Thank you, Tzipi
Anat Gov
Published: 08.02.09, 16:49
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1. another desperate kadimathon try
yawning   (02.08.09)
2. I think I'll throw up.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.08.09)
3. All things to all women,...
Gideon Reader   (02.08.09)
...but to me she will ALWAYS be the "Mossad Beauty" AND the "Kadima Charwoman". A person withour a raison d'etre, or of any particular thought or plan about, well, about anything. Except wanting to be the "Woman on Top" so that she could say, see? "I'm the Woman on Top". Can't effectively run a ministry. Can't do her FM job in a couple of wars. But, who IS very good at sending mixed and mired signals clear as mud to all but Israel's enemies. That signal is: Here is a lady NOT to be taken seriously. Vapid. Bland. A Chair lady that is a lighter than Air Lady. Off to the serially incompetent, polititurds, malpracticioner's heap with you. And don't look back. Zipperette. No one is waving a serious bye bye to you.
4. I already threw up..
Malone ,   Hfx   (02.08.09)
The fact that Livni is chasingthe female vote,hopingto gain votes from women who will vote for simply because she is female,not for her qualifications or achievements(which are nil),is nauseating.
5. I think this writer works for Bibi
Rick ,   New York   (02.08.09)
But I think is second or 3rd to Olmert (after Olmert his wive)
6. tzipi is not right for israel at this time:
you ,   on my land   (02.08.09)
we need a leader to bring security to our country. our enemies like lebanon, syria, iran and gaza are just waiting like sharks for us to make a mistake. you vote for tzipi, if you want to give away half of jerusalem, the capital city of israel (and thats only the beginning) to the arabs. you vote for barak if you want to give away the golan hights to syria (for fake peace? and a supporter of iran?) and compromise the security of israel because the enemy has the high ground! no matter how you break it down, bibi is the only tuff-enough guy to run the gov and ensure our security for the next few years, without giving jewish land giftwrapped to our enemies. it's as simple as that. you vote whoever u want, but u take the consequences like a man (afterwards)! cheers
7. Livni bad for women
Livni let Haim Ramon be on the Kadima list. Allowing a convicted pervert who assaulted a young woman to be in the Knesset is not good for women.
8. Hahaha
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (02.08.09)
Thank you Tzipi for being a female.
9. Thank you Livni, and let me kiss you
Ramon ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.09)
10. THANK YOU TZIPI!!!- signed, the Ayatollahs
dr. dave ,   nyc   (02.08.09)
You did a great job delivering everything on our wish list, on or before schedule. Thanks!!!..The ayatollahs, every last one of us, LOVES YOU TZIPI!!! And remember Israel, a vote for Tzipi is a vote for us. SO VOTE TZIPI!!!
11. How does one say "unmitigated crap" in Hebrew?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.08.09)
Ynet's editors must be so desperate to stem Kadima's falling support they're seeking out even a nobody to sing her praises. (One recent poll shows Kadima and Yisrael Beitenu running in a statistical dead heat.) Good for women? Well, she replaced the highly regarded Gillerman at the UN with an inexperienced law professor because she wanted a woman in that post. Yeah, that worked out well. Does Livni even have any core principles? She seems to revise her stand - when she even has one - more often than I change socks. Asked in one interview to name her accomplishments, she could only mention UNSC 1701 and the Gaza disengagement, which most of us now see as failures.
12. If Tzipi is what you expect from women, then
m   (02.08.09)
you don't expect much. She is no Dvora, believe me, no one will remember her in (let's be generous) 2 years.
13. Thank you, Tzipi... and bye-bye!
Ariel ,   Europe   (02.08.09)
14. Tsipi is good for......the opposition
NoraTel Aviv ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.09)
You can`t be a PM candidate in Israel. You know nooooothing.
15. comments on Livni
Malone ,   Hfx   (02.08.09)
While I am glad to see posts not in favour of Livni,on YNet,Haaretz,JPost,unfortunately many of them come from people not in a position to affect the outcome..ie: outsiders,such as myself. It would be nice to see more from actual Israelis,or people who can vote against her. I'mgetting nervous that she may squeak in there somehow.
