Netanyahu: We are rooted in Golan
Hagai Einav
Published: 08.02.09, 13:02
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1. How do we know that we will be giving away the Golan?
Moish ,   Jerusalem   (02.08.09)
When a politician says we will keep something forever it means we will lose it just like when Sharon said we will keep Gush Katif forever. Bibi is the Jewish Richard Nixon with shifty eyes! He talks a better talk then the Coward Barak and the birdbrain Livni but in the end he will bend over to his American master like when he got down on his knees for Clinton at Wye River gave away Hebron and came home with his tail between his legs, his hat in his hand and NO Pollard.
3. Smart and aware
Gideon Reader   (02.08.09)
Good move Beebster. Excellent syombolism and certainly illustrative of Likud's intentions. Good enough to set his upcoming win in stone. Now some trees in Yosh(Judea- Samaria) and a copse of suitable Tu bi'shvat plantings along the Jordan. Beeb. Fix solid borders, extend law and sovreignty and annex ALL of Yosh. Sooner rather than later. The communists, criminals and canibals of the UN, the nuveau Marxists in the US and UK will kvetch regardless. Do it and let them. as the late PM Rabin would say: "Spin like propellers." Or to update:"Blow it out of their tailpipes".
4. I like lots of trees.
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.08.09)
5. Forecast For 2020
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (02.08.09)
It is 2020. Assuming Israel has successfully dealt with the Iranian threat, here is how I see events: Israel has either annexed or almost annexed the West Bank and Gaza. Arabs constiute 40% of the entire population from the Med Sea to the Jordan Rver. The Palestinians have dropped their demands for a separate state. Instead, they are using the tactic of simply demanding full civil rights. U.S. support for Israel is eroding, because every day, there are television reports of Palestinians requesting their civil rights. In the U.S., it appears that Israel is now longer a democracy. International economic boycotts and sanctions against Israel are really starting to hurt the Israeli economy. The problem is compouned by the fact that Israel has been slow to build water desalinization plants, and because Israel never bothered to become energy independent (despite its natural gas find.) What a nightmare! Now, if you disagree with my forecast, I would like to see your forecast.
6. Vote for Bibi...
If you want Israel's destruction.
7. #5-First Alternative:
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.08.09)
Business as usual. The other three are more goal oriented.
8. We are rooted in the Golan Thanks BIBI !
Trumpeldor   (02.08.09)
I expected these words so much. Our national fate is intertwined with Eretz ha Bashan As scriptures and experience say,big dangers will come from north. Better to confront them with the beloved Golan of our forefathers in our hands.
9. Vote for Bibi...
Mark Kleiman ,   Florida, USA   (02.08.09)
Israel needs Likud now! As for #1, you need to read the Torah a little more... pessimism will only make you even more unhappy. As for #6... well, it's either a lost cause depressed Jew or an Arab =)
10. Planting trees is nice but ...
leo ,   USA   (02.08.09)
... clearing Syrian mines would be surer sign by far.
11. #5
J K ,   NYC, USA   (02.08.09)
As far as I can see, the Arabs living in what is considered the West Bank and not citizens of the State of Israel and there is no mechanism in place (and I seriously doubt there ever will be) for offering them citizenship, so while it is technically possible for them to request civil rights, they would have to do so from a state they belong to. and therein lies the issue. The so-called Palestinians are stateless people. 1/2 of them are under military occupation in the WB and the other 1/2 in Gaza are currently being blockaded economically and militarily by Israel and Egypt, a totally different situation in every way that in the WB. They could actually declare a state in Gaza since no one else is there to deny it. As for the WB, who knows what will happen.? After seeing the results of letting the Arabs give it a go in Gaza, all Israel got was bombs and missiles. Israel would be stupid to simply give up strategic depth to a 'people' that cant stop even killing eachother. More and more, it appears Kahane probably was right.
12. Bibi,bibi,bibi
dave ,   uk   (02.08.09)
13. and also water
Joseph ,   Israel   (02.08.09)
Israel is suffering from a severe drought. Without the Golan, Israel would simply not have enough water to survive. It would be stupid to give the Golan to Syria like Livni wants.
