A treat for every voter
Daniel Edelson
Published: 10.02.09, 00:32
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1. Nahh...
Leah ,   Canada   (02.10.09)
Vote in exchange for Krembo? Nahhh. But a bag of Bamba? Now we're talking!
2. Go get them Eyal! Impressed w/ ur positive attitude!
3. Dude very cool!
4. So cute!!!! Bless him
Talula ,   Israel   (02.10.09)
As long as they are vanilla and not mocca!
5. krembo
Josie ,   Israel   (02.10.09)
I did not get mine :(
6. Krembos?
Millicent ,   Israel   (02.10.09)
None to be seen in the kryot, but atleast the lines were short, easy in easy out, too bad the parking was difficult!
7. toda Eyal!
orli ,   Jerusalem   (02.10.09)
i would vote for you, not for the krembos, but if this ofi of yours continues to grow into a heart that really cares about the country with integrity - kol h'kavod!
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