Israeli officials forming united front against Spanish lawsuit
Roni Sofer
Published: 02.02.09, 14:28
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1. Spanish Lawsuit
Joe ,   Israel   (02.02.09)
Just because Spain recinded the Expulsion Order that lasted 500 years, does not mean that they have accepted a more tolerant position. Economically, it was expedient for them to recind the order. Religiously? They still adhere to its principles.
2. Joe-
Lisa ,   Spain   (02.02.09)
I am assuming you are still talking about the Inquisition? You are assuming that people in Spain feel guilty about this, 500 years later? 500 years- how many more years until you stop quoting this and every single event in history? What do you want them to do? Why should people here feel guilty for some mistake the church did 500 years ago? Are you expecting special treatment, to be ABOVE the law- just because you are Jewish? I am supporting Israel, but I am getting tired of all this anti-semitic accusations you are throwing at everyone who does not agree with you. Most of the discussions on Ynet evolve around this- it is an obsession with the writers- emotional threats- emotional blackmail- . Israel is a state like any other- you have, or should have the same laws, if you have objections file lawsuits against whoever....
3. Spanish lawsuit
Golan ,   Europe   (02.02.09)
It's time for Israel to fight back against the facist Spanish govern't by filing charges against the Spanish politicans for thier violations against Basques Human rights. The Spanish terror against the Basque people must stop and the purputartes of these crimes againt humanity be brought to justice. FREE BASQUE!!!!! Down with Spain
4. # 2 Lisa
Bob O'Really ,   Australia   (02.02.09)
Well said Lisa; my thoughts exactly! # 3 Golan-stop trying to change the subject.
5. Spanish lawsuit
Mike ,   Bern, Switzerland   (02.02.09)
I agree with number 3 ! Down with Spain ! They can't cook anyway...
6. what?
vashDi ,   israel   (02.02.09)
the pallies have a center for human rights?, the fact that they wanna take us to court just makes me laugh but this! give the guys an emmy for great supporting actors of hamas.
7. #3 Golan-
Lisa ,   Spain   (02.02.09)
you don't know what you are talking about. ETA's human rights are like Hamas- Spanish people are NOT against Basques, but against terrorists who target schools, universities, hospitals- YOU of all people should be able to distinguish between a desire to be free and forcing the issue with bombs- . Fight your own battles!
8. #2 Lisa the uninformed
Yosi ,   Jerusalem. Israel   (02.02.09)
The inquisition STARTED officially in 1942 and officially ended resently. However it started unofficially 100 years earlier and the killings ended during World War II and in fact the head of the Inquisition is still listed in the Haig as a war criminal. How much longer do we have to suffer your religious lies, hatred and persecution?
9. #7 - Lisa, you like symmetry! ;-)
Israel with Love   (02.02.09)
Lisa, We'll open a lawsuit as you advise, #3 just did an easy touch and your lawful response "Fight your own battles!". This is exactly what we do, but now we understand each other better. To understand us even better, please take a look: in brief - and in depth - Non-terrorists Unite!
10. If you want to explain and convince
Think first   (02.02.09)
Explain and convince! Less emotions, more facts! Spell check! #8 - "How much longer do we have to suffer your religious lies" - that's in general correct, but why to Lisa? Be precise, be clever as you should be. Speak to Heart! Be The Jews!
11. #8 Yosi the uninformed
Lisa ,   Spain   (02.02.09)
the Inquisition started in 1478 and officially ended in 1834- if you mean the Holocaust- say so. an A in History? If have no idea what exactly you are referring too- my religious lies? My hatred? Persecution? I beg your pardon! I am assuming you mean Spain? Or is is all of Europe this time? Is it the Vatican? ZOU includes the rest of the World? FZI: I am pro Israel- and instead of yelling and insulting people who are standing up for your country you should stop make general statements that are totally emotional and unfounded. Take a deep breath!
