Barak: Man who ruined economy cannot save it
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 02.02.09, 15:31
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1. BiBi
Eli ,   Bersheba   (02.02.09)
I go BiBi -> kadima and labour are too week to handle few Gazzans
2. Proud to be a socialist, communist,...
Gideon Reader   (02.02.09)
...who can tell the difference comrades. Is there ANY possibility that I could get this asswad Barak to make the same charge about me? As Bugs would say: "What a Moroon!" Tubby Barak would look so cool though, dancing around the fires on a Kibbutz and singing the old socialist songs of the Rodina. PS: Socialism has NOT worked. Anywhere. You should keep what you earn, and not have to fund the whims of others out of your pocket. Government does not create jobs that earn and the money they share is not their's, it's yours.
3. Capitalism is the cure!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (02.02.09)
If only businesses would get reduced taxes that would save the economy!! I'm talking about in the U.S. Obama et al will ruin the United States.
4. Bibi saved the economy
Stephanie ,   Israel   (02.02.09)
If it was not for his reforms Israel would have been in a far worse situation than we are in now, which has been brought on us through global recession
5. Just look who's speaking! LOL!
Ariel ,   Europe   (02.02.09)
6. Almost every Israeli thanks Bibi .. Barak lost the plot!
martin knopfman ,   tel aviv   (02.02.09)
The huge majority of Israelis thank Bibi for Israel's present economic strength! And he weaned Israel off of US dependency too! One can only wonder who Barak thinks he's appealing to? Bibi can be attacked because of many things but the economy is not one of them. Mike P.S. Of course a very small percentage don't understand how much good Bibi did but they wouldn't have voted for him anyway.
7. Barak
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (02.02.09)
Barak is a putz, we need Bibi's capitalism, it is what saved the country from the last recession. What we don't need is more taxes and people living off of my hard earned money. I want my taxes lowered, they are way to high for the amount of hard work I do. Barak, you went out and made a ton of money before returning to politics, maybe we should take that from you
8. Barak the Socialist.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.02.09)
How much was the selling price of that luxury T.A. appartment? How many MILLIONS of DOLLARS? And where did Barak's millions come from if not from EVIL CAPITALISM. What a hypocrite opportunist piece of ...........
9. its unreasonable for barak who cant finish a war AND
..............DACON9   (02.02.09)
its unreasonable for barak who cant finish a war WHO THEREFORE FAILS AS A DEFENCE MINISTER to comment about bibi economic policy. if its a contest who is worse.. i would first put livni and peres in the same contest.... and vote for someone from some far distant land... HOW ABOUT MOSHE FEIGLIN..
10. No trickle down!
Colin ,   Barcelona   (02.02.09)
It's strange how people hang on to the past runaway capitalist failures, even while it crumbles around them. Bibi's tricke down never trickled down. It's time for massive givernment intervention to stimulate the economy for the good of all Israel's citizens, not the executive's bonuses.
11. Insulting us
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.09)
It seems Barak really thinks Israelis are idiots. Last time Barak wanted to be elected, Netanyahu had defeated the Olso War. So Barak ranted about socialism, the economy and the sick lady in Nahariya. As soon as he was elected, Barak ignored all social issues and proceeded to beg Arafat to take all of Judea and Samaria, resulting in the Second Intifada. Maybe Netanyahu isn't perfect, but Barak is not going to fool anyone again.
12. On economics Bibi is more qualified
De   (02.02.09)
I was swinging for Labour because I want some swing power in the Knesset - to hold back teh many bad decisions. While I respect Barak for his record, I prefer Bibi on economics. Socialism of the sort the unions hold is not great, capitalism need not be bad (just because the world is going through recession -) handled well and with thought it could solve the much bloated monopolies that abuse their so called socialism and keep us in dark water. High taxes and protected jobs are not the way. You reap what you sow those that do the sowing should help those who CANT, not those who will not. Now I am not sure how I will vote.
