Pre-independence weapons discovered in synagogue
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 05.02.09, 14:59
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1. places of worship
Mehdi   (02.05.09)
some days ago the IDF was telling us how nasty it was for Hamas to hide weapons in places of worship and that is why such places can be bombed with impunity. Surely they did not know about their predecessors doing the same
2. Proof Israel used to have a spine
mk ,   atlanta,usa   (02.05.09)
Be sure to hide all the evidence before the EU and the UN hurts your feelings again. We don't want to make trouble for the people trying to kill us.
3. So synagogues were used for storing weapons also!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (02.05.09)
4. a question
one ,   saudi arabia   (02.05.09)
now, who uses relegious places to cash arms ?
Orao Stranka. ,   Tsarigrad u Srbia.   (02.05.09)
So small an arsenal can only belong to a member or two at the most. Orao..
6. Hrmm, hiding weapons in a Synagogue
Jack Broakley ,   London, UK   (02.05.09)
Where have I heard this one before?
7. #1, when were they saying that?
Danny   (02.05.09)
I remember they were pointing out that the mosques bombed had arms in them.
8. More cleaning out to do
Marcel ,   (02.05.09)
Now if Israel can only clean out the old and failed politicians who follow the failed 2 state solution and annex Judea and Samaria.
9. Difference - we would not have denied it...
rebecca ,   modiin   (02.05.09)
10. There is a difference in hiding weapons in a synagoge
daniel   (02.05.09)
and firing weapons from a mosque and then shouting outrage when the IDF shoots back.
11. So they have not been deep cleaning in the last 65 years ...
Heydi ,   Winnipeg, Canada   (02.05.09)
12. a answer to #1,3,4 and 6
Cynic ,   USA   (02.05.09)
you are pathetic losers if you make an argument based upon something that occurred 60 years ago with no proof of who or how they got there.
13. Gee, anyone wondering why a story like this comes out now?
Skepticle ,   USA   (02.05.09)
How easily fools are swayed by media propaganda. Even if the story is credible, it doesn't excuse Hamas' tactics of using mosques as weapons' caches. Note that Al Qaeda did this in Fallujah too.) Pointing an accusing finger does not excuse Muslim extremists for endangering the lives of others.
14. simply amazing!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.05.09)
it's amazing to see how many arabs read ynet, and post talkbacks! all of a sudden, "the jews did it too" is an argument to justify using mosques for military purposes. no, the question isn't whether only arabs store guns in mosques - the real question is why do arabs complain when israel bombs a mosque that is clearly being used for military purposes, not only to store weapons, but to fire them as well? and the answer is that, under international law, the responsibility for civilian injuries lies with the side that located military facilities in a civilian area. in other words, israel is perfectly justified to attack military units firing from within mosques (or schools or hospitals), and it is the terrorists who are responsible for the consequences of their own, illegal, actions. they should be prosecuted for their war crimes at the hague. "true moslems" should be lining up to condemn hamas' crimes, not defend them!
15. That was before the Geneva Conventions
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (02.05.09)
More than 6 decades later, the Muslims still do it- and nobody else does.
16. #4 - Nothing wrong with keeping arms in religious places
Historical Observer ,   USA   (02.05.09)
Israel doesn't have a problem with hamas or any of the fanatics you support to keep their arms in a religious place. The problem is that Israel keeps claiming that's where the weapons are being stored and attacks them bringing complaints and outrage in the arab world. You claim the arms were planted there, or there were never any to begin with. As far as I can tell, this is more humorous than shocking. Arabs are copying Jewish strategy even 60 years later:) Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! Thank you for proving what we already knew.
17. #4 no comparison
Stan ,   USA   (02.05.09)
there might be if IDF bases were based in synnagoges and we complained of "The Horror" (tm) when you bombed them. We bomb a mosque with a flak cannon, rockets firing, and terrorists in it and you act as if it was religiously motivated. However, you bomb synagogues on purpose knowing that only innocents are inside. Still a big difference.
18. A big difference
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.05.09)
Those arms were used to defend ourselve against arab bands , not to kill innocent civilians as hamas does from mosques .
19. Kind of hard to lambaste Hamas for doing the same, huh?
Me ,   Central, Israel   (02.05.09)
When you're between a rock and a hard place, you do what you can. (Winning a democratic elections didn't help.)
20. LOL no 4
cb   (02.05.09)
So what????? How many synagogue muslim destroy? Noby cry, just you...
21. weapons in synagogue
arab ,   usa of arab land   (02.05.09)
so do you think that the arabs have a right to bomb this synagogue becouse there were weapons stored in side
22. Palestinians love changing standards when in their favor
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.05.09)
The fact that virtually every nation was created through conquest or population displacement is lost on Palestinians and their supporters. Only Israel is held to be "created in sin" because, well, such is no longer done. And certainly not to *us*! But throw in a story like this and suddenly it becomes "precedent" for today's Hamas behavior. There's a word for such selective outrage. Hypocrisy.
23. Weapons stashed in Synagogue!!!!!
Marco ,   Spain   (02.05.09)
Mmmmmm how interesting!
24. Not too long ago....
Marco ,   Spain   (02.05.09)
Drugs were found stashed in a false ceiling in a synagogue. Today weapons and tommorow?????
25. Daniel the idiot @ 10
Marc Wilson ,   USA   (02.05.09)
How do you know they were not firing from the synagogue at the time? Were you there? If not the shut the F up!
26. #25 Wilson
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.06.09)
These 60+ year old weapons were found in a supply shed adjacent to the synagogue. It's not even clear this was a synagogue 60 years ago or that these weapons were fired anywhere near the synagogue. You and your pet Marco are desperate to distort news about Israel and desperate to insult Israelis. Were any missiles fired from the synagogue into Gaza?
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