12. Spanish Inquisition Facts
Benjamin ,   Spain   (02.02.09)
Spanish Inquisition started in 1478. Was abolished in 1813 by the Cortes de Cadiz (the first democratic parliament in Spain which also delivered the 1st democratic Constitution). Later, the absolutists reinstalled it and was definitely abolished in 1834. There are, in total, 826 executions documented (less than the victims of the 3-week Gaza war). Most of them were Spanish heretics or protestants, then Spanish Muslims !!!. The number of Spanish Jews prosecuted comes only in 3rd place. It was horrible, but cannot be used for dismiss nowadays democratic Spanish justice.
13. #9 Israel with Love
Lisa ,   Spain   (02.02.09)
Thanks, Israel, I have seen those - now THIS makes sense- . A lot more professional than wild accusations and emotional outbursts....
14. Caliphate is waiting for Spain justice
Hello from Caliphate   (02.02.09)
Zoom out, guys What really happens is a rise of fanatical Islam with the aim to create world-wide caliphate. Its methods are simple and effective, your government already was exchanged in a matter of weeks by one train explosion, so your are well driven by it. To be formal - look what Mr.Putin told once - Spain may look for the real danger it faces
15. A culture of anti-semitism
shrinkDave ,   miami usa   (02.02.09)
More powerful than rules and laws is the incredible power of culture that is the strongest man made influence operating on all human beings all of the time. Is there a culture of antisemitism in Spain? If there is, then rules and laws can affect technical issues, but not people's hearts. If you are tired of antisemitic accusations, then look within your own culture.
16. hello #14
Lisa ,   Spain   (02.02.09)
the government fell because the country was against the war in Irak to begin with- a fatal mistake by the government to cave in to US pressure to join the war...only Canada refused to take part- in a real democracy the people are the sovereign- they decide if the government stays or falls.... The present government made the mistake of admitting too many foreign workers, mostly from Arab nations. They needed workers- they came. it might be the downfall of the government in the near future- Mr. Putin does not know anything the European states don't know already. #15: no, anti-semitism is not something you are born with, like a hereditary disease. It is taught in schools and at home. And in Europe it is NOT taught in schools. There are Muslim schools in Austria for instance, where muslim teachers preach the Koran- and we know what is written in that book....
17. Now we know what is the real democracy
Caliphate Watch   (02.02.09)
11 March 2004 Madrid Spain train bombings consisted of a series of coordinated train bombings, killing 191 people and wounding 1,800. The official investigation by the Spanish Judiciary determined the attacks were directed by a muslim al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist cell. The bombings occurred three days before general elections which resulted in the defeat of the incumbent José María Aznar's Partido Popular (PP) party -
18. #17 what is your point?
Lisa ,   Spain   (02.03.09)
Spanish people blamed the government............ for blaming the wrong people, for not handling this properly- what did you expect? a medal? It is exactly what is going to happen in Israel's next election- people are going to vote for the candidate they think was toughest on the Palestinians/Hamas/Abbas/Assat and what all your enemies names are. I am not sure what this has to do with the above discussion.
USA ,   USA   (02.03.09)
STAY strong. the jews WILL call you an anti-semitic country, if they havent already... ignore them.... Israel should be held accountable for their WAR crimes .
20. Hey USA # 19!
shrinkDave ,   miami usa   (02.03.09)
Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house, otherwise many many American servicemen and women and politicians and generals will be sitting in the defendents box in The Hague!