13. Not about capitalism or socialism, but what works
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.02.09)
You can't borrow prosperity and Israel was rescued once before from this disaster once before by Netanyahu. It is a real shame that any buffer that did exist was used to fund disengagement and to build a silly wall to try to scare people from Judea and Samaria and give some make work to Barak's friends. I'm not convinced that Netanyahu can save the economy a second time, but better him then putting the people who have brought on today's sorry state of crisis with no financial buffer to lean on.
14. Maybe I am missing something
Sidney ,   USA   (02.02.09)
I was under the apprehension that Israel has one of he strongest economies in the world. Barak would do for the economy what he did to the military and "that ain't good".
15. bibi's capitalism not perfect but
elliot ,   usa   (02.02.09)
compared to the religion of covet that is socialism,capitalism creates jobs instead of saving government positions at the expense of poor who suffer lack of opportunity as well as shortage of surplus to share with them---the government is not a charity but helps itself most!
16. Socialism is so funny.
Etoile ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.02.09)
Despite the area or period of time, socialism has failed miserably. Keep trying you guys, it just might work THIS time around.
17. The stock market is the biggest socialist experiment of all.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.02.09)
The loan sharks equally distribute a companies wealth amongst themselves. They do nothing for the company but loan shark their money. They sit on their lazy butts and siphon off money that could have been used for a pay raise for the workers. Don't get me wrong....capitalism works. So does the socialist loan sharking stock market. The whole point is......capitalism can't exist without a socialist class of investors in the stock market. But we are going to rally against socialism? I hope you don't stop the socialism going on with the investors......otherwise your capitalist experiment will come to a very quick crash. Socialism for the investors creates capitalism. Without socialism....capitalism would die.
18. I'll take Bibi's capitalism over Labor's socialism any day
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.02.09)
Terry, you beat me to it. (Must be the time zone difference.) Barak is a hypocrite. He became rich via capitalism, albeit the "crony" variety. He only sold his multi-million dollar penthouse because it looked bad. What a putz! Socialism has been discredited everywhere. Free, open markets work, admittedly imperfectly. But think of the work of reforms - the sort Bibi has promoted - as an ongoing process of "perfecting the world".
19. Here is a candidate who cares about us!
Forget Labor ,   Israel   (02.02.09)
( Uri Bank, Candidate Number 5 on the Ichud Leumi (National Union) list, unveils a new revolutionary approach to western Aliyah [immigration to Israel]. He hopes to broaden the focus to meet the needs of the western Olim [immigrants] he hopes to represent in the next Knesset. ...Bank also called for a "radically new vision" for dealing with western Olim, described in a flyer distributed by party activists at the event. ...He explained that until the experience of Aliyah is radically altered to become a comfortable, exciting experience, the numbers of western Olim will not increase: "The system must take into account that making Aliyah can be a difficult choice for many Jews from western countries, involving leaving their homes and comfortable lifestyles, bureacracy, difficulties in having degrees recognized and attaining professional licenses, and more." When you came, they unrolled a red carpet,” reads the Ichud Leumi flyer distributed at the January 31 political debate, “but then they replaced it with red tape.” Uri Bank says his goal is to be the scissors to cut through that tape and bring a new life to Olim, while strengthening the country in the process. Uri Bank is no stranger to the issues faced by Jews who make Aliyah from western countries. As a 12-year-old Oleh, Uri had to adjust to an Israeli classroom. When his family returned to the United States five years later, he remained in Israel. Bank studied in a Yeshivat Hesder and served as a tank commander in the IDF. He became involved in political life, always working for Aliyah-related causes along with other nationalist initiatives, and currently heads the Moledet faction, one of four factions making up the Ichud Leumi. He actively entered the Knesset election campaign only recently, after having served the IDF as a reserve soldier during Operation Cast Lead. Bank completed his term of reserve duty even though he was legally exempt as a Knesset candidate