Jews who support Arab parties: We seek true equality
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 04.02.09, 08:33
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1. 100 or even a 1000 out of millions of Jews is insignificant.
Stewart ,   U.S.A.   (02.04.09)
In statistics it is known as an out lier. The common term is aberation. This writer need to get a grip on his math and reality.
2. why bother with 2-state solution
Amy   (02.04.09)
Why not just make it one and give it to them? I can't believe these people could be so friggin stupid.
3. Dr Raz get out!!!
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (02.04.09)
I hope your daughter marries an Arab! That will be thrue equality!
4. Idiots - amazing
Amnon   (02.04.09)
it amazes me how stupid can be the people of Israel. Do you think, for a minute, the same would happen in an Arab country? That Jews would be supported by Arabs. You are such idiots.
5. So there are idiot Jews in Israel, why focus on them?
Doron ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
6. simply nauseating!
Barry T ,   Brooklyn, USA   (02.04.09)
Wouldn't expect anything different from these radical leftist atheists!
7. Jews must vote
Israeli   (02.04.09)
Calling upon all israeli jews. I am also in a dilemma who to vote for, But all of you out there that dont vote, is a mistake, because then you are giving the arabs the opportunity to vote for who they want and then eventually they will take over. So even if you dont know who to vote for, just vote for a jewish party ..
8. Equality
north israel   (02.04.09)
what are they moaning about now, this is the most democratic country i have ever seen, they have total equal rights, even more so than the jews, they build without permission, their businesses are based on cash money - they dont pay taxes as much as us jews do. Even the police are afraid of going into their villages.
9. Love this country
katy   (02.04.09)
Such a small country and so many problems ......... lets all vote for lieberman, all israeli arabs can decide which 21 arab country they want to go to and all will be given free plane tickets out of here. Yah less cars on the roads - more jobs for israelis ......
10. A slow news day?
Terry Traub ,   Phoenix, Arizona USA   (02.04.09)
So there are a few ultra liberal crackpots who think voting for enemies of the Jews will lead to peace. Good for them. I suggest they go live in the West Bank or Gaza, or any Arab country for that matter, and after a couple of years they will either come back or else convert to Islam--which since they are crypto-Arabs is probably the appropriate thing to do. Israel is a JEWISH country, founded by JEWS for the purpose of providing a safe haven for JEWS. Letting the local Arabs participate in the democratic process is smart. Voting for them out of some misguided idealism that they will rule as wisely as the Jews is insanity.
11. No surprise! The anti-Semitic Jews are not unique
Dan ,   USA   (02.04.09)
12. Equlity means Jews should be able to live anywhere
b. moskowitz ,   chashmonaim, Israel   (02.04.09)
including yehuda and Shomron, Hevron, everywhere! Or is equlity only one way as is usual for leftists
13. Equality??? Hoe many Jews live or work in Ramallah?
Jayjay3 ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
Bloody hypocrites! These ARabs have it better here than compared to any other Arab country! They already have too much equality! Its us jews that they treat like scum in their own that equality?
14. 22 Arab countries are KNOWN for strong human rights policies
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh   (02.04.09)
also, Hamas-run Gaza also provides strong support for human rights. So it makes sense to vote for an ARAB party to increase human rights. PS Yes, I am being sarcastic.
15. Brain dead J-w hating liberals. This article makes me sick.
Gary A, MD ,   Boston, USA   (02.04.09)
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
16. Vice versa
Jackie ,   Florida   (02.04.09)
Ynet has picked up a few Jews who will vote for Arab parties. How many Arabs will vote for Jewish parties, other than Kadima, of course?
17. Prof, Whose History Are You Studying?
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
How are you invoking Jewish history to include our Arab enemies when the facts of our 3500+ year history shows that we have always discriminated (in the way of looking at behavior and antecedents, not of being unfairly discriminatory) about the ger. What kind of rights non Jews were allowed was always dependent on their behavior and antecedents. This is in fact the foundation of any democracy worth its salt...some kinds of behavior are simply not tolerated. You also conflate equality of opportunity and equality under the law with "equality". One must beware people like you, professor, who are full of ideologies and slogans without truly examining the case and the context. You do not seem to have any real knowledge of historical Jewish identity. As for Bishara, I totally disagree with you on his behavior, but even if you were right and he was just a fool, he should be censured.
