First Black Hebrew gets Israeli citizenship
Zvi Alush
Published: 03.02.09, 10:31
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atilla karagözoğlu   (02.03.09)
2. Black Hebrews of Dimona
Suri ,   Israel   (02.03.09)
When they first arrived, these people claimed that they were the real Jews and that white Jews are not really Jewish. They also supported the Arabs here. I hope that since then they have changed.
3. Have fun brothers -
jj ,   Israel   (02.03.09)
now you get to be hated and threatened by the whole anti-semitic planet like the rest of us. Seriously though, congratulations and welcome to the fight. I hope you prove your loyalty and service to Israel as ALL Jewish immigrants from Yemen, Morrocco, Russia, Ethiopia and America already have.
4. polygamous and believers in Jesus
James ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.03.09)
They claim that we are not the Jews and that they are. They are polygamous and believe in Jesus. In fact they are illegal migrants who threathened violence in the past if we did not accept them. With constant rumous of wife-bashing, and anti-semitism, they follow Ben Ami, their self-styled messiah. Not a problem to give them residence, but citizenship is something they most certainly should not ever get. Looks like another gimmick by desperate Kadima. Now the floodgates are open for the 40,000 other black Hebrews in the U.S. to come here as well as any other crazy sect or indivual who illegally enters the country but manages to avoid deportation. At least make them stop polygamy before giving citizenship, and restrict the numbers. There are currently about 5,000 Black Hebrews in the county. This number is sure to increase now. This article fails to mention any of the above points. Most importantly, these people are not Jews. If they had been White Hebrews (i.e. an anti-semetic sect claiming to be the real Jews who believed in Jesus, practised polygamy and entered the country illegally), they would have been kicked out long ago.
5. welcome to Israel but where is the proof your from Judah
zionist forever   (02.03.09)
If they want to be loyal to Israel and contribute towards its development as a jewish state then welcome but i would like to know where they get this idea they are from the tribe of Judah from? Lets see a little proof of these claims. Other than the preistly tribes the 12 tribes have been lost and assimilated over 2000 years in the diaspora.
6. proof from judah :) LEAVE THEM ALONE.
atilla karagözoğlu   (02.03.09)
7. they just need a home. thats all.
atilla karagözoğlu   (02.03.09)
8. #4 no one can be trusted, but if they are
vashDi ,   israel   (02.03.09)
really jews then we mustnt judge them. i agree with you on the polygamy needs to stop.its immoral.
9. outlaw descrimination
Moshe ,   Israel   (02.03.09)
We Israelis should transcend prejudice and descrimanation. Hope that they will not be treated like we did with the falashas.
10. Not very wise.
Moshe ,   tel aviv   (02.03.09)
This is inviting future problems. First, I really doubt their claims of being Jews. I believe that they are nothing more than economic refugees. Second, allowing this is an invitation to problems in the future for Israel will no longer be a homogeneous society. Look at the problems we encountered with the falashas. Its not quantity, but quality that counts.
11. Moshe, are you crazy?
Gabriel ,   Toronto   (02.03.09)
Economic refugees don't go from Chicago to Dimona. Sorry. Israel is not a homogeneous society which is one of the things that makes it great. There are something like 2,500 black Hebrews in Israel, so this is hardly going to change the social fabric of society. They are loyal and do their military service.
12. 2 the Black Hebrew welcome as citizens of Israel!
May God of Israel ,   bring u blessings!   (02.03.09)
13. 2 all negative TBers wow! y'all sound racist!
Sally Forth   (02.03.09)
No one is saying that they are Jewish what the government has decided via the intervention of the Shas Party* by the way is that they can be citizens of Israel. You do remember that not all citizens of the State of Israel are Jewish? Right? *Aryeh Deri was the first to recognize this group about 20 years ago.
14. I can assure that most Palestinians
Palestinian   (02.03.09)
are the real descendents of all these Semitic people living in Palestine, inclduing Hebrews, Canaanites... We are the real owners of this land, and not those who are claiming so and coming from thousands of miles away. Ridiculous
15. They are loyal to the State - welcome!!!
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (02.03.09)
16. I know they are slow in misrad al'hapanim
Talula ,   Israel   (02.03.09)
but 40 years to get citizenship is a bit of an exaggeration!!!
17. to #7
Susan ,   far Saba   (02.03.09)
They had a home. They are Americans.
18. #11 Gabriel, Toronto
Moshe ,   Tel aviv   (02.03.09)
I hate to sound like a racist Gabriel, but the facts are that unemployment among blacks in Chicago is extremely high. I certainly have the right to suppose that 'economic refugee' is a good term to desrcribe those blacks coming from the U.S. We have had too many problems with the falashas and we dont need any more.
19. Wow!
Trev ,   US   (02.04.09)
You Jews confuse me, its seems geographically, if this is really where your from(Palestine area) why are you not all black?
20. Racial division and separation based on color.
Love ,   Chicago, USA   (02.04.09)
I feel sorry for some many people how believe that Jews are these European looking people. Jew, means "color." So to say a group of people can't be Jews because of the color of their skin. Is crazy. Let talk about Ethopians. So, I guess their not Jews because their appear "black"? Please, let stop racial division and separation based on color.
