Shas: Lieberman to legalize civil marriage
Ronen Medzini
Published: 09.02.09, 19:41
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1. civil marriage
Robert ,   france   (02.09.09)
In democratic country civil marriage is the core of the law, religion and the state must be separate also in Israel and if a Israel citizen Jew intend marry a non jew it is a right that the state must garantee.
2. Amazing - Shas condemns Lieberman's only good points!
azazel ,   nyc   (02.09.09)
3. The SHA$ should $hush.
USA   (02.09.09)
I hear United Torah Judaism is also against Lieberman and is currently begging for Arab votes and I thought Arabs were Labour constituence. They stand quietly in the face of murder of Jews and shelling but raucusly oppose a right wing Jew. Amazing.
NEW YORK, USA   (02.09.09)
5. politics is dirty
dave ,   uk   (02.09.09)
6. Shas = Vomit
israel   (02.09.09)
Anyone can go to the Kotel. It belongs to every Jew. Shas have no business in saying who and who cannot go when, why and what to write on their notes. I'm so looking forward to their red ass faces when they are kicked out the government. They are sick stupid primitive evil Morons.
7. Citizens = THEIR fate not 'his'
Gabi ,   israel   (02.09.09)
There are also women voters. I'm voting Bibi..
8. shas is attacking the wrong target
zionist forever   (02.09.09)
The people who vote for Liberman would never even consider voting for Shas and vice versa. If Shas wants to start looking for seats they should be going after the other religious parties Likud & Kadima As for Livnis little speeches they are so obviously political and depressing not something that inspires hope.
9. If Liebrman is not tied with Torah ,he is a simply racist!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (02.09.09)
I agree with Shas!
10. I agree with Shas!
Keren ,   Israel   (02.09.09)
One should not reach the Knesset without soul.If Liberman´s mind is a materialist mind,he is indeed only a racist. Policy against arabs is correct in my view,but it must be driven by a Jewish spirit,a spirit of resolving this problem with deepness and soul,otherwise it is racist. I agree with Shas about pork and marriages.Israel must follow its Torah;any view without Torah is fated to bring suffering for us. I didn´t know this particular point of view of Lieberman I I don´t like AT ALL! In this case I really prefer Bibi,at least for thr moment;it is not the ideal but it is better than Liebrman.
11. why can't women pray with men at the wall?
debra ,   usa   (02.09.09)
who controls the wall and makes such an ignorant and cruel decision regarding jewish women?
12. Shas against pork?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.09.09)
I was under the impression that they liked pork quite a bit. After all, that's primarily why they're in 'politics - for the pork.
13. Lieberman represents the best of the Left and of the Right!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.09.09)
He is against religious dictates (like the Left), but is a patriot who does not accept to surrender to Muslim terror and treason (like the Right). So IMHO he will get a lot of votes despite the PATHETIC primitive incitement coming from the religious fanatics who only think about how much to steal from the taxpayer to fund their own schemes while trying to force everybody live their way of life. As if we don't have enough Muslim terrorists at home. Now we have to deal with religious fanatics of our own!
14. Civil marriages will help Judaism
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (02.09.09)
How can the state allow so many non-Jews to come into the country yet deny them the right to get married? Of course they should have never been allowed in the first place but now that they are here you cannot deny them the right to marry and you cannot force them to convert. In any case, civil marriages will help keep Judism safe. In 20 years if you want to know whether girl X or boy Y is suitable for your child to marry, you have to do little research beyond the marriage certificate. If it is a Jewish marriage, the person is suitable, if it is a civil marriage, he or she is probably not not. No more detective work required. If I were in Israel I'd vote Shas but the anonymous Shas source cited in this article is simly wrong for going after Lieberman like he or she did.
15. PORK
CIA ,   NYC   (02.09.09)
Let’s remember why we are here in the first place, because we are JEWS. It is NOT a "Typical Democratic State" it’s a Jewish state first and Democratic second. Jews by definition are the ones who believe in ONE G-D and that we accepted his torah and therefore HE gave us this great land (which for some odd reason the whole world is very occupied with). Whether u like Shas or not, selling Pork & Civil Marriage should send Shivers up your back. Jews have always kept those standards until now. Let’s send out a clear message "NO PORK".
16. All Jews
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (02.09.09)
have the right to pray at the Western Wall and it's nobody else's business, including Shas personnel, how that person prays, who that person is and what that person prayed for. Whatever Avigdor Lieberman's activity was at the Western Wall, it is simply and solely between him and the Creator.
17. $ha$ is running scared!
