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Brussels: Israeli exhibit postponed following Gaza op
Eli Senyor
Published: 09.02.09, 09:17
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1. This can only be called "RACISM"
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.09.09)
What does culture and Judaism have to do with poitics? What does architecture have to do with politics? But racism and hatred against Jews is the real reason behind all this. All who claim that they are only anti-Israel and anti-Zionists but have no hatred against Jews are lying! They are burning Synagogues which are NOT in Israel, they are threatening Jews who are not Israelis and they are boycotting culture and sports which are Jewish - not political. All this is RACISM and ANTI-SEMITISM regardless of their pathetic trial to beautify their hatred and inhuman behavior and call them "critique". Yessir! This is PURE RACISM, RACISM, RACISM - and NOTHING ELSE! I pity the Belgians for their wimpiness and not standing firm against the backwardness represented by its Anarchists and Muslim mob. Now they are rejecting Israelis and Jews - tomorrow they will lose their own culture! Belgium is on a sure way to self-doom and the Muazzin is calling the cards.
2. Will you call this too anti-simitism ? ... LOOOL
3. Have an exhibition on ''Palestinian Culture''
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.09.09)
I think that would be very instructive. They could have an exhibit on Arafat & an explanation of where all the money given by the EU disappeared. They could have some exhibits of airline hijacking, invented by the PLO, along with some video of the Munich Olympic massacre. Then they could have a few exhibits of the results of suicide bombings in cafes, night-clubs, & buses. Samples of suicide explosive vests could be displayed. They could have some footage of the Mufti of Jerusalem sitting with Hitler - for historical background on Palestinian politics. A small exhibit would be nice showing Hamas throwing Fatah members off of buildings in Gaza - that should be of interest. A few exhibits on general culture would be nice too - ethnic cleansing of Christians, persecution of gays, & some honour killings. To top it off, let's add some clips from the mosques in Gaza where Imams praise the Holocaust, call for genocide, & tell the faithful they will conquer the world for Islam. I'm sure this will all be a crowd-pleaser in Eurabia - home of the Dhimmis.
4. Belgium also refused to sell weapons to Israel....
Josh ,   Israel   (02.09.09)
which would affect Israel more directly than their culture boycott. They declared that they would no longer sell weapons to Israel to improve IDF weapons. What does this imply? Isn't that clear already!
5. # 2
Peppe ,   Oslo, Norway   (02.09.09)
I won't use the word anti-semitism. I think the word retarded is more suitable. Its a plain out retarded decision made by the Belgian organizers. Another thing that seems pretty retarded is your use of LOOOL... What is that supposed to mean? Laugh out out out loud?
6. #1 The Doc, Haifa - Israel
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.09.09)
It's not exactly ''racism'' - I wouldn't automatically chalk this up to anti-Semitism although I'm sure it enters into the decision. This is more a case of appeasement-minded multi-cultural moral relativist spineless dhimmis who are deathly afraid of their Muslim minorities & ''accomodate'' even the most unreasonable demands. Eurabians will ''accomodate'' themselves into extinction because they just don't have the guts to stand up for themselves. Yes, they are a bunch of wimps, hiding behind liberal rhetoric & self-righteous up-side down morality to justify their cowardice.
7. funny
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.09.09)
The primary force pushing for Israel's isolation is Israel's self-styled "intelligentsia" in the universities, press and NGOs like Yesh Gvul. These people felt that by condemning their brothers as "extreme right" they would be accepted by the world. Instead, it is Leftist professors and academics shunned by their colleagues and it is Leftist politicans accused of war crimes.
8. Soon Europeans will have only Islamic culture
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.09.09)
Then #2 will have even more to laugh and celebrate about.
9. Israeli culture?
Ivan ,   Haifa   (02.09.09)
what's that?, exists?
10. Laughable
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (02.09.09)
Under the guise of "evenhandedness" they pretend having no fear of their Muslim population. LOL. They owe their civilization to us. Evenhanded? Cowardly, more to the point. When their overbreeding Muslim population takes over their country maybe WE'LL be the ones smiling.
11. petty little country, who cares
Nik ,   London   (02.09.09)
isn't it nice for the Beligians not to have an entity who wants to wipe them out, they don't understand and never will. What have they ever done for the world anyway? aprt from Brussels Sprouts, they are just a poor mans France lol
12. brussels: israeli exhibit
debbie ,   israel   (02.09.09)
13. #1, it is not racism. It is misguided PC, which ...
leo ,   USA   (02.09.09)
... later will come back and bite Belgians in the rear. Or it already does.
