Voter turnout rate hits 50%
Ynet reporters
Published: 10.02.09, 18:27
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1. Inclement weather?
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah   (02.10.09)
B"h Politicians "express hope that inclement weather will not result in low voter turnout". This means that they themselves admit that this system is a complete farse. Jews should strive for Torah institutions in Eretz Israel, not vote for insane so called political parties! Were we not told to unite? This Hellenistic democracy thing may be good for the nations, but it has nothing to do with us. We were told to appoint a King, a Sanhedrin and just courts in every village. Why aren't we doing it? Eh, rabbis?
2. If the far right parties win the elections
Chris ,   Warsaw Poland   (02.10.09)
it would be a moral disaster for Israel. The country is anyway turning rightwing and slowly surrending to chauvinism. A big pity...
3. Peres should be President of Comedy and not President..
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (02.10.09)
..of Israel. He speaks of pride over expressing and exercising democratic rights - yet nobody voted for him!
4. #2 survival
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.10.09)
There is no far-Right, just a rational vote for rational parties like National Union, Likud and Lieberman or a suicidal vote for Livni and Kadima. Since 1992, Israeli governments have been following the dreams of the Left-wing. This failure has culminated with the Kadima regime, supported by Livni and Barak. In exchange for destroying Gush Katif, Israel is in an existential danger. Israel's cities are bombarded with rockets, and the IDF is helpless. Hamas is officially in power, publicly saying it will exterminate the Jews. Under Kadima, Israel lost the Lebanon II war. In the Cast Lead war, Israel was internationally condemned for defending herself and Hamas is stronger than ever. Israel Arab citizens are radical as never before, publicly threatening to murder Jews while the police do nothing. Antisemitism is at levels only known in the 1930s. It is not chauvinism, it is survival.
5. How could you mention Peres when
Nigel ,   London, UK   (02.10.09)
he and Arafat brought so much bad things to the Middle East.
6. #4 is 100% correct
Asaf Golan ,   Sugar Land   (02.10.09)
the Left can never be right
7. Irrespective of who forms the government Israel is in for a
Al   (02.10.09)
royal screwing. The so called friends of Israel including the USa are in meltdown mode due to the disaster in the economy. They couldnt care less about Israel..In effect Israel will be left out to dry. Obama will offer up Israel as a korban to appease the Arabs and the Moslems. You will end up being squeezed like a lemon, all in the holy name of "PEACE". You can give up your land , commit mass suicide and the world will not be happy. Tell yourselves what you want, you are cooked as you have no leaders either from the right or the left worth a damn. People vote with their feet and they want to live, witness the fact that tens of thousands of your young people leave you every year for greener pastures. As long as you are leading this nation to the minimum expectations you are doomed to perpetual tears. As far as the golus Jews are concerned, forgetaboutdem..they have their own worries as most wont have a pot to piss in after this economic meltdown. Israel you are on your own...have a nice day!
8. I wiSh goOd lucK fOr "raa'am taa'l"...our representative
IbrAheem Bd ,   Sakhnin, the Empire   (02.10.09)
9. too bad arabs waste their votes on worthless arab MK's
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.10.09)
no wonder the lot of arabs never improves.
10. #1, you know why they don't do it?
Shiloh   (02.10.09)
Because they don't follow the Torah or the Tanach. If you read it, you will see for yourself and ignore their interpretations. I have asked this question for years which resulted in the rabbi's not taking to kindly to me. Read what the rabbi's have said about when prophecy is restored and what happens to those prophets who disagree with even the slightest decision the rabbi's make. Not my opinion, it's theirs. Something is amiss here.
11. #4, what you say is BS!