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (02.09.09)
$ha$ is angry that Lieberman will have many more mandates than them. The Russian sphardic vote is going to Lieberman & not to $ha$ & that really ticks them off. It's all about power & $ha$ is loosing. It couldn't happen to a better party!
18. #11 there must be a reason
Maria ,   MD   (02.09.09)
So that men can concentrate praying? You see, men can be distracted easily,especially if they see women with revealing clothes.Men are different from women,we women when we see handsome men,sometimes we don't care,but men,when they see women with revealing clothes,they x-ray that woman's inside.
19. I won't be voting for either
israel   (02.09.09)
I'm not voting for a bunch of religious zealots or someone who conducts his speeches in Russian.
20. These attacks on Lieberman demean Shas and their Rabbi
rebecca ,   modiin   (02.09.09)
Makes them look like all the other scared politicians. They should be listening and trying to understand what Lieberman is saying, why he's saying it and why it's so popular.
21. Ovadia Yosef has never heard of freedom of choice
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (02.09.09)
Who exactly does this man think he is? He heads an organisation which uses religion as a means to gain political power and money. 7 members of Shas have been convicted of serious criminal offences and this lunatic who dresses up like an extra from Harry Potter , has everyone kissing his hand and worshiping him, he even has the nerve to claim that eveyone who votes for Shas will go to Heaven. As like all ego maniacs that have come before him , i must say hes pulled it off quite well , but then exploiting the weaker elements of society , those who have lost the basic human ability to tell right from wrong and think for them selves has always been easy. This man who falunts the very basic laws he pretends to uphold is a fraud and somewhat dangerous. It seems all he has to say is hatred towards ohters who he has the arrogance to judge. If Ovadia Yosef is against Liberman then surely its a sign to vote for Liberman for those who care about freedom and personal choice.
22. A Jewish pope
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (02.10.09)
Ovadia Yosef believes he is the Jewish equivalent of the pope. He is his twisted mindset believes he not only speaks for G-d, he is G-d on earth. This is what Shas represents. This is what ultra orthodoxy demands. This is not Judaism.
23. Shas & Yisrael Beiteinu
Michael D. ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.10.09)
I won't be voting for either, but I'd like to ask Shas how many JEWISH Israelis they think would opt for a civil marriage in Israel if they had the choice. I know I would. The pre-marital "interviews" are reminiscent of the Inquisition, while Rabbinical divorce proceedings are demeaning and humiliating for both the husband and wife. Given the choice, if I ever marry again, I would opt for a civil marriage.
24. Civil ceremonies?
S, Melmoth ,   Israel   (02.10.09)
Good, then my daughter can get married here and I won't have to go to Australia for the wedding
25. Shas
Vicki ,   Kadima, Israel   (02.10.09)
The only reason I started looking into Lieberman was because of Ovadias condemnation of him. I didn't dream that I would even think of voting for Lieberman however on reading his manifesto I must say that I actually agree with him.. He has been compared to Kahane, which I dont agree with. I do not see why if you live in Israel you should not be loyal to it. I think that this is a reasonable request. Shas's stance has totally backfired and encouraged people to vote for someone they would not have otherwise. Maybe Shas are really with Lieberman and it is a double bluff!!.
26. #14 many jew jews would choose
lol & lots of love   (02.10.09)
a civil marriage & not in order to confuse other jews.
27. "to legalize civil marriage"
Johsh ,   Israel   (02.10.09)
What's wrong with it?
28. civil marriage
Do you think Shas realizes that by saying that they are actually HELPING him get elected? Secular Jews want a civil marriage in Israel, period. It doesn’t mean they will be running out to do it, but having a choice would be nice
29. to no 15
fish tel-aviv   (02.10.09)
Well, it's a bit of a nerve, to live in New York and desire at the same time what Israelis should eat and how they should pary. I failed to notice since when Shas has become the G-d representative on earth. Being a Jew ain't only about catering or even getting a spouse, it's primarily love for your country Israel ( and not from afar), readiness to work and fight for your country. If haredim want to pray for Israel - fine, but do that at their own leisure and costs.
30. Originally Seperation of State and Religion meant...
Yitzchak ,   Yerushalyim   (02.10.09)
Originally Seperation of State and Religion meant... That the State did not interfer in Religion ie Marriage etc However it has been re-defined to mean that Religion cannot interfere in Politics but the STATE has the right to regulate Religious affairs such as marriage. Civil marriage will lead to Civil Divorce which will lead to generation of Mamzers when the woman marry again this is the problem already with Jews coming from Western countries where this is permitted. The Secular are using there rights for civil marriage but will in the end destroy the freedom of choice for their descendants. Civil should only be allowed for NON JEWS PERIOD!
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