Step closer to bomb
Isaac Ben-Israel
Published: 04.02.09, 18:33
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1. Convinient talking
MArk ,   UK   (02.04.09)
No proof that uranium program is for military purposes, no proof that satellite is for ballistic testing. Even if it is true... who is Israel to deny another country's rights? Does Israel have not nuclear weapons pointing to Tehran? How disgusting!
2. space the final frontiere
m ,   jerusalem   (02.04.09)
if their rocket gets to space they sure as hell can reach israel!
3. See who's talking !?
Omnai Arab ,   Oman   (02.04.09)
Israel is talking about International conventions "" & " The Non-Proliferation Treaty " !! See who's talking ???!
4. Double standards
Mohammad ,   Jordan   (02.05.09)
You guys are making a joke of yourselfs by mentioning the Non-proliferation treaty and the international conventions!! No one can deny that Iran is ruled by a bunch of fundamentalists, and that they should not be allowed to obtain weapons of mass destruction. However, is there any good reason to exclude Israel or even the USA. Israel used cluster bombs and white phosphoric against Hamas AND 1.5 MILLION civilians in Gaza. Wasnt it the united states the ONLY nation who used atomic bomb in a war against Japan? What Iran has been doing all the time is harmless talking (for internal purposes) while Israel and USA have taken real actions and commited crimes on the ground. If you are really concerned about world peace, start with yourself.
5. #1 i hope you are right about our missiles, as there are
a lot more arabs, and millions of moslems, who have huge amounts of land. how would you explain they still covet our little country? they are trying all they can do to make it arab land, to free arabs from foreign influences esp. in the ME, same as they always did. starting with arabs creating lies, as arabs on this land were not a separate nation, they were never self governed, and they were never a state, while living in cities jews created long ago. cities built by jews mentioned in the bible and in the talmud, that arabs & non arab moslims made sure jews would remain as a minority in them for over 1000 years. killing is a virtue for religious arabs , you may not see that in the west, but it sure is a noticeable trait here. especially killing jews, they did it well for centuries, but no more. ottoman registry indicates only 5% of this land was owned by local people, and i wouldn't be surprised if they were christians. centuries of driving jews out by making sure jews remain a minority, killing jewish people in mixed cities and destroying jewish communities here in the past, doesn't apply in israel nowdays, and it upsets arabs here and elsewhere, so they point atom war heads, thinking their old agenda would go unnoticed. that is what's so disgusting. and what is absolutely crazy, is that arabs you call palestinians in israel, came here from the arabian and syrian desert. they can not find homes in these countries they came from to israel, but are telling jews to go to europe. jews are a nation, jewdaism is not just a religion, it is a way of life, jews are a separate ethnic group, they were a nation that kept their way of life here 1500 years. arabs in israel resemble arabs in other arab countries, in their religion, in their language, in their customs and understanding. the differences are small , as would be different two separate cities of the same country. Just to give you an example there are more differences between russians of moscow and east sybiria, then there are between arabs in ME and north africa.
6. Europe may finally care
Frank Klein ,   Tuscon, AZ, USA   (02.05.09)
I have often said that Israel should secretly sell Jericho II missiles to Iran since the Europeans will only care when they Iranians have missiles that can reach Paris, Madrid, Berlin and London as well as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Now that the new Persian Empire has developed them on their own, let see how well the citizens of Europe sleep at night.
7. Stop manipulating
beotah ,   Vienna   (02.05.09)
“As we know, Iran is engaged in developing nuclear capabilities” Where is the evidence? The enrichment? This is allowed according to NPT. “The Non-Proliferation Treaty limits involvement with uranium enrichment,” WRONG: The NPT ALLOWS uranium enrichment, but to a certain level (5%). Iran’s uranium enrichment is well within the limits allowed under NPT regulations and is being monitored by the IAEA inspectors. “the Missile Technology Control Regime imposes similar limits on the development of ballistic missiles.“ Do western countries not have very developed ballistic missiles? Are those countries not signatories to the treaty? “a warning sign to Israel and to the entire Free World.” The same mantra! Which free world are you talking about? Israel, the US and a few European countries? Israel as the only non-signatory country in the middle east; Israel as the only nuclear power in the middle east; Israel as the country with the most devastating wars in the 20th and 21st centuries; Israel with its barbaric massacres of innocent civilians; this Israel should not talk about any threat because it is itself the threat to the whole region.
