Yaalon: Lieberman may recommend Livni
Amnon Meranda
Published: 07.02.09, 12:36
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1. Likud lost its right wing voters
Dani   (02.07.09)
for taking the disgusting, undemocratic choice of pushing Feiglin to the bottom of the list to appear more left-wing, and then later by claiming they would want to form a government with Labor and Kadima. They gave the impression that voting for Likud was a vote for the left. Big mistake.. he lost many of his voters to Israel Beytenu.
2. One could always vote for
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (02.07.09) They want to change the stupid list voting system altogether. Which means that every Knesset member is responsible to the wishes of their City/Town/Area Not who pays the most to get voted by their greedy graspig leader.
3. And Netanyahu TOO is willing to form govt with Kadima.
Marcella   (02.07.09)
Netanyahu has not ruled out forming a govt with the left, including Labor and Kadima. He's been quite frank about it. They - Livni, Liberman and Netanyahu - are three faces for the very same left that wants to partition the country. Vote National Union. The only honorable way to vote.
4. Lieberman
Yisraeli   (02.07.09)
Im afraid Lieberman is all talk and says what the electorate wants to hear but he has no firm principles. He is not guided by Judaism so anything can be made deals with. People are just so sick of the usual lying politicians that they may as well vote Lieberman and hope he may prove to be of some substance. Bibi really killed the un-loseable elections this time round with his pull to the left with Barak when everyone is so sick of him. And of course the dirty 'targil' he did on Feiglin. In a way I hope Likud loses and has a primary for leadership and Bibi will be ousted. He cant be trusted. If he held firm to Likuds ideology and respected Feiglin he would have had 40+ seats. He screwed it up big time and deserves political wilderness. PS. If anyones wondering why Benny Begin is back into politics its because Sharon is out and Benny always held Sharon responsible for his fathers demise. Sharon was a stooge of the left to destroy the right which he more or less accomplished and also destroyed Menachem Begin from within. Sharons roots were Mapai. Poor Menchem Begin he was the only genuine Jewish PM Israel ever had but he was terribly manipulated. He was strong to outside forces but he trusted to many on the inside and was weak with them. Sad to say but Israels true enemies are within in many ways and we have all seen them very busy in the last 20 odd years. Will Israel survive their perfidy remains to be seen. Its not looking good.
5. Agree with #3. Vote for NU
Ron ,   Tel Aviv   (02.07.09)
However, if you a left-winger -and do not want war every two years- then vote for Lieberman
6. #3
Ari   (02.07.09)
You are correct that likud lost its right wing voters, but I still agree with Bibi. What is wrong with a coalition with labor? After all, Barak was a horrible PM but he is an excellent DM. He took over from Amir Perez and was more eager to deal with the rocket problem than Olmert and Livni from day one. Just two days ago the defense ministry authorized the creation of a legal extension to the settlement of adam, which required barak's approval. During his tenure he did not block settlement expansion, as opposed to Arik Sharon and Olmert who froze and suffocated the settlements. So why not have him in the defense ministry in a government with Bibi as PM? I can't complain, he and ashkenazi are doing a good job. Can you? They tore Aza to shreds, can you really complain about that? and the two of them together are about 10 trillion times more competent than Perez-Halutz. Therefore, what is so bad with a Likud-Israel Beytenu-Labor government with a few other small political parties to fill out the gov? In that scenario Leiberman and Bibi's seats outweigh Barak's seats 3 to 1 and the majority of power remains with the right and there is a competent DM at the kirya. As long as the government excludes Kadima I dont see what the problem is with Barak. Besides, old labor guys like Barak and Fuad are pretty strong when it comes to the DM... it is the new school labor (Peretz, etc) and Kadima (Livni, Olmert, etc) that scare the crap out of me. As long as the coalition excludes Kadima and prevents any new labor MKs from reaching any positions of seniority I dont see what the problem is.
7. NETANYAHU stated he would bring KADIMA and LABOR into his
GET REAL ,   USA   (02.07.09)
coalition government!
8. Its real simple
If you are against giving up the land, then you can not vote for a party that does not say that it will not join a Livni led government.
9. who can we trust to actually tell the truth?
virginia orrall   (02.07.09)
obviously if lieberman would support kadima then he is one of them just like netanyahu is one of them because he wants to keep ehud barak as defence minister who presently supports kadima. i am tired of being deceived by pretenders in the other parties. we only have a couple of politicians such as feiglin and landau that appear to believe in ethical standards that all the rest should have but seem to have lost somewhere. there is no sense in wasting money on another election if most parties in israel plan to support olmert's kadima circus of clowns.
10. Dr Strangelove
Bruno ,   Haifa   (02.07.09)
Just the idea of Yaalon and Lieberman in the same government is enough to cause any sane person to become an insomniac. These are people who see force and military might as the answer to everything. Heaven forbid that we give them the power of life and death in the coming elections.
11. I suspect Liberman-Landau will win
Mike ,   Haifa   (02.07.09)
over Livni/Bibi. L-L will get 25 seats. Everyone I know votes for L-L. If you live in Ramat-Aviv and never visit Jerusale, Haifa or Nathania (because you are afraid treval by car and Arabs) you are minority voting for ... . Not everyone live in Ramat-Aviv, and not everyone avoids serving in IDF.
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