Labor MKs to Barak: We won’t join coalition with Lieberman
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 05.02.09, 11:31
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1. Israel democracy in action....
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (02.05.09)
Look who is talking ! The great yuli Tamir whose agenda was to damage israeli education system She succeeded beyond expectations. If millions of Israelis want Liebermann in the government,why are all losers denying that willingness ???
2. And which votes are they losing?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.05.09)
I'll give you one guess. But, not to worry - this time around, they won't vote for Labour anyway. As a matter of fact, they may not vote at all. If you think this is a matter of principle, think again. Our politicians don't have principles. And Barak, who has less principles than most, couldn't care less about Labour - he just cares about Barak. Barak would join any coalition, join any gov't., as long as he got a good job.
3. Vote liberman, vote against Tamir
rebecca ,   modiin   (02.05.09)
Tamir - you lost votes with your policy of taking Jewdasim out of education and putting Nekaba in it.
4. Tamir was a failure and is mostly detested!
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (02.05.09)
Tamir will be gone within a week or so and many people, me included, will be delighted. She did nothing right and everything wrong - except to when it came to doing things like changing text books to blame Israel for its very existence. The next person or perhaps the first that needs to go is Majadele who wouldn't attend the playing of HaTikva. Mike
5. good...we are sick pf one will miss you
JL: ,   israel   (02.05.09)
6. Great! Dont join! No one wants Barak anyhow!
JAyj3 ,   Israel   (02.05.09)
7. tamir needs to attand history lessons about our past in isra
israeli   (02.05.09)
8. please dont join the coalition Tamir nobody wants you
zionist forever   (02.05.09)
This woman was a founder of Peace Now and a real arab lover. She took some jewish and zionist issues out of the school curriculum. She put palestinian nakba into school history books ( Israel's existence is the reason why palestinians suffer is what she wants the next generation to be taught ). There is very little good about Israels political system but for once it does something right. Everybody has a place on a party list the higher you are on the list then the better your chances of a Knesset seat. If Tamir wants to have this moral high ground then thats just fine all it means is she will loose her place on the list and the one behind her gets the seat she decided she didn't want to take because she doesn't like Liberman. If Barak is offered a coalition slot with Liberman or to be left out in the political wilderness for the next four years he will ditch the morality along with Tamir if she doesn't come around and he will say I am glad I am sitting in a coalition with Liberman. Barak is a political amuter but he isn't that stupid and if he is then inviting him into anybodies coalition is a mistake.
9. exactly the reason why I will vote merez instead of barak
zabarbie ,   R   (02.05.09)
Whoever has not decided on his vote yet: This time you have to vote as left as possible to tell the snake eyed bully: NIET
10. coalition
colin   (02.05.09)
WONDERFUL Finally labour realises nobody needs them Lieberman will be Prime Minister and am sure he will not invite the labour with its leftest social ideas to join his coalition BYE BYE Labour with your minister of evictions who hate s jews and ran from lebenon and ran from gaza.
11. #9 - why are you going to waste your vote?
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (02.05.09)
12. no principles, no scrupples just votes
Moish ,   Jerusalem   (02.05.09)
"we are losing votes due to your willingness to sit with him in the same government." That is all that bothers Labor about sitting with Lieberman, except maybe Ofir P.P. even though he is a Penis he still has principles If Barak had any brains he would not have let the cat out of the bag till after elections then his Laborites would not need to worry about what people will think about them sitting with Lieberman All they care about is their Volvos, their taktzivim and their seats in the coalition just like all the rest of the whores in the Knesset coalitions!
13. Why should Europeans fear Iran
European ,   World   (02.05.09)
when we have an Israel with nuclear weapons, with leaders, the people voted in, but don't even trust themselvies. I mean give me a break. And we should fear Iran? I think it time Israeli's looked in the mirror. You are responsible for your situation, We are tired of it, and your whining. Oh , Right I'm antisemitic but I do love the people who live on any land, who don't fight. Yes, I love Arabs and I even love you. But I tire quickly listening to you," trying to justify your actions", we have eyes . You say your civilized, then act civilized. You want a Jewish state, have one, but don't steal, and give back what's not yours. Help the Palistinians set up their state, instead of fighting it(Their your neighbour, be a good example). And we Europeans will be proud of y/our Jewish State. ---Could you do that? "You see its 2009 now and if we don't start concentrating on Climate change, it not going to matter what we think! We will be watching our children, all our children suffering and we will only have ourselves to blame. Do you care then do your share, its not going to be easy, look at your children in the eye, and do it for them." Vote for someone who can unite Arabs and Jews, give it a try, I bet you would get back Gilad and if things don't work out, you can always go back to killing, if that's what you want.
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