Who will Golan Heights voters favor?
Hagai Einav
Published: 09.02.09, 10:59
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1. The Time is Right
Joshua ,   New Brunswick, NJ   (02.09.09)
If the time is right? The time IS right, right now. Do not wait until momentum builds in the direction of ceding territory, start campaigning right now about the Golan. Better yet, the quicker the world sees the Golan as an inherent part of the State of Israel, rather than a point of debate, the better.
2. Elections : Cyclical Periods of Self Deception
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (02.09.09)
I wonder who remains duped by the misconception of "democracy by election under a multi-party system"! In the sixties Labor Party was considered the "doves" while Likud was viewed as the "hawks".In early 1973 the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat told Newsweek magazine in an interview: " there are no doves or hawks on the other side.Only Israelis.They have convinced themselves they are quite satisfied where they are.And when the Libyan airliner was shot down with 108 passenger killed all the papers in Israel backed this .....act ". In mid 1977 Labor lost and Likud won for the first time in Israel's modern history.Sadat remained indifferent and finally was able to make peace with Israel in 1979 and regain his Sinai peninsula after Israel finally gave in and agreed to dismantle " Yamit " settlement in "El-Arish " city on the northern coast of Sinai. Similarly Israel, under Labor,made the " Oslo Accords " in 1993 and finally recognized the PLO which Israel for long called " a terroristic organization". And in summer 2005 Israel under " Kadima " leadership dismantled the Israeli settlements in Gaza Strip and dragged the settlers out by force. What would stop Israel from withdrawing from the Golan Heights if Israel and Syria finally made formal peace? In such a case Israel would most certainly dismantle its Golan settlements... Amazingly the people still do not get the message that during elections competing political parties keep saying and reiterating slogans and mottos that please the voters simply for the ultimate goal of winning in the elections.Nothing less and nothing more... ! Personally I did not believe Mahmoud Abbas when he succeeded " Arafat " in late 2004; he visited a Palestinian refugee camp and while chatting with some refugees he referred to Israel as " the Zionist enemy "...Surely he had in mind to influence the emotions of desperate refugees and give them the impression he was hostile toward Israel just to win in the elections... He clearly won but so far has done nothing for the welfare of the Palestinian cause... Mendacious liars...Are n't they ???
3. Which party won ??? who is next P M RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (02.11.09)
I realize if Livni wins does Syria get back the Golen Heights if Betanahu never ??? America wonders who is going to be the next Israeli P M after Olmert dodge after dodge bible book of dodges Israel modern history book of dodges but Israel can not may not dodge I N T Iran nuclear threat and so Iran nuclear weapons RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
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