Shas' Rabbi Yosef TV ad disqualified
Aviad Glickman
Published: 03.02.09, 11:57
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1. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (02.03.09)
Not a very good start for them then!
2. an expensive mistake they didnt learn from
zionist forever   (02.03.09)
They tried a similar add in 2006 and it was pulled now they are doing the same thing in 2009 and its getting pulled again. $ha$ may love money but they have limited funds and air time for this election campaign which has only days left to run and they are not going to grab to many extra voters if they keep spending their money on adds that are not going to be shown. As for distribution of amulets through their websites those things are not going to bring you anymore luck than a stupid red piece of string will do.
3. What the....????
John ,   Europe   (02.03.09)
Is this indulgentzia (selling of sin-forgiveness in middle ages for hard currency) in jewish way? Is this a jewish TV evangelism? Cannot believe that Ovadia actually agreed on this!
4. Sprinkle the voters with holy water ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.03.09)
He thinks he's the Pope. Very un-Jewish behavior, just what you'd expect from religious charlatans like Shas. Why not do some faith-healing while you're at it? They could have a guy on crutches vote for Shas, then throw away his crutches crying, ''Look, I'm cured. I can walk again!!!!!!''
5. Seperate Politics and Religion
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (02.03.09)
Good news to hear that his Royal Hollines Ovaida Yosef has been baned! The arrogance of this man who heads a party of 8 convicted criminals who preaches "i am hollier than thou" while the Shas party commits crimes, and flaunts the very laws they claims to represent.
6. #3 I can believe that he agreed with it
Dorothyf Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.03.09)
The orthodox Jews in Israel have picked up a lot of tips from their fundamentalist/envangelist "friends" in the USA.
7. They can be blessed before and after elections
Israel   (02.03.09)
Not a promise of being blessed if they vote for them. L-O-S-E-R-S!!!!
8. Shas More dangerous than Iran in-fact they may be related.
Mike ,   Israel   (02.03.09)
9. #4 - LOL! Terry I am still laughing over your post!!!
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (02.03.09)
The sad part is, if such an ad were permitted to run, I bet $has$ would drum up tons of votes with it.
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