14. Bibi used his GPS to find the Golan
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.08.09)
He and the Likud don't even know where the Golan and the Galilee are! For years the Likud have channeled the funds for the development of the North to Judea, Samaria and Gaza. We in the North have been denied basic hospital services - no MRI and Cancer treatment units North of Haifa. People have to travel for hours to Rambam Hospital to get treatment and still there is no train service to Karmiel, Safed, Kiriyat Shemonah and the all important Golan Heights. Netanyahu thinks the people of Israel are stupid. What, don't we know that to do anything with the Heights there would have to be a referendum? He won't give the Golan just as he "didn't" vote for the Gaza Engagement. Three times he voted "FOR" and this shows exactly what Benjamin Netanyahu is! Bibi, you will do more than divide Jerusalem. You will divide the people of Israel as you did before! Your division is rich versus poor!
i ,   jerusalem   (02.08.09)
He walked the walk and talked the talk, and then turned around and spat on us. Netanyahu never even walked, so where is the trust, Lions of the Golan ? Dont buy this PR garbage!
16. Have you eradicated trees previously planted By Arabs,Turks?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (02.08.09)
If so it is easy to eradicate again
17. #14 #15 You are both so right.
Tal ,   PT   (02.08.09)
I wrote that they''ll (Netanyahu and Begin magnanimously let you all 'choose' to live under syrian sovreignty, but they didn't print mine. So thanks for telling us all the truth. yesha and gaza are the voting aces for them. Golan? To be swept under the carpet. We'll get what we deserve, as we always do. You all and the Katif gems are the best in the country. They trod on them, split them into groups to weaken their spirit, their strengh, and unity and placed them in kibbutzim who did not want them to succeed.. Beware, Israel.
18. Is it not this one who was before PM too ??
The one who said he will put Arafat in the prison and later he shaked his hand and he was one step from signing a peace deal with him ..... bla bla bla .... this one he will cause a disaster for the area he has no idea about deplomacy and he will have problems with most of the world , let's see how he can deal with Obama .... if he will be the new PM .
19. #16 Did the Arabs and Turks uproot trees planted by Jews?
BJH ,   usa   (02.08.09)
Answer...No they just took the land when Israel was exiled and then claimed it as theirs. And #14, you sound like a spoiled child.
20. Netanyhu would not sign "NO Palestinians state" pledge
Steve   (02.08.09)
How can we trust "Bibi?" He and three quarters of the Likud's candidates declined to sign a loyalty oath ruling out a Palestinian state that was distributed to all the parties on the Right recently. Sharon also made his intentions known before the 2003 elections. Sharon said "a Palestinian state is inevitable" and we "have to make painful concessions." The right voted for this in 2003? Do we learn from history? "Bibi" has exposed his hand. There are small parties that signed this no Palestinian state pledge. Netanyahu was not amongst them.
21. #16 the country in turkish times looked like a desert
22. to #20
Ronda ,   usa   (02.09.09)
I would like to believe he did not sign the pledge because he knows that he can not sit at a poker table and play with his cards face up. As leader of Likud he can not publicly do what smaller parties do-and I would not want him to publicly declare anything that would immediately open him to verbal attacks from so-called allied nations.
23. For every action....
Marco ,   Spain   (02.09.09)
there is always an equal and opposite reaction. For every illegal rooting, there is always an equal and opposite up-rooting.
24. Netanyahu: We are rooted in Golan
Perer Jam ,   Georgetown, DE USA   (03.17.10)
Benjamin, You are in opur prayers every day. Israel must not give up any more land, in fact we relish the day Israel once again has its total land rights as described in the bible. It really grieves us when our country tries to force Israel to give up land to the Palestinians. We believe that the Bush presidents initially had the right idea, but were pesuaded to stray from that policy and that was their downfall. It certainly was for us the turning point in full commitment to our countries policy towards Israel. God says Jerusalem will be the central governement, and it must be fully under Israel's control. May God Bless you and Your country ! Peter
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