14. #8 Cynthia
E   (02.09.09)
Too true! I live and work most of the year in Saudi Arabia, which is the proto-culture for the soon-to-be New Europe. In that day, I am confident #2 will thoroughly enjoy his/her new-found freedoms to openly hate anything Jewish and not remain anonymous in their retarded talkbacks! The public whippings and beheadings will be a refreshing replacement for cultural exhibitions.
15. Poor Little Mistreated Israel
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.09.09)
You never do anything wrong. It's always the anti-semite bigots persecuting G_d's chosen elite. What is happening in the world today? People don't want to hear what a great light unto the nations Israel has become. They boycott your products, academie, tourists, sports teams and cultural exibitions. They throw shoes at your diplomats and call for war trials for your military commanders and politicians. And the world has the audacity to ask that Israel actually follow the rules of international law and the mandates of the UN? Have they not read your holy books? Do they not realize that your G-d, Hasshem, said it was fine for Israel to do the things it does to the Palestinians because they are morally, physically, spiritually, intellectually inferior to you? And besides, these Palestinian people, who are not worth one Jewish fingernail, worship another inferior god. Clearly they deserve what your G-d has metted out for them? Can't the civilized world see that? When will you ever see peace?
16. To #15. Poor, I do know. But little and mistreated, yes.
leo ,   USA   (02.09.09)
But fear none. Israel will survive and will prosper even if Europe will not.
17. Israel and Israelis need to understand one fact!
IRAN#1   (02.10.09)
Israel and it's actions are the biggest source of anti-semitism in the world. You need to understand this fact.
18. Hilarious -- "we're not giving in to boycott calls, but..."
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.10.09)
So, let's see. They planned an exhibition. But it was -- shudder -- Israeli! So, naturally, there was the usual call to boycott by those who are led by hatred. Response: well, uh, we're not giving in but, yeah, we're cancelling. Don't forget, this is Belgium, where the Flemish public broadcaster regularly airs "comedy" directed at ridiculing Jews. The cancellation is no surprise. The double-faced talk about how they're not giving in to the boycotters is pathetic -- but no more a surprise than the rest.
19. World Citizen is my favourite...
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.10.09)
... wraps up all the racist stereotypes and bitter little lies all in one neat package, so that we can see exactly what kind of person it is who hates us. I'm not sure whether I prefer the ad hominems or the Christians-still-teach-this-drivel religious smears. Either way, it's a valuable encapsulation!
20. if it is not white
habla ,   jerusalem   (02.10.09)
you can use a dye but sure it is not lead .lead is poisoning it affects the nervouse system serously .. but if it was white but in a moment it looked otherway . you can clean it .. chlorine or oxygen is good but toomuch of these is detergant .be carfull
21. Congratulations #15
Korem ,   New York, USA   (02.10.09)
You completely misunderstood/fabricated Israeli psychology and culture, like all anti-Israelis. Good job. Where'd you pick up some of those lines, jewwatch?
22. Israeli Culture: Oxymoron
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (02.10.09)
The only thing worth saving in the whole of Tel Aviv (Israel?) is the Bauhaus legacy from Germany. Israel has added nothing to 20th/21st Century civilisation; its "culture" is guns, death and destruction. And hopefully those that live by the sword ... will get their just deserts.
23. Israeli culture? You moron ...
Esav Benyamin ,   U*S*A   (02.10.09)
How about medicine, electronics, agriculture? Why is it the less antisemites know, the prouder they are of their ignorance?
24. #22 Chanamoron
Cynthia ,   USA   (02.10.09)
Put yur thinking cap on dearie. The guns, death and destruction is part of Israel's survival. She's located in a bad neighborhood. Now pay closer attention to the contributions Israel makes to the world. Yes, take off your blinders, ear plugs and switch off the anti-Israel propaganda on your telli once in a while.
25. #11: Brussels is the capital city of the EU...
Stephane ,   Brussels, BE   (02.10.09)
that's why there are so many Brits (and other Europeans) who come to work here and make loads of money!! This is also why it is important for Israel to do PR in Brussels, and I am sad this exhibition has been postponed. Anyway, I'll be in TLV on April 4! I hope many of you as well!
26. #15 World Citizen -- A RASCIST'S VIEW OF "HIS" WORLD !
AVRUM ,   CANADA   (02.11.09)
27. White City Exhibit in Belgium
F.Alter ,   Vienna Eurostan   (02.11.09)
What a shame that the noisy minority have shouted out the silent majority.This is the new Europe it is
28. These the same belgians that killed,
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.13.09)
raped and mutilated in the congo? That stole the riches of the people there? The same ones that volunteered for the wallon s.s. division in WWII? Yeah they have a "clean" history.
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