John ,   Europe   (02.10.09)
1) Since 1992, Israel governments have been following the dreams of the Left wing - this is a LIE! Left wing governments with their programs are back to 1947 and before! It was "right wing" and "orthodox" that did not believe in that time that Israel can be possible without Mashiah dropping from the sky! 2) Israel is NOT in existential danger, no matter what your paranoid mind tells you! Arabs are even - first time in history - publicly willing to RECOGNIZE ISRAEL as a state in borders of 1967 - and many Arab nations would approve territorial swaps! 3) Israeli cities are not the only ones bombed, as we saw in India, New York etc! This is the new way of warfare: few people armed with devastating guns. NO ARMY IN THE WORLD is strong against it. The answer is not in conventional means of fighting - or carpet bombing would be the answer to all. 4) Hamas cannot be replaced by weapons. Or it can, but with WWII scenario: devastation of Gaza and full scale occupation. What will lead to withdrawal of help to Israel. Sorry, you STILL are helpless without help from the west, no matter what your daddy tells you. 5) Lost the Lebanon war? Cannot believe it! I always thought that the objective of Lebanon war was to STOP HEZBOLLAH TO ROCKET NORTHERN PARTS EVERY DAY. Not destruction of Hezbollah - also not possible by military means - but to stop. Israel got international observers there who testify in Israel's behalf almost every week (read UN councils reports). Israel stopped the rockets. Shebaa is still in Israel. You lost much less people than Hezbollah. What the defeat are you talking about?? 6) Cast lead was condemned by INDIVIDUALS and RIOT MOBS. Arab states were VERY silent compared with previous wars. Also Europe and Asia ALWAYS said that they "condemn killing of civilians BUT ISRAEL HAS RIGHT TO DEFEND". Now tell me - which country does not condemn killing of civilians? 7) Israeli Arab citizens can shout whatever they want. As long as they do not take arms, I am not interested what they are shouting. Why do you need everybody's love so much? "Bohoho, they shout that they don't like meeee! Bouhuhu!" Fuck them! If they are not physically aggressive, they have right to love and worship whoever they please. They can worship my right sock, for all that I care, and hate my left. 8) Antisemitism is WAY off levels of 1930, and that is Fox bulls. Fox needs money that he lost from thief Madoff and this is his way of gaining it. I read ADL reports - they make a case of a SCHOOL KID who wrote a swastika on a wall and proclaim it antisemitic case. Afterward, police realizies that a kid DOES NOT KNOW WHO HITLER IS, and that he simply saw that on TV and that he just wrote it. They fine the parents - but ADL DOES NOT REMOVE THIS CASE FROM HIS FILES! So, please, no ADL objective reports, eh? And last definition for you: if you put a MAN'S adjective ("evil, bloodthirsty, vicious, lazy etc") on a NATION (which consists of many various men) - you are making CHAUVINISM. If you do similar to the race, you are doing RACISM. So, ask your self, if you are doing it - are you chauvinistic?
13. #7 My my my
Talula ,   Israel   (02.10.09)
Spoken like a true victim who knows what it's like to be screwed over royally............ by his ex-wife. Maybe you should consider some anger management courses, or, at the very least, a good shrink. God knows you need it. Maybe it would have been nicer to wish us good luck instead of spewing out your normal venom. What a hateful bitter man you are.
14. 42% in favor of arabs
observer   (02.10.09)
those arabs, who still do believe that Jews are for peace, have to change their ideas.
15. john from europe
bibi's ,   assistant   (02.10.09)
you, john from europe, have no clue about israeli history. you're just another armchair critique who likes to change "truth" into "personal wishes". number 4 is 99% right, u r 100% wrong. come live in israel for at least 20 years, and then we'll consider hearing your (new) opinion. until then its just hot air you're babling. cheers!
16. Talula
Al   (02.10.09)
Go play with a feather ...will you..
17. Livni
Mark ,   Lakewood OH   (02.10.09)
Im an American so I dont count. But I think Tzipi is a babe.
18.  Chris #2
Paddy ,   Chicago   (02.10.09)
Chauvinism ? to vote in an election ?? So tell me Cris, did Poland separate from Russia because it is not chauvinistic. Ditto for taking the Danzig corridor which Poland took from Germany. Funny guy you, Chris. Or is it venal.
19. Why, thank you, bibi's assistant, for VERY great criticism.
John ,   Europe   (02.10.09)
Where exactly am I wrong? On everything? Specially on part that placing a man's adjectives on whole nation is chauvinism? If you were a goy, old boy, you would be an antisemitic, trust me on this.
20. To exersize one's democratic right
Joshuah ,   Jerusalem   (02.10.09)
means not only to vote but also NOT to vote at all.
21. East or West Livni THE best =)
Sam ,   NY   (02.10.09)
22. #7
Natan   (02.10.09)
Damn....When is the next flight leaving Ben Gurion???
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