18. Raz-Karkotzkin's ignorance
Debra ,   UK   (02.04.09)
Israel is not a country for all its citizens, it is a JEWISH country for all its citizens and by definition Jewish citizens; religious and seculars.Minority groups have residents' rights but should not have national rights and should not be able to alter the natural characteristics of the Jewish state.
19. Jewsh anddemocratic do not add up
Saul   (02.04.09)
spanish and democratic, swedish and democratic, kenyan and democratic, japanese and democratic, german and democratic, etc. all add up, despite many having significant national minorities. Why, then, according to these jerks, is Israel the only nation state that cannot be Jewish and democratic simply because of the presence of an Arab minority? This hypocrisy, that is what doesn't add up.
20. My Forecast for 2020
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (02.04.09)
Israel has annexed or practially annexed the West Bank and Gaza. Arabs constitute 40% of the population. Instead of demanding a state, the Palestinians are demanding full civil rights. Their daily protests for this have gradually eroded U.S. for Israel, because now it looks like Israel is not a true democracy. International economic boycotts of Israel are beginning to really hurt the Israeli economy. Also, Israel is in trouble because the country never bothered to become energy independent and water independent. What a nightmare! By the way, I am a forecaster by profession. I hope to God that I am wrong about this!
21. Clarification of Forecast
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (02.04.09)
When I said that Arabs constitute 40% of the population (forecasted for 2020), I meant the total population from the Sea to the Jordan River (including the W. Bank and Gaza.)
22. Some people is going to do everything to be in news
People of the Book ,   Dar Al-Harb   (02.04.09)
23. And you believe that those Arab parties are pro-equality?
S.   (02.04.09)
24. The arabs should have FULL equality
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.04.09)
The OBLIGATION to provide national service; the OBLIGATION to take a pledge of allegience; the OBLIGATION to assist the State in fighting its enemies; the OBLIGATION to demand its representatives not consort with the enemies when at war; the OBLIGATION to fly the flag of Israel and not foreign or terror flags in schools; the OBLIGATION to allow Jews to move to their towns without fear just as Jews are obligated to allow them. THAT would be full equality. NOW- let's see the agree to that!
25. In History and even at the desert
I recognize them ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
These people of the nations - were Ereiv Ra- Datan and Aviram- Raz -is he Iraki- somewhere around? I hope the pictures of his daughters and sons marrying their arab counterparts will be availble soon
26. Focus is not the write word
Focus? ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
27. I saw this guy on Al Jazeera
L.G ,   Halifax, Canada   (02.04.09)
I saw this guy on Al jazeera bashing israel during the War in Gaza. No big surprise he votes for Arab parties too. I heard theres cheap real estate in Rafah now, maybe he should move in.
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (02.04.09)
What do you guys think of my forecast? I'd love to hear some comments, if you are up for it!
29. #20: Don't Quit Your Day Job
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
1) The fakistinians have always demanded all of the land "to the sea" and the elimination of the Jews, check the PLO Charter c. 1967; they are not really changing their demands although their language fluctuates; see taqqiya 2)international entities need our computer technology and weaponry and medical inventions too much 3)Our huge natural gas reserve predicted to last way past 2020 was just discovered this year 4)the water issue is endemic to the ME but I am sure we will have figured out a way to handle our end of the problem way before 2020 So you can leave your umbrella at home, Jason
30. #29
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (02.04.09)
Hmm.. not bad. However, regardifng your points: 1) They will still be 40% of the population. If they get smart and change their demands and request citizenship, my forecast holds. 2) People often "need" things and still do without them. I think you are being overly optimistic. 3) You might be right about this one. Still remains to be seen. 4) Again, overly optimistic.
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