IDF to doctor: Mistakes happen
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 04.02.09, 19:28
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1. Zahal needs more snipers
Charles   (02.04.09)
then this would not have happened
2. we are sorry for hurting our friends, it wasn't intentional
3. I have no symapthy
Asaf Golan ,   Sugar Land   (02.04.09)
The people of Gaza were warned to leave the ares where the IDF were operating. The people of Gaza knew that for eight years (even today) their legitimate democratically elected representatives (in this case Hamas) shot rockets into Israel civilian populations and one day the reckoning would come. This man;s daughters were not targeted but were a sad reality to the horrors of war. Knowing who and what the "peace camp" is, I have no doubt that those who remained in Gaza during the fighting were for the most part acting as human shields for terrorists. And I prefer the army error like this than get themselves killed. The people of Gaza act as human shields for Hamas and I will even say all of them since 70%+ defines "all." And for this reason I have no sympathy for the doctor's tragic loss. What does hurt is that things have gotten this bad that I have no sympathy.
4. #1
jj   (02.04.09)
that is a very astute point and one of the few level comments i have read regarding incidents such as this. im used to the "but they probably voted for hamas, so its actually their fault that they are dead" type responses. this type of thing helps nobody, palestinian or israeli. some weapons are simply not appropriate for certain tasks. it was reckless to use a tank shell against a target like this. a sniper or even a machine gunner would have ensured that casualties would be avoided or at least kept to a minimum.
5. the truth...listen here
my friend, an israeli golani soldier during the operation in gaza near the doctor's home, was in the combat unit that fired the shots at terrorist hamas gangs near outside of this doctor's home. his family was inside. after the israeli golani soldiers cleaned the area from hamas threat and gunmen, they entered the house and found the dead bodies. what they also found is lots of ammunition stored in a kitchen closet: grenades, guns and some crude missiles. there were lots of black powder in sacks in the kitchen cabinet that the hamas uses to put into the rockets they send to israel. the soldiers also found guns stored in the bedroom closet above the doctor's an attic. the israeli soldiers confiscated all this and blew them up outside the home. the doctor kept also empty pvc tubes under the bed in the bedroom. these are usually cut off from underground sewage systems and filled with the black powder in sacks and then made into crude missiles. this was not reported by the idf because the investigation is still going on, but the idf intelligence knows what really happened. amazing that this doctor, a hamas supporter and comlicit in their terror agenda by letting them store ammunition in his house, works at soroka medical center near beer sheba and claims innocence and wonders why the idf has operated near his house. my friend tells me that they eliminated the gun fire from behind the doctor's house which came from hamas gunmen. they didn't target the house. the civilians in the house were part of the doctor's family...children. hamas knew they were inside and hamas needed the ammunition in the house. they forced the children to stay there and started shooting at the golani idf troops from behind the house. the hamas knew that the israeli soldiers will shoot back and hit the house. they knew it and they did it on purpose so the children would die in the battle. the house had secondary explosions from all the grenades stored in the closet and this is how the children died. mahed zabouri, druzi galil
6. Blame Hammas
USABorn   (02.04.09)
Palestinians should stop Hammas from using them and their loved ones as human shields.
7. So the girls were human shields
5th generation ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
Now you know who the real enemy is.
8. #3 And I have no sympathy
Libneniyyeh ,   Beirut/Canada   (02.04.09)
for your stupidity. Where do you think they could have fled to? We have all seen this before. In 2006, IDF would tell inhabitants of a building to evacuate, then they would target the car packed with people just as it left.
9. Sorry, but....
Natan   (02.04.09)
This war was forced on us by Hamas. As much as we regret the loss of civilians, the ultimate responsibiltylies on the Gazans who elected hamas and are doing nothing to stop them...
10. reply on 5
judith   (02.04.09)
Im wondering what would the doctor say about that...
11. easy to blame Israel
SWL ,   USA   (02.04.09)
gosh - did not the IDF and Israel already pull out of gaza ?? hmm?? oh and shooting missles and hiding behind women and children is UN approved - go figure - let's just give gaza back to Egypt - no constitution or laws to worry about - let them deal with the cancer...enough already...
12. Woops......mistakes happen!
Bob O'Really ,   Australia   (02.04.09)
13. Lots of white paint
Bob O'Really ,   Australia   (02.04.09)
Another Israeli whitewash, denial, BS, unpunished mistake. How convenient that every Palestinian house is a weapons stockpile, and every Gazan citizen, regardless of age is a "terrorist". Be careful jews, if you keep telling lies, your noses will get even BIGGER!!
14. Greenberg: Why Not Report That The IDF Warned Dr To Leave?
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
A-7 is reporting that from the report it was stated that the IDF warned him personally more than once to take his family and leave in addition to the general warnings by phone and leaflets that the IDF dispersed. Why are you not including this in your news article? Al Aish put his family in harm's way. Fact is fact. He made a BIG mistake and it cost his daughters' lives. Do you really think he does not bear any responsibility?
15. "Mistakes happen" ?! Shame on us!
Yossi Nahmias ,   TA   (02.04.09)
"Army said that despite the tragic results it does not intend to take action against the troops involved in the incident in question, as such mistakes happen during operational activity" - Anger, regret guilt and shame on army and on us all.