21. It is named bloody manipulation
Cali Wa   (02.03.09)
Prior to government.. It means that somebody else chose for you your new government, the sovereign.. Democracy is a fragile thing. Israel has an instinct in difficult times take right direction while Spain took left. And left is "politically correct" hiding the real problem and looking for safe places to defend the civil rights. Spain doesn't defend civil rights in Iran with 11772 executed brutally(, nobody cry of Fatah killed by Hamas in thousands. Somebody loves other numbers in other places. The serious courage is necessary in Europe now to name white "white" Which I admit in you, Lisa. The problem we discuss could not be hide - 2004 is not that far - we face world-wide plan of Caliphate expansion and while it is not named and all forces that are in our possession are not united, we will lose piece by piece, country by country. You think you invited those people to work instead of you? Their leaders think of something else - it is invasion
22. #19. Spain doesn't like USA, Habibi ;)
Ignore me   (02.03.09)
23. there are alot of other governments to put on trial
zionist forever   (02.03.09)
If the Spanish want to start sending people to the Hague on the grounds of crimes against humanity there are plenty of other places they can start. Nobody has ever called Hiroshima & Nagaski war crimes even though these cities were not military targets. Millions of civilians dead nobody ever called it a war crime or crime against humanity. The allied carpet bombing of Berlin. Iraq 1991 plenty of civilians were killed by the allies in their attempt to destroy Saddams war machine. Both the Europeans & the US are still proud of that war. Nobody said that Saddams firing of rickets at Israel was a crime that was a legitimate retaliation to being attacked by the US, Europe and arab coalition. There is more decision making on what to do about Gaza than there is about the genocide in Sudan beinf carried out by arabs. Russia killed alot more people in Georgia last year than civilian & terrorists combined in Gaza and there was no real provocation to start that war. The world has made more noise over Gaza than they have when Saddam Hussain gassed the Kurds. Nobody has said a word against Khalid Mahal the Hamas leader in Syria or demanded Syria extadrite him or charged him with anything. There have been no charges made against any Hamas leaders in Gaza even if its just for show to say we don't tolerate 8 years of rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. Even years of suicide bombings the world has a shout after it takes place but rather than demand they are handed over for crimes against humainty we are told to negotiate peace with them. If its terrorists the world tell us to negotiate not condem. If its a world power like Russia the world says we dont like whats going on but we will just have to accept it there is nothing we can do. If its genocide the world debates on whats the best way to handle the problem If its UN or NATO the world says its justified. If its Israel defending its people the world shouts genocide, war crimes and demands that Israellis are handed over to stand trial for war crimes. How about Spain looks at its own history like what it did to the jews dring the inquisition when they openly say we are ashamed of the inqusition then we can condem the jews for defending their country.
24. #23
Lisa ,   Spain   (02.03.09)
I agree with you - 100%- I am pro-Israel, remember? However: it is not the Spanish government filing a lawsuit, it is the Palestinian Human Rights group, check out their site...personnally I think the judge should have thrown it out. It is filed by the lawyers who defended Pinochet, by the way. Israel should have filed a lawsuit long ago on behalf of its citizens or the victims of the rocket, attacks against Palestine, against Lebanon, can a country, like let's say Switzerland or France file a suit against Hamas on behalf of an another country? You need to do it YOURSELF. And no, we don't hear from the daily rocket attacks etc. There are things happening in Europe too- not everything evolves around the Middle East where we live. You just hear about ant-semitic news- reading Ynet and JPost- your news is pretty well concentrated on news around Israel.
25. #24. Lisa, are you married?
Love You   (02.03.09)
Of course, you can ignore me..
26. Crimes
Marian ,   USA   (02.03.09)
Oh, so Lisa thinks that Spain cannot address the crimes Israel has committed because of its own past? But, of course, if it were zionists that had been bombed into oblivion she would be demanding those who committed the crime held accountable. Whether there are trials or not, I am petitioning my respresentative to stop financial aide and weapons sales to Israel.
27. Whether there were crimes or not
How Sad :(   (02.03.09)
you hate us
28. HEY shrink DAVE 20 !!!
USA ,   USA   (02.03.09)
Many American service men WERE tried in certain instances. AS THEY SHOULD BE if they commit a crime. WAR CRIMES are international. AND if the IDF committed them, like I think they DID, they should be held accountable...
USA ,   USA   (02.03.09)
the USAs ignorant and blind support of the "jewish state' has to stop. and i think with the lobbys getting curbed in the USA (finally) some aid may stop.... hopefully !!!
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