Rabbi Yosef: Lieberman voters support Satan
Ynet reporters
Published: 07.02.09, 22:52
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1. LOL
Alex ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.07.09)
2. Both Leiberman and R. Yosef support territorial compromise
Steve   (02.07.09)
Let's be fair here. I do not support Israel Beiteinu because the party stands for territorial compromise. But so does Rabbi Yosef. How much more evil is it for a great rabbi who supports territorial compromise to Israel's enemies? My gosh, Shas supports breaking our eternal covenant with God. Shas has been in this traitorous government for years now. Israel Beiteinu is a secular party. How much more guilty is Rabbi Yosef who should know better that to do this great evil?
3. Shas
Ilana   (02.07.09)
Anyone else notice it is more and more like some Ayatolla Islam group? It is embarrassing, humiliating and annoying! I think Iwill vote Lieberman just to feel revenge- I don't know who to vote for anyway! Shas should shush up.
4. Who needs enemies?
Rick   (02.07.09)
Enough infighting! I vote for Bibi.
5. Rabbi Yosef Ovadia:
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.07.09)
The Ayatolah of Israeli politics. But I'll take the chance that he will curse me and it's just one more reason, amongst many, for me to vote Yisrael Beiteinu. Incidentally, many orthodox Jews whom I know are also planning to vote for Lieberman's party!
6. anyone who opposes Shas must be good
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (02.07.09)
Well then liberman gets my vote. What a laugh coming from his royal holliness Israels very own Ayatollah who heads a party of religious lunatics including 8 convicted crimianals. Who has done more to turn people away from religion than anyone as well as inciting hate campaigns towards Israels gay community. Ovaida Yosef is nothing but a powermad lunatic who uses religion as a means of milking the system dry by praying on those who have lost the ability to think for themselves.
7. We all have to live together
Ahmed ,   Jaffa   (02.07.09)
arabs and jews have to live to together in this small piece of land, this is our destiny. Both sides have to accept that the other is here to stay and just live and let live. Israel needs to become a country for all its citizen, a revisionist vision for the 21st century is needed. if europe can become cosmopolitan so why not israel? whats wrong with a secular state; after all, all my israeli friends are secular and see their attachment to judiasm as " belonging to the tribe" more than anything ideological. Ideology is doomed to fail, pragmatism is the onky way for the future. the hatred and icitement against the arabs and vice versa should stop and should be made a criminal offense. I am married to a jewish woman and we both are atheists, so bad that not many are like us, this country would have been saved so much blood shed
8. i know i'm getting old and my memory is failing
hello didn't shas ,   support kadima?   (02.07.09)
but did not shas once upon a time support olmert's kadima circus act? it was ok when they did it but of satan if others do it? i'm religious but this has me confused----but not to the point of voting for kadima or anyone that supports to keep these clowns in power over us---just yet- thanks.
9. Ugly face
with glasses, is that the new modern hip look of a rabbi?
10. as a Feiglinite myself
Yisraeli   (02.08.09)
I cant vote for Likud and Bibi, inspite of what MF says (the 30-40's wont get in by a long shot, they will be lucky to get 24 the way Bibi is behaving). Id rather Likud lose again and Bibi be finally deposed. I cant vote Lieberman he has no jewish values and would negotiate eretz yisrael away. I can only vote Ichud Leumi. Jewish home/mafdal, waste of time.
GET REAL ,   USA   (02.08.09)
12. Now children if we r going 2 live 2gether we'll have 2 play
nicely! Stop bumping into each other and complaining there is room for all of us in the sand box! Just remember to be mindful of the cat's litter! :)
13. #7
i agree with you 1100%. but your arab parties like mr. sana, tibi and zahalka make always sure that they incite against the israeli governemnt every chance they get...even during war. this is unacceotable for these people to represent the arab israeli citizens that want to live in peace without incitement. these arab people never miss a chance to "talk with the enemy (mr. bishara, for example) or go to enemy countries. so much so, that israel doesn;t trust them and the people they represent. look what is hapenning in naalin and in jaffa this year.
14. Obadiah - paranoia will destroy ya
GB ,   LAX, CA, USA   (02.08.09)
This man must represent the "dark side" of Judaism - what a nasty creep, how can such a creepo become a chief rabbi? (I am modern orthodox)
15. 7# I Agree
Too bad there are too many fanatics that cannot understand that we just want to live because anyway we die someday.
16. Religion vs. State.
Amiram Kupfer ,   Richmond, Canada   (02.08.09)
It's about time that someone will say to religious fellows that to serve you country it’s not just to pretend himself as a ZADIK. There are other obligations.
17. Funny
Sami ,   Canada   (02.08.09)
Funny, I like Israeli politics. It is full of clowns like Olmert and the Mrs. charmant , the Satan and pork eater Liberman , the under evaluated political legend Netanyaho with the new emerged Ayatallah calling Arab sneaks and scorpions . Country that started with great leaders like Ben Gorion and Isaak Rabin end up voting for a Russian dissidents Liberman !!!.
