New Gaza study: Extreme NGO anti-Israel bias
Published: 05.02.09, 08:17
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1. NGOs
Df ,   Israel   (02.05.09)
I wonder if the NGOs can be sued for libel in the countries where they have offices.
2. Slanderous NGOs
Rob ,   London, UK   (02.05.09)
#1 They can presumably be sued for slander.
3. NGO's objectivity
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.05.09)
They have "eyewitnesses" as this Norvegian "doctor" , staged "deaths" , the same woman crying at differend locations [ as iy happened in Lebanon II ] , "reports" who are retracted later , Jenin "massacre" and so on . All those Human "rights" NGO's have lost their credibility by acting this way . There were innocent victims in Gaza , most of them most likely children and women used as "human shields" by the "human rights" obeying hamas
4. Very publically, very carefully, shut them down
eh-oop ,   UK   (02.05.09)
Courts are highly political these days. The court of public opinion is actually more important. So assemble the evidence that they have misrepresented situations and actions. Assess the impact of their pronouncements in and through the media both on Israel and on the safety of Jewish communities worldwide. Publish. Give the NGOs a week to get retractions of equal prominence to their original pronouncements published. The results can be easily quantified in terms of airtime and column inches. If their meae culpae aren't adequate, shut down their local operations.
5. "human" rights...
yb ,   eretz yisrael   (02.05.09)
so by "human" they mean "non-jewish"...clearly they either believe that jews do not deserve equal rights, or they do not catagorize jews as human...either way, they have NO right to judge us... some things never change...and the fact remains that noone is even remotely bothered when jews are mutilated and murdered...except other jews...STOP THE MADNESS AND INSANITY, NOONE CARES ABOUT US BUT US!!
6. infiltration, intimidation and subversion
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.05.09)
the ngos are "useful fools" for the palestinian media war against israel. aside from the pro-arab westerners that they recruit, they also employ many local, card-carrying members of terrorist groups. unrwa, probably the largest ngo operating in the west bank and gaza, has repeatedly shrugged off allegations that they employ active hamas and fatah members. their published attitude is that they don't check (or care, obviously). this results in things like an unrwa "school principal" killed as a known (and active) terrorist bomb maker. and they also have another reason to play along with the arabs: a little "friendly persuasion" can go a long way. it's all too easy for hamas to retaliate against unarmed un personnel, the same way they intimidate reporters whose stories they don't like. or to hijack aid supplies, as they have done. hamas is certainly not above killing a few civilians here and there, "for the good of the cause" - it's a lot safer to criticize israel. plus, undoubtedly, some of them are genuinely anti-semitic...
7. NGOs
matt ,   london   (02.05.09)
Israel doesen't need the NGOs to damage its international reputation. It's goverment and military do a good enough job of that on there own
8. Collateral damage - not!
colin dale ,   london UK   (02.05.09)
The IDF knowingly killed 400 children. That is an atrocity and a war crime - whatever euphemism is employed. The mass killing of children , to my knowledge, is without precedent in modern warfare, or even in ancient conflict. It is also a terrible and lasting stain on the world Jewish community. Needless to say, we are shocked and deeply ashamed. That the atrocity will increase levels of antisemitism in the diaspora, is obvious.
9. The war against Gaza
Kevin ,   Los Angeles, CA.   (02.05.09)
Your story is very biased.
10. NGOs
Jennifer ,   Ireland   (02.05.09)
NGOs are the people who have had to, time after time, clean up and mend the broken lives of the Palestinian people, after Israel's "operations". Don't knock them, you never know when you might need them yourselves.
11. Extreme NGO
Dickson Singh ,   San F'do - Trinidad   (02.05.09)
This piece of crap is not worth writing on toilet paper. Just who the hell is "NGO Monitor"? An Israeli propoganda defense unit setup to publish these lies. The comments the NGOs made are FACTS that were on the ground. Where the hell do they expect 1.5 million people in a 35 s.m open-air prison to go hide??
12. #8 Did you just wake-up Colin?
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.06.09)
Where were you when over 3000 missiles bashed Israel over the past year? Do you care about how this sustained terror attack injured Israeli children? If the Palestinians cared about their children, why did they allow Hamas to provoke Israel into this attack, while hiding behind their children? You, Jennifer and all the other hypocrites would have cried bloody murder if you were under attack by Hamas like Israel. You should be ashamed of your one sided condemnation of Israel when most certainly you would have reacted no differently than Israel under the same circumstances. Frankly, I haven't seen these NGO do anything useful for the Palestinians except specialize in condemnation of Israel. If they really wanted to help the Palestinians, they would work with them to change their belligerent death cult terrorist behavior that causes Israel to put-up walls, checkpoints and border crossings as a defensive measure.
13. pity for the wrong people
peter ,   liverpool uk   (02.13.09)
i find it sickening that almost without exeption the israelis have been demonised by every media type,i seriously believe this is borne out of fear of reprisals by the crazy muslim extremists that will kill for a cartoon or a minor deflection from purity towards thier faith,they will cut thier own childs throat in an instant for thier faith,that does scare me rigid,no faith commands that loyalty which rises above your family,i have seen many do gooders looking for a cause in my own country,it makes me sick to see middle aged devorcees gathering together with one misinformed voice to get in on the act of siding with the people who voted Hammas into power and know full well what they are doing,most men take thier children fishing or some other pastime,palestinians take thier sons and a kalashnicov for a pot shot at israeli border guards,i watched just such an event live on one tv channel and the boy who was around 6 years old hiding behind some drums with his father, he was shot to death like his father on camera,of course the medias heart went out to the small boy which was a complete traversty,just like this week,an israeli official was interviewed in his office but on the other side a palestinian mother was also interviewed after the death of her son,"very bad and biased reporting",the truth according to the co respondent....
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