8. #7u mean the innocent people who made bombs in their houses?
9. Israel Has Nukes and Ballistic Missles
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.05.09)
Israel never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the ballistic missle treaty the writer mentions. There is not one iota of evidence that Iran is enriching uranium beyond 5 percent much less the 95 percent required to manufacture a nuclear weapon. Iran has signed the NNPT and has let inspectors into their facilities. Israel has never let any governing body into their facility at Dimona. It is not Iran who threatens the capitals of Europe with nuclear destruction. It is people in your government who frequently mention that Israel could destroy the capitol cities of Europe. Just recently one of your learned professors warned of "even destroying Rome". It was reported on this very site! The whole civilized world is beginning to think that Israel is a mad dog. Israelis may think that this is good and that it will keep the world in-line. No, what it is going to do is isolate Israel. If thing keep going this way the world collective body will officially sanction Israel as a pariah state.
10. To #5
Alex ,   USA   (02.05.09)
It is true there are many Muslim countries in the world. There are also many Christian ones. What would the UK do if London was taken away by Asian settlers. The fact, is Jews in Israel/Palestine are implants from Europe and other parts of the globe. The nation of Israel was founded by colonist. The natives of the land are the Palestinian Arabs, Druzes, Jews who lived there for thousands of years. The fact is that Jews before the European invented Zionism enjoyed good relations with the Arabs. Jews in Islamic Spain and the Ottoman Empire were equal partners in an advance civ. The Zionist have destroyed this. However, there still are real Jews oppose the existence of colony of Isreal. A new Salah al-Din will arise, soon!
11. Thank you # 7 right on, Israel is a Burma
European ,   World   (02.05.09)
with nuclear weapons, with leaders, the people vote in but don't even trust themselvies. I mean give me a break. And we should fear Iran? I think it's time Israeli's looked in the mirror. You are responsible for your situation, We are tired of it, and your whining. Oh , Right I'm antisemitic but I do love the people who live on any land, who don't fight. Yes, I love Arabs and I even love you. But I tire quickly listening to you," trying to justify your actions", we have eyes . You say your civilized, then act civilized. You want a Jewish state, have one, but don't steal. Give back what's not yours. Help the Palistinians set up their state, instead of fighting it,( their going to be your neighbour). And we Europeans will be proud of your Jewish State. ---Could you do that? or is fighting all you know?
12. iran and israel
wb ,   atl bch, usa   (02.06.09)
olmert just gave terrorists 43 million. that pretty much pays for hamas rearmament. iran now has ballistic capability and can hit targets from britain to india to anywhere in persian gulf and red sea. she goes nuclear by december of this year. sometime around that time she will attack and destroy the jewish nation. israel continues to puts its head in the sand and hope united states will act. this will not happen. the world simply does not care what happens to the jew. if europe can get cheaper gas prices out of it i am sure they may even aid the iranians to speed things along. you have no one to blame but yourselves if you allow another olmert to hold office of pm.
13. European # 11
Kev ,   London   (02.06.09)
When Israel is destroyed by Islam, we, in Europe are next. It has been this way for 1,500 years, this war between east and west. You are a danger to my safety here in London, as well as a perfect liability to the people of Israel who are fighting for your cultural ideals in the Middle East. Fortunately, Israel can never be destroyed - but Europe, maybe.
14. Those Acme weapons never work
Shimon   (02.18.09)
for Wily E Coyote when he tries to catch and eat the Roadrunner what makes any of you think that the Roadrunner(Israel) is going to get caught here as well....Smiling...
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