United Torah Judaism woos Arab voters
Ronen Medzini
Published: 09.02.09, 13:21
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1. Are these people insane?
Arthur   (02.09.09)
Between a Jew and an Arab, they choose the Arab? The same ones who plot to kill Jews? What is wrong with you, people?
2. "matters of chastity and family honor"
Micha ,   Berlin   (02.09.09)
Welcome to Sharialand!
3. #1 Arthur. Their mental health is debatable.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.09.09)
But their lack of scruples is undeniable.
4. anything for a vote?
eddie ,   london UK   (02.09.09)
its not very smart, and it may turn Jews away from the Haredim, and also secular Jews may be distanced from the Torah.
5. United Torah Judaism?
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (02.09.09)
And there it is rather than serving in any way shape or form our fellow Jews would rather TL our enimies from within. B"H they will loose seats in the coming government and hopefully learn from their mistake. I find it remarkable that rather than work together the different parties would rather work apart. Chaval.
6. 'Do not oppress an alien; you yourselves know how it feels
Charles   (02.09.09)
that's what the Islamis do since hundreds of years, oppressing aliens.
7. arthur
jack ,   us   (02.09.09)
not all arabs plot to kill jews. your statement is blatantly ignorant and racist. that is of course the problem with liberman: he is blatantly racist. most palestinians and arabs are not in any way engaged in plots to kill jews, or anyone else for that matter.
8. I have always had a strong admiration of the Haredi
Palestinian   (02.09.09)
community. Their family values and that of us are very much in line, and we get along very well.
9. no news. they prefer anyone but jews who are not from theirs
avi   (02.09.09)
10. jack, stay abroad with your words too
avi   (02.09.09)
11. So much in common, they almost deserve each other
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.09.09)
Neither community can be deemed "Zionist", though they rely on the state for security and services. Few from either community perform IDF service or even civilian "national service". Economic participation is low in both communities. Both tend to have large families and are economically "poor" by national standards. And both want to impose their "modesty" standards on everyone else.
12. ... just when I thought I had seen it all ...
Zvi   (02.09.09)
13. 8
zionist forever   (02.09.09)
Its just a shame that I cant say I have a strong admiration for the religious muslims. Their ideas of family values are martyrdom, not really the sort of family values I can respect.
14. The idea seems novel
GHook93 -Zionist Jew ,   Chicago   (02.09.09)
but are you fricking kidding me! If the stabbing in East Jerusalem has taught you anything is that the Israeli Arabs as a whole identify with Palestine not Israel. They are truely the 5th wheel. They will vote for whoever they see will lead to the Arabs taking Israel!
15. to 1#
mohannad   (02.09.09)
do you know that there are arab jews too? or you are way too brainwashed that you think that judism is a nationality and not a relagion, wake up m8, jews are a realgous group and not a nationality.
16. #15 - I don't use the word Muslim because
Arthur   (02.09.09)
I sometimes get censored when doing so. But everybody understands what I meant when I said Arab. There's no such thing as an Arab Jew in Israel. Or anywhere. Jews are called Jews in Arab countries. Or other epithets. And there are no converts to Judaism among Arabs. Forbidden. Although the reverse, a Jew could convert to Islam, if he or she chooses to.
17. Arabs should support UTJ
Benzi ,   Sderot   (02.09.09)
Litzman helped seal the fate of the Jews of Gush Katif so the Arabs owe Litzman for making Gaza Judenrein. Litzman was responsible for a non relious liberal mayor in Jerusalem. Maybe he can get each arab family $500 from the Gerrer fund too.
18. #15, mohammed
david ,   new york   (02.09.09)
its always nice to have a moslem tell jews what judaism is all about. mohammed: you should know that jews lived in "arab" coutries such as iraq, tunisia add egypt long before arabs lived in those places. Jews settled those places about 2,500 years ago, about 1,000 years before the arabs invaded those countries. the fact that jews lived as "dhimi" under arab oppression does not make them "arabs". if they were "arabs", then the arabs would not have ethnically cleansed them from lands they lived in for millenia. i live in america, and i love america, but my nationality is jewish. America has been a gracious host to my people.
19. It's about damn time...
Hussein ,   Ramleh, Palestine   (02.09.09)
that the Haredis realized that the racist, so-called "secular" candidates have been the ones taking advantages of all parties in this conflict. Since the 1910's, our problem has been with the "fathers of Zionism" and prominent Zionist thinkers such as Herzl and DBG, never with the poor Holocaust victims who were herded into Palestine. I can only hope the rest of our Jewish brothers realize this as well.
20. #18 David - very well said!
Arthur   (02.09.09)
USA   (02.09.09)
22. 8# Yes values of living on the back
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.09)
of others, not contributing to community not serving the country just getting anything you can from others
23. #11, Raymond, Please...Not Alike
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (02.09.09)
This is just some stupid pol. They have them in every party and certainly parties that cannot get themselves together abound in Israel. The biblical quote about not oppressing the stranger is taken out of context...this applies only to righteous strangers, not to murderers, kidnappers, criminals etc. Certainly Jewish family values, even Haredi, are miles away from honor killings, burkas, and women being kept out of the workplace and from behind the wheel. I wouldn't dismiss every trade unionist because of Barak, nor every environmental issue because Meretz is a questionable party. I too think it is a shame that the religious parties cannot find more common ground. I must also underline that Lieberman is in no way a racist; he is referring to a group of people whose collective actions either include or cast a blind eye toward murder, bombing, joining or supporting known enemies of Israel, and working towards its downfall. It's about their behavior, plain and simple. He certainly is not excluding that probably very small minority of Israeli Arabs who would be loyal. Everyone who cries racism always conveniently ignores 1)Israel's stance twoards the Druze and 2)the fact that Jews come from all racial groups. Please!!!!
24. 19
zionist forever   (02.09.09)
Hussein A jew is a jew no matter where they live or what their political beliefs. All jews are Israelis at heart. Its the promised land where all jews belong not the disapora and they rightly have a right to return to where they belong.
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