Rabbi Yosef: Lieberman voters support Satan
Ynet reporters
Published: 07.02.09, 22:52
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31. Religious charlatanism.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.08.09)
The rest of them are just plain secular charlatans. My guess is that they all saw new polling results that give Lieberman an even bigger edge & rising. Hence the hysteria.
32. #7 ahmed
ky   (02.08.09)
Ahmed you have courage to say what you do but you know as well as I do what your Arab brothers would do to the likes of you and your wife if they should destroy Israel. You would have to run for your lives. Israel is a complex mixture of religion and secularism but what is important for us all is that it stays pluralistic and democratic. so that we can , at the very least, live together like you and your wife do . A secular state to replace Israel is not a realistic prospect although it would a nice idea if there was even one Arab one to compare it with.
33. refuse to vote
m ,   jerusalem   (02.08.09)
i refuse to vote, there is no good candidate its either they steal, make war, and fight each other. the current government with most of the kinnasit members are a joke. Its one big chaotic scenario, with no true leadership. The whole government should be torn down. We need real leader like golda, or ben gurion not these retared degenerates
34. satan.....
judy ,   jlm   (02.08.09)
i do believe there is anoher way to vote 4 all u people that do not not want "satan" or the taliban........ check it out just 2 minutes of your give some else a voice
35. Rabbi Ovadia: G-d is not the ultimate judge
observer   (02.08.09)
36. Livni: Druzim are not Arab, but voters
observer   (02.08.09)
37. Like Shas won't go into a coalition with Lieberman?
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.09)
38. #7 Move to Gaza!
KB ,   US   (02.08.09)
39. Shame on Shas for hiding behind Torah
William ,   Israel   (02.08.09)
They twist the words and conventions of our blessed Torah for their own selfish different than despotic Imams in Iran. In Yosef's own words, I agree with everything he mentioned as Liberman's agenda (Yeshiva students in army, civil marriage, etc.) EXCEPT pork sales in Israel. Just as Imam's ignore the blessing and support of Israel's birth in the Koran, the religious ignore Rambam who said a Jewish man must both study Torah AND have a profession (the two shall never be the same).
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