National Union candidate: Kahane was right
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 02.02.09, 12:56
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1. ill just leave this here
j   (02.02.09)
"In a conversation with Ynet, Ben-Ari presented his proposed solution to the "problem" of Israeli Arabs" its a just a little bit of history repeating.
2. Watch on this man, he is corrupt and hunger for bribes!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (02.02.09)
Believe or not, his speaking just means this.
4. They must go
Choni Davidowitz   (02.02.09)
In every high school in Israel the book "They must go" by Rabbi Meir Kahane must be made obligatory reading.
5. ......and the failed left was dead wrong
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.02.09)
6. Yasher koach.
Tuvia Schertzman ,   Betar Ilit   (02.02.09)
About time.
7. Number 4 on the List
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.02.09)
Just try and imagine the insane ravings of No.5 on the list
8. True peace
David ,   Jersulem, Israel   (02.02.09)
A legal system who feels like Peres, who is 'proud of Arabs walking the halls of the Knesset' influencing policy that is 'good for Jews', is a farce beyond any rational mind. That same system booted Kahane out of the parliament, they will forever be haunted by this self-prejudicial action. The government for following policy that benefits no one but themselves will have to deal someday with a majority of Jews who feel exactly the same as Dr. Ben-Ari. By then all Jews will realize that what they called extremism is in fact the most merciful, rational policy Israel must take.
9. finally a man with a real mission
vashDi ,   israel   (02.02.09)
to do what should have been done a long time ago, eliminate the enemy. G-d bless Israel, power to the real israelies
10. I am a bigot...
ketoret   (02.02.09)
...because I rejected Kahane without knowing his opinions. But once you get past the sensationalist headline of this article, one sees that Dr. ben Ami is in fact addressing in a rational way the main challenges to this country. You might not agree with him, but he's not a racist and not advocating violence. And at least he has a clearly articulated policy.
11. got my vote
eliezer ,   jerusalem   (02.02.09)
12. The idiot is correct... in part
Ariel ,   USA   (02.02.09)
Should the Arabs go? Sure. Can we make them move? No. Can we force Venezuela or Turkey take them? Well, let me stop laughing first.... IDF is not a private militia ( or minyan) of Rav Shapiro or Rav Pupik. It follows orders of the democratically elected government ( a part of which Mr. Ben Ari wants to become), but not those of a private individual of a GenSec of a party with less than 10% of the Knesset seats. Rebuild the Temple? Many Rabbis with strong religious standing who say that only Messiah can do it. So, do not buy cement and marble tiles yet, Mr. Ben Ari.... Some sparkles of wisdom may come even from Mr. Ben Ari. Not many, though...
13. Israeli Moslems
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.02.09)
Although I am a supporter of Yisrael Beiteinu, I appreciate Dr. Ben-Ari's remarks about certain elements of the Palestinian Arab population of Israel. Dancing on rooftops to celebrate our slaughter or loss is not only contemptable but close to treasonable. Given the fragility of our own situation regarding our very existence, its natural to consider outlawing that portion of the population which actively works for our destruction. A full democracy may only be possible when our very survival is not in question. Michael Ben-Ari, like Avigdor Lieberman, awakens Israelis to this existential question and puts it in context.
14. another crazy zionist in the keneset is all we need!!!
palestinian ,   historic palestine   (02.02.09)
and if that happens , i will be the first one leaving this crazy place . enough is enough , let me know where and how to collect my compensation money and i will be more than happy to leave . and offcourse this depends on the amount discussed , if its fair then ill take it and if its not then you can shuv it up you know where Mr ben ari.. i will not settle for less than a 100 million sterling pound and i dont think thats a lot considering you getting rid of one palestinian .. so please let me know when and where .... sencerly yours a palestinian living in the occupied lands of palestine , haifa to be exact ..
15. good for dr.ben- ari!
oded   (02.02.09)
he says it all in a very concise, simple , matter- of -fact manner. it is either us or them..... any other notion to try to paint it otherwise has failed miserably.. the arabs never accepted us here, and never will. on;y a copmlete and total victory into submission of the arabs will yeild some peace. but first, expell them to aza, let's see how ""racist"" they get over with hamas..
16. Leftists like Nachshon love to make fun of "rightists"
m   (02.02.09)
They feel so high as "humanists" who love the enemy, that when someone doesn't think like them he must be an antideluvian racist. Reading farther between the lines the picture emerges so different that it's almost laughable to compare it to the caption from the headline.
17. Evil person. We are the indigenous population of Palestine
Palestinian   (02.02.09)
and if there is someone to leave, then let it be those who came to steal the land from us. You are all welcome to go back to Poland, Russia, and everywhere else you came form. You are only a passing pheneomena just like the crusaders were!
18. Venezuela Is Good, Uganda Would Be Better
David H ,   Marietta USA   (02.02.09)
And there is historical precedent for the suggestion. (Gaza would also be a lovely place to relocate-beaches, sprawling urban centers, international transportation and shipping)
19. Dr. Ben-Ari
Debra ,   UK   (02.02.09)
Be fruiful and multiply and fill up the land.
20. does this matter?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.09)
The personal opinions of #4 of the National Union do not really matter. The main issue is Israel's survival. The National Union believes that in the meantime no Arab state should be established in Judea and Samaria because this will bring "Color Red", death and destruction to Israel's main population centers. Livni and Barak, who call themselves rational, declare that they will establish an Arab state according to the pre-1967 borders. This is despite the fact that the retreat from Gaza proved that not only will an Arab state be hostile, but that Israel will not be allowed to defend itself.
21. Kahane had foresight.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.02.09)
Unlike many here who can't see further ahead than their nose, much of what Kahane said was ahead of his time.
22. Finally someone is speaking the truth and is willing to act.
Joseph   (02.02.09)
23. LOOOL the guy is so funny
Why don't you move to Alaska at least there there will not be any more rockets falling on you everyday , no anti-simitism , no arabs serrounding you from everywhere , beside your mom america ... much much easier than to move the Arabs who are the owners of this land and like this no body will call you occupiers anymore and no more charges with war crimes ... don't you think ??? ... or it was a joke from you ? .
24. Hey guys He is Joking
And please don't attack him , he will not say this anymore and he will drink the milk before he go to bed .
25. send livni olmert and barak to venezuela
chaim ,   brooklyn   (02.02.09)
they are a much bigger danger to israel than all the terorist organizations combined
26. What kahana actually said ??
Yoel   (02.02.09)
He said we must expell arabs because we will never live in peace. He said Arafat was a liar, that we shouldn't trust him. 30 years later, we don't have peace. Arafat lied and he was such an expert that some persons granted him a Nobel Prize. He was a prophet and said right things. The only drawback: he failed in his communication, and has been considered as extremist. But even extremists can say truth. Few people heard him, and that's his failure. I'm more moderate than people from Kach, but I can say he was right for some of his views. Hope his successor will communicate better.
27. #17 Palestinian. We aren't going anywhere.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.02.09)
But if you continue to follow the same kind of leaders as you have in the past, you will end up forming a Palestinian state in Antarctica with the penguins.
28. Haifa is Israel, to be exact
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (02.02.09)
29. He gives me hope
Madzionist   (02.02.09)
In a sea of self-loathing Israeli concessionists, it's so inspiring to see a man like Ben-Ari saying what must be said about the arabs, and openly declaring "Kahane was right!" All Zionist nationals: YOU MUST VOTE NU!
30. #17 Half of Israelis are from Arab countries; not Poland
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (02.02.09)
#17 Problem: Half of Israeli Jews are refugees from Arab countries not Poland. So you want us to go back to Baghdad? No way.
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