16. #13 O'Really?? Not As Big As Your Mouth
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
17. #13 And O'Really, #5 Is Not A Jew
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
He posts a report and signs himself: mahed zabouri, druzi Which means he is a Druze, not a Jew. As you do not know what a Druze is, google it or look it up in Wikipedia. And good luck mate! Take a load off your brains; don't sit so much.
18. #5 Mahed
meg ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
BRAVO for actually putting the truth in print. And yes, #10 now we should wait to see what this Dr. has to say.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (02.04.09)
If this would have been a Jewish family, all our haters would have handed out candy in the streets and the rest of the world would have shut up as usual. It is already frustrating enough that we do not have a leadership with the resolve to finish of Hamas and all its supporters. There is no reason for apologies nor mercy. Gaza was made Judenrein by its own leaders and these loosers there have not a done a thing to build prosperity for themselves , even with all the money that has pooored in from Eurabia, UN and the USA. These Hamas and co are ruthless savages who can only thrive on hate, so they will get what they deserve in the end , it is always the silent majority that pays the price for their silence.
20. This doctor doesn't want answers...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (02.04.09)
All he wants is to repeat his question over and over again in an effort to demonize Israel in a similar fashion to the way Cindy Sheehan demonized Bush. No answer will ever be satisfactory to him because the truth is ultimately irrelevant in the context of his personal agenda. That's all, folks...
21. its hamas shame.
nik ,   gaza   (02.04.09)
israel dont whant to enter to this opreation . the hamas brake the case fire so the all shame for there. the people in gaza vote in democtratice election ,for more then 70% whant hamas responsability in gaza there for whot they want. if some palestenion dont feel safe in the middle east there very good pepole they want to help them to move to urope. urope very care to the palasstine pepole and love them very match.
22. idf to doctor
debbie ,   israel   (02.04.09)
The bottom line is that this was a tragic incident. The loss of a child is horrible, and the loss of three is unimaginable. What I don't understand is that if the doctor had so many friends and connections in Israel, why did he not get his family out, but "huddle with his children in a corner" for so many day? I've heard a few versions re ammunition stored in the house. Don't know what is true and not. But really, O'Really, please keep your ugly anti-semitic remarks about big noses out of this site. It only shows the ugliness and meanness of your spirit. Come and visit us here in Israel, and you will see there are no more big noses than there are in Australia or wherever you live. There are pretty and ugly people, good and bad, stupid and smart, just like anywhere else in the world.
23. He Refused to Vacate His Family; Enemy Fired from His Home
Sarit ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
The Gaza doctor who complained to international and local media that the IDF killed three of his daughters and a niece in Operation Lead was warned by the army several times to evacuate his family to safety, an IDF investigation concluded Wednesday. The probe confirmed previous reports, which Dr. A-Din Abu El-Eish denied, that enemy fire was directed at the IDF from an adjacent home. His brother was at his house at the time of the incident. IDF spokesmen also emphasized that besides personal appeals to Dr. El-Eish that he transfer his family to safety, the IDF issued warnings to area residents by dropping thousands of leaflets and sending messages via Arab media outlets. Dr. El-Eish is a gynecologist who formerly worked at the Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva and now works at the Tel HaShomer Medical Center in Tel Aviv. The IDF stated that Golani troops, who had been engaged in face-to-face combat for several days, came under sniper and mortar fire in the area of Dr. El-Eish's home. The soldiers spotted suspicious people, who were thought to be spotters, on the top floor of the building and returned fire. The shelling was halted after soldiers heard screams from inside the house and realized that the home belonged to Dr. El-Eish. The army then escorted ambulances in and out of the area to allow for immediate treatment of the survivors, who were taken to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon via the Erez Crossing. The doctor's brother and two other children suffered wounds in the shelling. Dr. El-Eish, who was on the ground floor and was not injured, later held a press conference in the Tel Aviv hospital to condemn the IDF. An Israeli woman interrupted the press conference, complaining that the media were undermining the country's morale while two of her sons were fighting in the army.
24. Arabs out of Israel land - you will be safe
Texas ,   US   (02.04.09)
25. Shame on the IDF
Eman Mohammed ,   Gaza   (02.04.09)
shame on everyone who still support the IDF after this , these kids were a mistake ? and the 200 other baby were a mistake too ? Al Samoni babies who were shoot by a sniper were a mistake ?
26. To all: WE HAD ENOUGH OF "DOCTOR"/TERRORIST, you deserved it
Alex ,   US   (02.04.09)
27. Should be fired from Tel Hashomer, dangerous to ISRAELIS
Zionist ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
28. What inhumanity, What evil
RJ ,   Canada   (02.04.09)
where will it end? But at least there are good people out there that see through Israeli propaganda and lies. Ooops sorry, that was a mistake...... oops another mistake. I thought your weapons and soldiers were smarter ...
29. You don't blow up civilian structures to get a sniper
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (02.04.09)
You don't blow up people's houses to kill a sniper. You shoot the sniper. Blowing up the house around him is mass punishment. In this case, it amounts to murder of innocent children, and the soldiers involved should be punished severely.
30. Arab Doctors.
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.04.09)
I will never allow an Arab doctor or dentist to treat me medically,
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