and knew it would diminish his ability to campaign. He is spending the remaining week before the elections promoting the idea that the time for change has come, and that his background as an Oleh from the United States will enable him to effect that change. "It is not that the government doesn't care," Bank explains, "but they don't know how to appeal to Jews from affluent, western countries. The government treats them based upon a system which wasn't built for Olim who come to Israel by choice, but rather those who come here fleeing persecution or searching for a better life. These Olim come with significant educational experience and save the country a tremendous expense for their higher education. They attract visits from friends, relatives, and business associates who contribute to the wealth of the country with tourist dollars, foreign capital, expertise, innovation, concepts of fair play and representative government, enthusiasm, idealism, and more." Bank insists that these Olim have to be treated by a system that understands them, or they may never come in the droves that the Zionist endeavor needs. Furthermore, those who leave after having endured frustrations with Israel’s bureaucracy can create repercussions that negatively effect future Aliyah. "That is why the next Aliyah reform must begin with Olim who are already in Israel, and then be directed at future Aliyah," Bank says. The Ichud Leumi's new Aliyah plan targets tax reform, erasing former Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's taxation plan of Western Olim which caused great hardships for new immigrants from the West. It also features a call for representational government, ecology-awareness, communal revision, expanding Aliyah Kehilatit (group Aliyah) and improving benefits, creation of an Oleh Forum, and more.
20. this is outrageous.
fish israel   (02.02.09)
What infuriates me is that Barak obviously takes us all for a bunch of idiots who don't deserve any respect. For Russian voters he quotes a phrase borrowed from Putin ( he thinks we "Russians" love and admire Putin, or his advisors tell him that - some advisors I should say.) He takes us for simpletons... Then to local Israelis ( I apologize for this - locals, Russians, Ethiopians - we are all Israelis and happen to be in the same wibbly-wobbly boat) he promises a socialist paradise. "Locals"! Please don't buy that! It can seriously harm your health. And then, what is Barak - a proletariat? Finally, the way he throws mud at Bibi, instead of offering some policy to voters, is plain disgusting. But then socialist, communists, maoists, trotskyites, khmer rouges have never been too particluar about methods by which they get the power - lie, mud-slinging, pure crime - the goal pardons all methods.
21. Capitalism of Barak
Ira Gelnik ,   Ventnor City, USA   (02.02.09)
I assume Barak will devote himself to the battle against capitalism after he sells his $40,000,000 NIS Apartment on Pinkas. Kol Ha Kavod. Am I the only person that thinks Barak should not be leading the "party of the workers?"
22. #18 Raymond in Washington D.C.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.02.09)
Whoever invented the word ''putz'' must have had Barak in mind. Take a look at the next piece of BS from this lunatic - build a tunnel from Gaza to the West Bank. This guy is not only a putz but a meshuganah. Wherever gov't. puts it's hand, expect a mess - wait until you see the results of Obamanomics.
23. & Labour Man who defends country causes war!
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (02.02.09)
So who do you think I would prefer? If you - as Min. of Defence had defended Sderot from the begining we would not have had big problems now.
24. NationalUnion #5 is a pipe dream and part of a radical team
De   (02.02.09)
Have you read what #4 thinks? There will always be a limit to anglo aliya, life is too good. Natiional Union are a bunch of nationalist yes, but also radicals. we are not talking pragmatic, realists, but dreamers who do not live in the real world but the Jewish utopia, which does not exist, it never did,not even in the Bible(all those wars and for how long). All we can hope for is a realist National modern Jewish country.
25. Capitalism And Socialism
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (02.02.09)
Capitalism is a Capital offence and Socialism is a Social Disease.
26. First time shame on the voters second time shame on you.
Disgusted ,   USA   (02.03.09)
How about the man that compromises Israels security with lunatic ideas? like building a tunnel between Gaza and the West bank? Why is he allowed to be a career politician? Is Barak, you are the one! There is nothing you can offer to benefit Israel.
27. Lawrence, you're the best !
avi   (02.05.09)
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