21. first Black Hebrew...
Toussaint ,   portland, usa   (02.05.09)
What sense does it make for real Jews to join a nation of fake jews? Black people don't need the approval and acceptance of thieves and criminals to announce who we are! Read the History for yourself.
22. Here's the breakdown
Asa ben Judah ,   Harrisburg, PA, USA   (02.06.09)
The so called "African-Americans" are the true Jews of the bible out of the line of Shem and not to be confused with the Hametic peoples that settled Northern Africa after the flood. First, I would like a "jewish" person to read Deut 28th chapter and explain to me how that applies to their people? The prophecy clearly describes the so called "African-American" and their current plight in the "2nd Egypt" during the last ~ 400 years in America. They are the only people who are a "byword" among all nations since they don't know their nationality, heritage or original name. The were called Negroes and there is no country of that name. An Irishmen knows he's from Ireland. An Italian knows he's from Italty but the black knows not from which he comes. All the prophecy in the bible bears this out and lets us know how God would punish the real Jews because of their continued recalcitrance against his laws. The people in Israel claiming to be Jews don't even call themselves Israelites, they call themselves Israelis. These present day Israelis did not come into existence until 126 BC when John Hyrcanus let in the Idumeans(Edomites) through the marriage of his granddaughter Mariamme and Herod II. This how matrilineal descent was formed and why Jewish trace their ancestry through the women when that doctrine is diametrically opposed to the patriarchal tree used in Scripture. Their story simply does not compute. Anyway, once this happened, the Idumeans supplanted the original Black Jews and by the time the New Testament era began, the Idumeans had usurped the heritage of the original Jews who were of color. While both the original black Jews and newly incorporated Idumeans briefly coexisted during the new testament period, the Idumeans were in control (Herod the Great was an Idumean, not a true Hebrew Israelite) To prove this, read John 8:31-33. The "Jews" told Christ that they were never in bondage to any man and we know the Israelites experienced the Egyptian, Assyrian and Babylonian captivities during the old testament times. So, obviously the "Jews" in that passage weren't the same as the originals. Yeshua (Jesus) was real and was the true Messiah. He was the "Lord thy God" in the Old Testament as we cannot access the father in our sinful state. If you truly understand scripture, it will bear itself out. There is only one truth yet many interpretations.
23. re: "Not Very Wise"
Nathan ,   Evanston, IL, USA   (02.06.09)
To #10 Moshe, I've seriously considered converting to Judaism, but (and I don't believe this to be the case), if alot of Jews hold your "homogeneous" opinion, which sounds racist, how can't you claim "anti-semitism" when you speak as you do of the Falashas (Ethiopian Jews). History shows they actually have more connection to the tribe of Judah than many of the Jews living in Israel who actually come from Russia and Germany.
24. Decifering the past and our lineage.....SF,
YAHISHA ,   Chloride, USA   (02.06.09)
I was in Israel in 2006 and love the country! I even had the privilege of visiting an IDF Base. I pray daily for all there trying to uphold FREEDOM, TRUE FREEDOM. Everyone needs to get on the same page but how globally. Top priority is for EVERYONE to memorize the 10 COMMANDMENTS which I did 38 years ago now. Re-reading the Scriptures daily for 38 years now, I see that truly, Sir Issac Newton's statement: "The EARTH is a cryptogram set by the ALMIGHTY!" We are in a Holographic Universe and everyone will be held accountable for what they didn't learn because they listened to cult leaders, etc., rather than studying for themselves! There is to be NO multiple wives.....look at what Mormon's have produced in America that use incest for multiple wives.....severely handicapped children! WAKE UP.............We are in serious times! Jesus' name in English is Joshua so you can easily figure out what HIS NAME IS IN HEBREW........ Semper Fidelis, YAHISHA
25. What a shame!!!
Joey ,   Pleasanton, CA   (02.07.09)
Why is there such hostility towards these people from some of the posters here? As an African-American, I thought the people Of Israel were better than some of the comments here.
26. I am the first African Hebrew citizen of Israel
Minister Elyakeem ,   Dimona, Israel   (02.17.09)
When Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt; they were in the wilderness for 40 years before entering the city of Jehricho. Well in 1969 the first Hebrew Israelite families entered the land of Israel and consequently 40 years later the walls of resistance of Jehricho fell again; this time without the shedding of blood but rather a shedding of ignorance and deception.
KERAV SHIMON ,   USA   (06.10.09)
28. 40 years in the desert!!1
Uzi Cohen ,   Virginia Beach USA   (08.21.09)
Yes... it really was 40 years!!!! The Hebrews came to Israel in 1969... My Family came right after... This is long over due!!!
29. promise land
William Robinson ,   Buckeye AZ   (05.26.13)
Yah have not called us home yet don`t go,to so-called Israel its going to be another war, ww3 there in the middle east, you will be dragged into it, because you didn`t wait for the Father to call you home. Hebrews don`t go.
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