person is not her or his gender it is her or his failiors or policies!!! people does this is no different than extreme islamists like hamas or iran. i personally will not vote for her because she is selling jerusalem to arabs!! not bcause her gender
30. livni 'right' about sexism
elliot ,   usa   (02.02.09)
if so then find a stronger more consevative woman--no reason to favor kadima by itself...who is writer?
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