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ADL sees 'pandemic of anti-Semitism'
Published: 07.02.09, 08:27
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1. expected it
m ,   jerusalem   (02.07.09)
our crappy government should have expected such things. jews are now more vulernable abroad. who is going to protect them surely not the governments of the world and surely not israel. next offensive lets think things threw and try different routes besides just thinking about votes.
2. the truth should be tell
European observer   (02.07.09)
Nearly every antisemitic attack in Europe is the fact of muslims migrants who have succed to bring in here the prejudice of their racist and fanatic creed. This is a fact that we should'nt neglect. Even in third world country, like Venezuela etc. There are muslim comunities. Everywhere they are, ther e is antismetic attacks; Its that simple. It is a step further in world jihad.
3. If it's because Gaza why you call it anti-simitism . horible
4. Anti Semitism
Mohammad ,   Jordan   (02.07.09)
Anti semitism does not exist except in the minds of some extremists, and it is logically false. Anti semitism is a term used to describe prejudice or hostility towards Jews based on racial and religious biases. However,its quite important to define what being a "jew" mean. Jewish in not a race for two main reasons: 1- Jews do not share one common ancestry or biological distinction. People of many different races have become Jewish people over the years. 2- If a person is not born Jewish, he/she can undergo the process of conversion to become a Jew regardless of his/her race. On the other had, Jewish is not purely religious term, especially that there are a lot of "atheists" who consider themselvs Jews. So, what is that thing the world hate or against? I ve heared a lot of funny explainations from Israelies. One common explaination which fanatics want to believe in is that Jews are a suprior race. Such claim is not only rediculouse, but also logically and scientifcally worng. In addition, those who keep on repeating this fallacy "anti semitism" they are implicitly dividing the world into Jews (%0.01 of world population) and the rest of the world (%99.99 of the world population) and they are accusing the %99.99 of being racist and pure devil, and vindicating the %0.01 of any wrong doing!! The world is NOT against the jews as some want to believe. The world is against agression, racism, occupation and the killing of innocent civilians. I believe that the Israeli elite have the resposibilty to change this fallacious way of thinking. I am saying that because i love every single Israeli as a human being, and i hope my crticism won't be taken in a sensitive way.
5. Has Been Going On For Years ...
Christy ,   Boston, US   (02.07.09)
..... Mr. Foxman. You say " protests around the world, the Star of David had been equated with the Nazi swastika..." This has been happening LONG before Israel's recent defensive action in Gaza. There's been a marriage between the far left and radical Islamists world-wide. Haven't you seen the various protests taking place on US streets and in our universities?!! (Many US Bloggers are documenting these protests.) A little research on the web would show you just how long this has been going on.... longtime before Israel's defensive moves in Gaza. I've wondered if the ADL has been providing any legal aid to Jewish Groups on US' campuses? I'm thinking of the signs and hate speech directed towards University Jews & Jewish Groups on US campuses. Why does it seem the ADL has been rather silent? (I may have missed it if the ADL has been involved. If so, I apologize.) I've been surprised that I have NOT seen the ADL mentioned when the Jewish Groups& individual Jews on various US campuses needed help. Thank G-d other voices have been speaking up .. driven in part by the blogs that monitor such things.
6. #3 Attacking synagogues is "antisemitism"
Arlette ,   Paris, France   (02.07.09)
#3 Don't play the "innocent." Attacking synagogues, threatening Jews in Europe, yelling "Gas the Jews" is for your information known as "antisemitism."
7. Stupid people!
K.J.ONeil ,   London   (02.07.09)
So let me get this straight any nation in the world is allowed to defend its self from terrorism except Israel!!!!!
8. #3 acording to arabs 400,000 arabs lived in palestine
in1880. 1880 is the year when jews started to immigrate to israel under the zionist mevement. how would you explain 1,300,000 arabs in palestine in 1940? that is according to arab polls, not jewish!!! arabs have not doubled, not tripled, not quadroopled, but became almost 5 times more then they were in just 60 years!!! there has been an arab immigration to palestine, in order not to let jews create a country there!!! two out of three arabs at least, are new immigrants just like the jews
9. #3 because jews are hated for caring for their people,
whereas arabs don't take their "refugee" brothers into their countries, and jews would mind you, more then half of the arabs in palestine are new immigrants that came to palestine after 1880 at the same time when jews wanted to create a country there. you should check pro-arab polls
10. 3-Because the attacks are on Jews who are not Israeli
Roy   (02.07.09)
The Gaza operations are obviously an excuse. Try scratching the surface sometimes.
11. anti-Semitism UK style
avigael ,   UK   (02.07.09)
A British Muslim peer - Lord Ahmed - has called for the arrest of dual nationality British/Israeli citizens who have served in the IDF, claiming they may be guilty of 'war crimes'. Cancel the plane tickets!
ISLAM IS COMING 4U   (02.07.09)
13. Anti-Semitism !!!!!!!!!!
Antwan ,   NA   (02.07.09)
for G-d Sake being anti Zionist is not being anti-semitic, stop trying to misslead the public opnion, people around the world are educated now enough to know the difreance, Zionisim is hated not Judasim, Jews live among arabs and all over the world in peace and with not hatred. stop useing religons for wars since the riseing of religions wars and killings have been taken in the name of G-d , well guess wt, the G-d didnt ask for this
14. Antisemitism
Dr John ,   Rechovot Israel   (02.07.09)
It's been around for ever! It is the only way those morons have of venting their frustrations! So WHATS NEW!!!
15. Mohammad, your incursion into Judaism
isde   (02.07.09)
is purely false and tinkery. If you really want to find out something about what Jewish and Judaism mean, please ask any rabbi you want to or start reading a few good books. They are in the millions, but I would suggest you to start with LETTERS TO AUNTIE FORI by Sir Martin Gilbert, a Phoenix Paperback, London,2002. Have a good and enjoyable reading !
