Livni challenges Netanyahu to a debate
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 06.02.09, 14:34
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1. And what's your plan, Bibi?
John ,   Europe   (02.06.09)
To go against all the world powers who publicly stated that they support 2 state solution? To anger them in year of crisis? You know damn well that after every war you get weapons from USA on discount price. Imagine what would happen if Obama would cut that supply in quarter or even less. 7 milion Jews surounded with 107 milion very angry Arabs who have oil. You know better, Bibi, that's why you offered Golan to Syria in your previous mandate. You know the sad truth of every Israeli prime minister till now: hawk in election, dove in the prime minister's chair. You don't believe? Remember Begin, who gave Sinai, then Rabin, Sharon... Even Olmert was Beitar and his parents Irgun and Stern. Remember, Bibi, there IS something called "export", "foreign investments", "material imports for capital investments" etc. And ALL of that is in hands of non-Jews. People who think that Israel can live as an island are fools who, in most cases, take state's money to daven whole day. So instead of boasting, think it like this: if Torah is right, no matter what you do, no matter how much land you give to them, in next 300 years all that will be returned, gladely, because that's one of the massiah's tasks. If Torah is not right, then rejoice - you got a piece of land that you can call your own and any further attempt to Also, Bibi, don't you remember that you SIGNED on 2-state-solution? Does your signiture mean nothing? Do you want world to claim that "Jewish promise is null promise", an old antisemitic chant? You want to show then that they were right? And consequentially, you want world antisemitism to go even stronger? You can say "bring them all here" - but, dear Bibi, that's 9 milion people coming in small country in 1 week or 1 month maximum? You think that state would survive this? Based on what? "Good faith"? Rabin, Sharon, Begin, all of them were no fools, Bibi. Paradoxaly, they ARE Israely heroes, people who conquered, who won, who defended Israel and thanks to them, Israel is alive today. Most of the warmongers of today - I see they are today old enough to be soldierdiers then? They were fit to bear arms then - HOW COME THAT THEY COME TO SETTLE ISRAEL NOW? Where were they in 1947, 1951, 1967, 1971 and other years when Israel's life was at stake? They are sooo feisty, coming with covered hair and with few threads of tzitzit, having hysteric attacks everytime somebody says "soil" and "heritage" - where were they when war was on? Oh, then they were making money for their own asses... You will listen to them? They will run from Israel to their Americas, Germanias, Rusias and who knows where when thanks overblock the horizon. No, Bibi, I think that you will be just another hawk who will turn into han. :) And guess what? G-d has a very, very good sense of humor. :)
2. No to Kadima Extravaganzas !
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (02.06.09)
They have only one idea... To give more of Israli Land to the Terrorists. No more Bla, Blahs Livni my Dear. Election Now. And that will be the end of Kadima.
3. Never Underestimate...
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (02.06.09)
...the cunning of the Left. That was frighteningly demonstrated in the recent US elections. Obama's minions used all sorts of chicanery from vote fraud to outright lying and demagoguery to buy votes. They succeeded and now the bill is coming due. Livni hired Obama's henchmen. Likud...don't pop the champagne corks yet.
4. A vote for Kadima is a vote to destroy Israel.
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (02.06.09)
If you want rockets on your heads in Tel Aviv & the rest of the center like we had in the south, vote Livni. She is sure to bring them upon your heads.
5. Netanyahu - you screwed up BIG -again !
DT ,   TA Isr   (02.06.09)
Netanyahu - your really are stupid ! You had the election in the bag and then you became a typical untrustworthy politician by interfering with the democratic process of your own party over the Feiglin issue and trying to woo the centre left . You misread the whole thing and are just another wishy washy politician
6. Certainly not LIvni..
FO ,   Belgium   (02.06.09)
But neither netanyahu nor Lieberman have got the guts to tell the fundamental truth to the world and to their people. That Israel has the fundamental right in accordance with International Law to to exist in the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan, including the Golan Heights. This right has been granted to the Jews by the League of Nations in September 1922, when the "Mandate for Palestine" has been voted unanimously by all it 51 members, and joined by a 52 nation, the United States of America who was no member of the League. The "Mandate for Palestine" recognized "The historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country". In clear, a Jewish State! The "Mandate for Palestine" granted the Jews the irrevocable right to settle anywhere in Palestine, as said above, a right unaltered in International Law and valid to this day, due to Article 80 of the United Nations. The League also approved the Memorandum of the British delegate under Article 25, and created the Arab Palestinian State, to come, under the actual name, Jordan. It is unbelievable that neither Netanyahu or Lieberman have the courage to tell this fundamental truth. DISAPPOINTING!
..............DACON9   (02.06.09)
8. Break out the popcorn, its SNL.
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.06.09)
9. And they will ALL give away
Alon   (02.06.09)
the Golan, and don't have the guts to tell us. They gave Katif, for nothing and next, the Golan. Including Ichud Leumi and Lieberman in those planning to give the Golan. What cowards we have as leaders, and I'm ashamed.
10. Bibi will give up more land- Wye accord
Mark ,   Boston   (02.06.09)
Bibi will give up all of Jerusalem to an International peackeeping force. He has a globalist agenda. He will go back to the partition plan of 1947.
11. john #1 thankyou
12. NO!!!!!!!! to bibi
Yosi ,   Israel   (02.06.09)
13. And Bibi will continue his bullshit!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.06.09)
Not only will Netanyahu do what the USA tells him to do as he did at Wye Plantation, he will sell out to Shas, bow and scrape before the Rav Ovadia Yosef and hand over the Education Ministry to Yishai and his minions who send our kids to war while their kids scratch their nuts in the Yeshiva! Of course, he might just keep the Ministry and give it back to Limor Livnat who, as Minister of Eduction in the previous Likud Government, who brought Israeli Education to a new low. The Israeli voter seems to have forgotten that Netanyahu was directly elected as PM and because of the corruption and shenanigans during his tenure the law was changed to stop it happening again. This should have been the case with Olmert but Netanyahu in cahoots with Shas brought down the government, saddled us with Olmert for another 5 months, forced a General Election costing the taxpayer a few hundreds million shekels which will prove to be a waste of time and will bring Israel into direct conflict with our only "ally" the USA. They have forgotten how hard the people of this country fought to rid us of his ego and wooing of the rich while the sick, the elderly and handicapped searched the garbage for food! Regarding "disengagement" while Bibi blusters excuses about resigning from Sharon's Government, HE VOTED FOR THE GAZA DISENGAGEMENT THREE TIMES and his resignation was a chance for him to usurp the leadership of the Likud and humiliate Silvan Shalom! Is this what we want?
14. Livni had her opertunity
galut ,   selah   (02.06.09)
and produced mediocure results.... Israel need a strong leader at this time in history
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