18. $ha$-give Ovadia a few shekels and he'll recant!
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.08.09)
19. Lieberman is a danger
xexon ,   Pacific NW, USA   (02.08.09)
I'm sorry. The only way Israel will ever know peace is when all people are united under one flag. The idea of a Jewish state must come to an end. Because, it's racist in it's idealogy. It's time for ALL people of Israel to unite against zionism and install an actual democracy. These people are going to get you killed. x
20. To Ahmed from Jaffa
SAM ,   USA   (02.08.09)
Thank nyou for your input. It was good to see your post. I believ in what you say. Israel is a democratic country that needs some of its tenets tweeked, but the mechanisms for this are there. No where else is a democracy like this in the middle east. By the way, I do know another Palistinian Arab(I call him Palistinian because the family lived in East Jerusalem before 1967) who is married to a Jewish woman (my neighbor) and it is a good match. I really believe things will work out when Arabs actually accept the Jewish state. Then everyone get get on with making a good life
21. Ahmed There is always a place for all those loyal to a
Jae ,   Lynn USA   (02.08.09)
country; its a pretty basic requirement. But until the day comes when islam no longer seeks to convert people or force its way on the countires it immigrates to, until Christianity can under the grounded message of Jesus and not his body, and until Judaism can get back to its more spritual side/roots and until nationalism dies there will be a need for one jewish country in the world. And the only one that is ours is Israel. If you will stand by our side we will stand by yours. If you have our back we will have yours. As God commands us to be honor to those minorities who want top join us ...for we the Jewish people were also strangers Egypt. We know what its like to have hardship, therefore we are commanded to meditate on that and not to do the same oppression on those who would want to live with us. Of course those who want us terrorized thats another story altogether...
22. It's time
Avi   (02.08.09)
for R. Yosef and Shas for that matter to retire.
23. Shas... shochad laSfaradim
Asaf Golan ,   Sugar Land   (02.08.09)
I like National Union, I like Habayit Hayehudi, I like Ysrael Beiteinu, I am lukewarm to the Hebron/Wye Agreement Likud. But Shas? Has Shas ever read tanaakh? (Lelamed Bnei Yehuda Kashet!) or Torah? (Erase the memory of Amalek!) or Talmud? (You shall not favor a destitute man and you shall not honor a great man!)
24. #7 When gay pigs run free over Mecca.
Rehavam ,   Israel   (02.08.09)
25. #8 :Israeli politics is based on short term memory loss
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (02.08.09)
Yes, shas supported Kadima. And Olmert was hard core right wing, as was Sharon. And more than half of the people in Kadima have been investigated for wrongdoing.Oh, and by the way, Olmert, in case anyone forget, which I can understand since it has been so long, Olmert quit. And left wing Kadima, the party of peace, just waged a war with left wing Barak, another promoter of peace at any cost, which got Israel tagged in the world as a murderous blood thirsty country. Apparently this memory loss afflicts only Jews, since the arabs and the world remember very well.
back2basics ,   TA   (02.08.09)
So we can become a real democracy and join the Western world in the 21st century!!
27. I'm not interested
Yoel Chrikus   (02.08.09)
neither by Liberman, nore by Shass. We forget it, but Liberman was in Olmert's government, and did nothing. He has proven about his (non)efficiency. Shass had many options to offer us earlier elections by leaving Olmert's government. They remained in their places because of money. Either Likud or Ihud Leumi... Here are my 2 options to save our country
28. Lieberman will recommend Livni for prime minister
Jason ,   sderot israel   (02.08.09)
Lieberman is the only right party that hasn't ruled out recommending livni for prime minister. MK's of Israel Beiteinu have openly said Lieberman would be fine with Livni as prime minister. And yet people on the right think that by voting for lieberman they will be sending a message. Wrong the message you will be sending is keeping livni and kadima in power. Lieberman joined Olmert's government after the failed lebanon war and kept olmert in power. Livni loves how lieberman will make her prime minister. She is running attack ads against bibi in russian media. The only one you are pleasing by splitting the right vote is lieberman. When Peres asks livni to form the government and olmert stays in power longer and livni becomes prime minister the lieberman voters will be the reason. Livni will do nothing about the smuggling tunnels. All these voters who are going to support lieberman are only helping kadima and livni. The worst election ever.
29. Orthodox Jew voting LEIBERMAN
SCOTT MARINO   (02.08.09)
Enough is Enough! The Heredi corruption must finally be put down!
30. yosef / Liberman or the dance of the 7 veils
Jan   (02.08.09)
I am not a Torah men, I am for civil marriage, as well as shops selling what they choose; but strongly against yeshiva students (mush) enlisting in the IDF. I intend to vote for the party /people of MY choice. Contrary to your empty /meaningless words, I do not have an evil inclination. I admit watching and enjoying Mr. Lucifer (the devil for you) in action. FAUST and MEFISTOFELE ,currently at the T.A. Opera (your sin city). Last but not least, I consider myself a better Jew than you.
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