Military allotted NIS 2.4B to recoup operational capabilities
Zvi Lavi
Published: 09.02.09, 15:40
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1. 2. I beseech the righteous UNWRA, UN, EU & especially UK to
Buzaglo   (02.09.09)
. I beseech the righteous UNWRA, UN, EU and especially UK to donate this money to IDF with equal willingness as you give Hamas & the Palestinians who started this instigation of 8 years of bombardments of our settlements. May God bless you for your kindness, generosity, impartiality, lack of antijudaism (antisemitism includes Muslims which ou dont hate) etcetera. signed - one of the 14.000.000 Jews whose numbers have not changed since 1945, who do not contribute to the population explosion in the world and do not breath one more iota of air then allocated them and their refugee camp of Israel by the legitimate resolution of the legitimate UN of that time - who is now being de-legitimized. Buzaglo - (02/09/2009 16:17)
2. It's got to be done. The next conflict is coming.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.09.09)
Given that the politicos failed to take advantage of the victory handed them by the IDF, it's only a matter of time before Israel's enemies provoke another conflict. So Israel has to be ready. It's unfortunate the government doesn't set aside money for a "rainy day" fund (rain as in "missiles") so they can accommodate such budget exigencies. To my mind, this is a more rational expenditure than some boondoggle like the proposed new government compound. And, on the plus side, it means more jobs for US and Israeli workers. Apropos, the latest is that our new president wants to cut military expenditures - putting people out of work - so he can reallocate the money to his stimulus package. So he can get people back to work. (What am I missing here?)
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