16. Thanks for exposing us to the liberal-feminist echo chamber
Rami   (02.08.09)
It's wonderful isn't it, the Queen of Peace is just so, so... so well, wonderful.
17. Livni and UNSC0 1701
Gideon Reader   (02.08.09)
Stardate: Captain's Log Fresh from the disasterous UNSCO 1701 effort, Lt.Commander Zipperette is finishing her thankfully failed diplomatic mission to give Earth's Israel, a Coup de Grace. At the behest of the GemHadar, the Romulan Empire's Security Service, she is working hard to assert herself as a credible candidate for the position of Prime Minister. She is however, not credible in any known position outside of the Kama Sutra. Notwithstanding their great shoulder pads and nifty eyebrows, the Romulans do not have a Disruptor of sufficient Megawattage to give this bimbo the juice needed for the task of getting herself another four or so years taking her country apart like a Cardassian Interrogator whupping the snot out of the Bajorans.. Off to the Holodeck with you Zip. Your dream is just bad science fiction. You ain't going to be the Captain aboard the Jewish Federation Ship "Private Enterprise". NCC-1701 or UNSCO 1701.
18. Tzipi
Al Ramy ,   Los Angeles   (02.08.09)
Tzipi to my regret is another 'left over' from the righteous hi-command of the Irgun. Sadly, their children are a disappointment. None has the vision, the charisma & the skills to lead the country towards a better future. While she may have done justice for women in Israel, she failed as a Minister just as much as her wet, wobbly and utterly misguided Ms. Rice-whose departure is a cause to celebrate both in the U.S and Israel. Donald Trump used to say that Conde could never close a deal. Can Tzipi close anything? Is Tzipi running as the best woman in Israel or as a leader of the nation?
19. this woman says - NO THANKS
Shoshana ,   Jerusalem   (02.08.09)
"on behalf of the human, sane, and optimistic race"? Oh barf. Give me a break. The woman is an opportunist who cares more about Kadima than Israel. We are desperately praying that Israel - men and women - aren't stupid enough to fall for her politics. This article is pathetic and the writer so simplistic. Please! Spare us!
20. Shavit: Livni, major issues...
Yonah   (02.08.09)
A cautionary note By Ari Shavit Over the past week I took statements from about a dozen people who know Tzipi Livni quite well. None of them is close to either Benjamin Netanyahu or Ehud Barak. Most support Kadima or parties on the left. Nevertheless, all are concerned. The portrait they paint of Livni is a disturbing one. Kadima's chairwoman is a principled, patriotic, exemplary human being. She is intelligent and a quick study. But there is one fault that no one disputes: Livni is short-tempered. Her more serious critics believe she has an attention deficit. She is incapable of delving into the details of a document or of sustaining an extended discussion. She does not stay with a topic until it has been completely clarified. Her thinking is not clear and she cannot distinguish the wheat from the chaff. ... Livni tends to oversimplify, to go for the schematic. ... Nor is there any disputing a second flaw of Livni's: She finds it very hard to make decisions. Even with noncritical decisions she deliberates, wavers, delays and changes her opinion over and over. Some people believe the combination of inexperience and lack of confidence paralyzes Livni. They think the foreign minister is incapable of deciding whether to launch a strike against Iran. Livni does not have the spine, levelheadedness and internal calm ... Her third flaw is her total lack of emotional intelligence. Livni neither understands people nor likes them. That is why she has no inner circle of confidants. ...Many people who made personal sacrifices on her behalf feel betrayed. ... Few top Kadima figures like or believe her. In the party's inner circles she is thought of as lacking leadership. The most common comment is that she simply doesn't have it. ...Livni has several other faults. She does not take the long view, is inconsistent, and her deep fear of failure prevents her from being daring and original. She disguises her internal panic with exaggerated displays of self-confidence that sometimes border on rudeness. ...Many people at the Foreign Ministry view her as some sort of country bumpkin. All these issues, however, are dwarfed by the question of all questions that Livni evokes: Who is she and what is her inner core? A few of the people I spoke to this week had a disturbing response to this question: Tzipi Livni is hollow. They argued that Livni lacks the cultural baggage, historic vision, emotional tools and personal abilities of a leader. She has never shown civil courage, has no achievements to her name and has never gone against the tide. She recites a series of correct statements about dividing the country but does not know how to translate them into policy. That is why her negotiations with Ahmed Qureia failed and why her faith in Annapolis was proved false. But Livni's Palestinian failure is tiny compared to her Iranian error. Livni did not understand the Iranian challenge in advance, did not take it on board and effectively did nothing in the international arena to deal with it. Iran's nuclear program is what turned Livni's term as foreign minister into a colossal failure. One of the people I spoke to was especially agitated despite being a mature, restrained and conservative person. He told me he felt like a member of some cult with a terrible secret: Tzipi Livni is not fit to be prime minister. There is a black flag waving above her journey to the Prime Minister's Office. The witness said it was inconceivable to him that the media are not revealing this secret; intolerable that the public does not know. That is why he spoke, that is why I recorded his words. That is why this piece was published. So the public will know - and decide.
