Israel discusses Egyptian proposal; Cairo optimistic
Roni Sofer
Published: 08.02.09, 10:00
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1. Truce - our politicians,Dumb and Dumber
DT ,   TA Isr   (02.08.09)
18 months to re-arm, resupply and more rockets in the name of a "truce". Amazing how incredibly thick and dumb Livni and co are.
2. Wat? Are you all nuts?
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.09)
These idiotic trio give a new meaning to the word " ceasefire ". How to cease fire when Hamas rockets are still landing in Israel
3. My, what a coincidence .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.08.09)
Imagine that, by sheer coincidence, all this just before elections ..... Isn't that amazing! To say that these people, Olmert, Barak, & Livni, are untrustworthy, unscrupulous, & manipulative, is the understatement of the year.
Sandi   (02.08.09)
Barak don't be a self serving jellyfish. You are a disgrace if you and the other 2 accept. Down with Kadima. You are giving a new meaning to the word kadima......backwards!
5. Israel! Hands UP, yield to truce terms or more humiliation!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (02.08.09)
6. to #2... um do you even know what a ceasefire is?
hz ,   london uk   (02.08.09)
the point of having a ceasefire is to stop hamas rockets to israel, which is what is in everybodies best interests. so, yes, you can ceasefire if both sides stop attacking
7. actions speak louder than words.
vashDi ,   israel   (02.08.09)
bring him home already
8. #6 Do you know the difference bw. fantasy and reality?
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.09)
Fantasy is when you think Hamas would stop rockets to Israel in the best interestsof everybody. Now the reality is ceasefire will only happen when ( not if ) Hamas is decimated.
9. Olmert as Paul Anka
Gideon Reader   (02.08.09)
"Breaking up is hard to do." Much more like surrender. As any soldier will tell you(not the desk kind of soldiers)you try as hard as possible to kill or disable your enemy. Break the stuff he has that allows him to kill or disable you. You seek to prevent his ability to reconstitute and make war in both the short and long term. THAT is when you know you have won and he has lost. There are NO SECOND PLACE OR RUNNERS UP IN ANY WAR. Period. Final This latest bit of polititurd stupidity by the serial political malpractioners of kadima & Labor signals the inability of these dolt to put together two coherent thoughts as they relate to fighting a long term existential war, as is being waged against Israel. OK Adon Olmert. You got your wish. Israel is no longer winning or defeating it's enemies. But is is a fun place to live. Fun in that everyone but the stupidest are laughing at your(and Livni's) antics.
10. please explain if he is not PM how does he make deals?
11. #6 The Brits have no right to talk, shut up, go away
Sandi ,   US/Israel   (02.08.09)
You are a bunch of cowards, history is proof of that
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