16. I am not overly troubled
mike cato ,   USA   (02.07.09)
As a Jew and a Zionist, I am not terribly concerned about these manifestations of anti-semitism and anti-Zionism worldwide. Most of the participants are muslim immigrants and ultra-leftist groups-- extreme socialists, old line communists, anarchists, luddites of various sorts, extreme gay groups, extreme environmentalist groups, etc. Aside from the muslim demonstrators, the other groups are simply using 'the Palestinians" as shock troops to advance their various extreme agendas which have nothing to do with the Israel/Palestine situation. In this regard, It is especially telling to witness gay and womens' rights groups manifesting in favor of Hamas. This irrationality is totally acceptable and unquestioned by most of the Western Lamestream Media.
17. To #13, #4
Robert Tilden ,   Sheridan, WY, USA   (02.07.09)
If these acts are not anti-semitic then why are so many of the attacks on synagogues? When was the last time someone bombed a mosque? Why the holocaust denaial? The haulocaust was a crime against Jews, not Israel. To #4, there are genetic studies that clearly show Jews of all origins to be closer to each other than to non-Jews. You can't argue with facts, no matter how many times you repeat them.
18. # 13, Antwan, in the name of G-d, you're
deis   (02.07.09)
so stupid to dare say Jews lived in peace with the Arabs ! What about Arab oppression and pogroms from Iran, Iraq to Marrocco ? What about putting them in ghettoes and humiliating them ? What about their barbarian plundering of anything Jewish and jewish property ? You either live in a dream land or you are willingly misleading public opinion. Either way, you are a fraud, for G-d's sake.
19. Abe, keep up the good work and show
id   (02.07.09)
the whole world the ugly face of anti- Semitism, anti-Zionism anti-Israelism. You should make them understand that any of these means actually all of them. No distinction in their ugly and vicious separation. In the final analysis, anyone opposing any of the three is a humanoid, an embarrassment on the surface of this planet.
20. not flying, at last
ahmad abouali ,   nablus   (02.07.09)
this garbage of so-called "Anti Semtism" is not flying anymore, the people around the world had waken up by the sounds of you r bombs exploding in gaza...anti-semetism is not anti-Zionism, anyway, who cares at the end of the day, you guys have nothing to do wih us: the Semites. khazars!
21. Losers only tactic?
John ,   Tulsa USA   (02.07.09)
Consider the source of the anti-Israel comments. Losers do not like winners or the truth! Civilised people engage in education and progress, whilst losers engage in war and slander.
22. anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.07.09)
These outrages, ranging rom shootings in holland to closing of the last synagogue in indonesia to calls for boycotts of Jewish owned stores in eurabia and turkey, simply show the veil has been dropped. The attacks on Jews in not about Zionism. It is about resurrecting a scapegoat when there are difficult times. In today's pan-global depression, the usual scapegoat arises. ONE BIG DIFFERENCE:This time, we WILL fight back!
23. Conflation of Judaism and Zionism
Eamonn ,   Ireland   (02.07.09)
Only two types of people benefit from the conflation of Judaism and Zionism: (1) Anti-semites (who can add Israei crimes to their 'global conspiricy' theories)...and (2) Zionists (who can committ atrocities with impunity while hiding behind Judaism while dismissing criticism as 'anti-semetic'.) Judaism is NOT Israel, and Israel is NOT Zionism - as any Christian Zionist, Israeli Muslim or Jewish human rights activist will tell you. Confusing and conflating these identities not only inhibits clear thinking, but benefits only Zionists and anti-semites.
24. #4 explaining jews isn't the issue, explaining why arabs
for example can't do with 99.94 percent of the land in the middle east, and have to mix in with the jews by force? it is just what the arab religion is about being an atheist is very nice, when all are, not when most arabs are not, or at least not atheist about the part in which they think they should again live in jewish cities, that were created by jews in biblical times and in the present times.
25. #3 stop pretending u can step into someone elses shoes
if you were less then 1% of world's population (thanks to other races by the way) it would be important to you to preserve your uniquness. jew is also a way of life, and it needs space and a congregation to exist.
26. #12
mark ,   ca   (02.07.09)
That's why we have 2nd amendment:-)).
27. Ireland and the rest
Thomas ,   Hungary   (02.07.09)
Hard to decide which Eu country is the most hateful towards the Jews but Ireland and the Irish are among the most vociferous leaders. Zionism is the Jewish aspiration for a homeland to be far away from the bestiality of the Irish and the likes. Jews deserve a homeland even more than the nomadic, wandering nation-less Arabs. We can rejoice at the sight of EU rapid sinking into the Muslim swamp, the noble revenge of the Jews.
28. To 17, Robert Tilden
Anton ,   HH Germany   (02.07.09)
"When was the last time someone bombed a mosque?" IDF during the offensive in Gaza.
29. Anti-Semitism
Choni Davidowitz   (02.07.09)
I'm surprised that not one talk-back can see the true purpose of this anti-semitism. Anti-semitism is a affliction affecting Jewsh people in the Diaspora, and it's sole purpose is to motivate the Jews of the Diaspora to return to their only safe Haven as a nation united in Eretz Yisrael.
30. The Civilized World Is Standing Against The Violence
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.07.09)
That is why it is protesting the actions of Israeli politicians and military. Abraham Foxman is down in Florida trying to raise some more sheikels for the ADL. What is the ADL? It's Abraham Foxman. He has made a fine living out of exagerating the dangers to world Jewry. He plays this race baiting card everytime he needs some more money. He's just another Jewish con artist like Bernie Madoff.
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