Olmert formally endorses Livni
Published: 08.02.09, 22:28
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1. the best job she can do is as a pimp.
stude ham   (02.08.09)
3. Boy, a endorsment from Olmert.. Is that
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (02.08.09)
a coup for her or the kiss of death? If I was her I'd ask'ed him to endorse someone else. Help like that no one needs!
4. Isreal shall Hide behind Skirts?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (02.08.09)
5. Yaaah right, because Olmert really knew what he was doing.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.08.09)
I bet Livni is thrilled she got his endorsement :) Then again these politician are crafty and that might be part of the plan.
6. commission of omission
gila ,   gilo, eretz yisroel   (02.08.09)
There is something terrifyingly wrong about the mainstream Israeli media's failure to report the concession-laced, complete capitulation to Egypt, Hamas and Iran in the not-so-hidden Cairo agreement. Thank you goes not to the mainstream but for for reporting the truth. May Hashem protect Am Yisroel from those who destroy from within.
7. Well, that cinches it
J K ,   NYC, USA   (02.08.09)
Bibi will win. An endorsement from a failure of a PM like Olmert is the hot potato no one wants to hold for too long.
8. Olmert is Bibis secret weapon
zionist forever   (02.08.09)
Over the years Olmert has made no secret of the fact he is no fan of Livni so maybe he has seen the error of his ways joining Kadima and he is now hoping to get back into Likuds good books acting as Bibis secret weapon. The rallies are for the loyalists anyway not trying drum up support from the average voter but with any luck this will encourage the Kadima die hards to vote Likud.
9. Livni is the greatest
Hennypenny ,   Amsterdam   (02.08.09)
Vote for her! She has so many accomplishments under her belt. Can't remember a single one now, funny that, but never mind. Remember that she bombed a lot of empty buildings and that is no mean accomplishment for a woman who speaks no English!
10. Olmert's Endorsement
David   (02.09.09)
If Olmert could run Israel, then Livni certainly can do it too The question is how well she can do it. Olmert's endorsement is a liability and not a recommendation. Israel cannot afford another disastrous government.
11. It would have been better if he did not.
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (02.09.09)
During the presidential elections in U.S. everyone tried to stay away from Bush as much as they can. Bush is perceived by many so far as one of the worse presidents in U.S. history. Even though I don't hold this view. But at any rate, Olmert who have lost two wars in Israel perfect record, who brought more terrorism to this country than any other prime minister. Who has been charged with corruption not once but many times. And the list goes on. Olmert is endorsing Livni WOW that would have opposite reaction. But since Livni is not protesting this action of Olmert I guess Livni is just natural continuation of Olmert failures only in a skirt. For more please visit:
12. 4: Curious you should ask,"Israel shall hide behind skirts?"
Rivkah   (02.09.09)
The Bible describes those protected by the Lord as being hidden in the folds of God's skirts (wings). The Lord wears skirts as do the angels who are all male in the Hebrew gender of words describing angels in the Bible. You can be that Israel will be protected in the folds of skirts: Livni'sor Bibi's by proxy for the Lord's.
13. Olmert: " She has sensitivity"
Olmerto ,   One of my houses   (02.09.09)
When I have shown her the door she run away. Very nice puppy.
14. Olmert
Brod ,   USA   (02.09.09)
If Olmert is the benchmark for endorsement, the voters should be wary. It is like Chamberlain endorsing another Chamberlain. When Israel is facing mounting challenges, it cannot afford to have a Chamberlain as PM. A weak Leftist government will be disastrous for Israel. It will be an invitation for more rocket attacks from Islamist-Jihadists who are hellbent on Israel's destruction. They have eroded Israel's deterrence.
15. LIVNI also has DETERMINATION to go with her SENSITIVITY
Rob ,   NY   (02.09.09)
just ask the former Gush Katif residents
16. An Endorsement from Olmert is Proof Livni is unqualified
meir elazar   (02.09.09)
17. Livni is a joke, where is Golda?
Sandi   (02.09.09)
A vote for Livni/Kadima is a wasted vote!
18. give me Amandinjad, Nassralah & Hanniyeh anytime
zionist forever   (02.09.09)
If I was Livni I think I would help my election chances more if I got an endorsment from Ahmadinijad, Nassralah or Haniyeh. At least they have popularity amongst the people they lead Olmert doesn't even have that. Hopefully his endorsment will be the key to Netanyahus victory and Kadima can be remembered they way it should be ... A FAILURE
19. 12 cont'd...
Rivkah   (02.09.09)
Actually, only a third of Israel will be protected by the Lord when the wars get really bad. Why? The Lord protects his own and many in Israel are Jewish by descent but not in their hearts.
20. #4 ALL of the muslim world hides behind so called men with
skirts on!!So your ,   point is what?????   (02.09.09)
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