21. You underestimate, my friends
Efrat   (02.08.09)
Everyone here seems to be getting drawn into the anti-Livni propaganda campaign devised by Bibi/Barak the macho guys. In all fairness, she has remained level-headed and definitely more composed than the two of them put together. I think she is doing a reasonable job. My only main concern is Jerusalem - will she divide???
22. #17 You Are Brilliant
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (02.08.09)
Thanks for making me laugh ,and so true.
23. Making it so-so.
Gideon Reader   (02.09.09)
Lawrence #22, in Safed Awww.Shucks, Aint nuthin' anyone trained in the Gamma Quadrant could not do. You'll have to excuse me now; I need to generate some votes for the "right" in the replicator.
24. You mean "Admirably". end.
shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (02.09.09)
25. Hey Efrat, nobody says Bibi/Lieberman are better !
avi   (02.09.09)
she would definitely divide Jerusalem if you didn't get it yet ... See, only Ichud Leumi will stand not to tear apart our country, but this is small fish for big dreamers ?
26. #21
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Avvi   (02.08.09)
Your concern should not be Jerusalem, but your existence. Negotiations have not yet started and Livni has already promised Fatah almost all of Judea and Samaria. During negotiations she will have to give more, that is how negotiations work. And then what? Hamas will take over and shoot rockets. In the very small and flat Gaza, Israel made a brilliant military move that isolated Israel, increased support in Hamas and did not stop rockets. Now imagine Israel's short future when attacked by Hamas from the impregnable hills of Judea and Samaria.
27. unfortunately
i ,   jerusalem   (02.09.09)
There are many more who think like this author. It is the reality that we do not have a populace of deep thinkers. The hoi poloi is influenced by adverts, by polls by tv garbage, by gender lines and by whether the donas hair is worn up or down. We saw this in the US where the State of New York voted in the witch Clinton because half the populace voted with their uterus intstead of their brain. Democracy can do this to you, I would think Israeli women are smarter, but it seems like a biological thing.
28. well, well, well
on the outside ,   CH   (02.09.09)
very interesting dicussion, or should I say 'vent your anger and hatred' ... the way you guys talk about your politicians is an eye opener.... first you vote for them, then you damn them for the rest of their tenure.putting them down, .curse every move they make.. what kind of democracy is this?.. Ms Livni was no worse and no better than all the rest of the candidates-at least she has courage and is not a criminal, like you know who! Good Luck with the elections- hope you get what you wish for..... and that you can stand BEHIND your polititicians- . You can only win if you stand united behind your government- hasn't happened so far.... better luck next time.
29. anat: what has tzipi contributed.....
bernardo   (02.09.09)
during her 10 yrs in the knesset? get real! wake up to reality; not what you are deaming about!
30. English?
lildoobird ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.09)
How could you write a thank-you note in English to Ms. Livni when she does not speak a word (or read?) of it?
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