Arab media: 'Which extremist will Israel elect?'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 10.02.09, 14:57
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1. for arab media, "extremist" = anyone who doesn't hate israel
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.10.09)
and, for them, "mainstream" = anyone who passionately hates israel. they are not biased, no?
2. No moderates left in Israel
Observer ,   Germany   (02.10.09)
for a long time period, the Israelis (and even the western powers) protested that there are no moderates in the Arab World to negotiate peace with Israel, and now we are in an opposite situation: there are no moderates left in Israel to talk peace instead of war. The majority of arab states are becoming moderate regarding the issue of Israel and Palestine (after the Arab peace initiative 2002), but they remain unfortunately without partner for peace... It looks strange indeed!!
3. If they have to count on themselves then their in big
martin knopfman ,   tel aviv   (02.10.09)
trouble. Islam's only acheivements are death, destruction and torture. What else has it ever contributed? Oil? And Arabs say, "once there was only desert and then there was oil. But soon there will only be desert". Martin
4. Let us hope they are right
5. I love that cartoon, I want the T-shirt
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.10.09)
6. The Arab way is "demonizing" Israel and
the fundamentalist Muslim way is "destroy Israel". Either way is a criminal way.
7. The "majority" of Arab states according
ID   (02.10.09)
to your pondering are Jordan and Egypt while the "minority" are the rest of them, namely, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Lybia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Algeria, Morrocco, The Gulf States and Bangladesh. How nice! With such a "minority" no wonder there is no more place for a true partner. Go, turn into a different "observer" because the Middle East is not within your mental abilities.
8. If israeli politicians were real hardliners
Micha ,   Berlin   (02.10.09)
they would have finished the job right in 1967, using the "polish solution". Learning from what Poland did in Germany's eastern provinces after 1945. There are no germans left in Breslau, Stettin, Danzig or Königsberg to start a german intifada over there. Thus, there is no conflict. BTW, the 15 million(!) expellees and their descendants in third and fourth generation do NOT live in miserable "refugee camps" in remaining Germany. They were well integrated into a society just emerging from total destruction (physically & morally) after years of allied bombing and Nazi barbarism. Israel could live as peaceful as Poland today if they had finished the job back in 1967.
9. to Observer ,   israel   (02.10.09)
which Arab states are you referring?
10. "Which extremist will Israel elect "?
DT ,   TA Isr   (02.10.09)
Who cares as long as they are Right and Lieberman becomes the "Kingmaker"
11. Hope the right wing parties win, NO MORE KADIMA
Sandi ,   Israel/US   (02.10.09)
Kadima has proved they are unwillining to finish the pals problem. Maybe Lieberman can. Bibi may sell out Israel like Begin and Sharon. Israel needs a leader that can hold his ground against US pressure and eliminate once and for all the arab/muslim/pals problem.
12. I like the Caricatur
Observer ,   Sydney   (02.10.09)
For me the Caricature says everything. By the way, the ballot box says "Israeli Elections". Can I suggest that the winner is who ever kills more children.
13. lol
Nate ,   Canada   (02.10.09)
How can arab journalists, especially syrian ones dictate to israel about it's democracy? that's very laughable. also, number 1 is right, anyone who actually will stand up for israel is considered an extremist.
14. lt Arab States have democratic election!!!
Jacob ,   munich,Germany   (02.10.09)
they should all be envy !!!
15. the old dirty Israeli game
Before any government arrive to any peace deal ... new election ... extremist PM .... refusing all what those before him started .... destroying any peace movement .... going back to the null point ..... that's why Livni will not win and Bibi is hero of this game because he did it before , he is the jocker of the extremists whenever he has no idea about politic .... we know it and we will watch the same movie again .
16. #12 - I like your short-sightedness
Historical Observer ,   USA   (02.10.09)
The winner will be whoever kills more children? Writing a sentence like this just goes to show how little you know about the conflict. No children have ever been targeted by Israel. Young refugees caught in the line of fire are more times than not the fault of Hamas or their suicidal family members. Whoever kills more children will must be referring to the elections in Gaza, which Hamas alread won. Thanks for reminding us though:)
17. It's not extrimism or racism to defend your right to exist
USA   (02.10.09)
We are not going to lose our state to Arab bullets or Arab babies. Anybody who thinks any young Arab wishes to be an Israeli and go out every year and celebrate his defeat and sing Hatikva with the words "the soul of a Jew yearns" is a fool and has great contempt for the Arab.
18. In any other country
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.10.09)
Livni would be considered an extreme leftist and Bibi would be a left winger as well. Hope we get some real right wingers in office this time.
19. Arabs dreaming. Israeli NO to 1967 borders+right of return
Sam ,   Canada   (02.10.09)
The Arabs don't get it. No Israeli government,left or right, will give them the 1967 borders and a right of return for refugees. They don't want to believe it and carry on whether in their press or at meetings as if Israel will surely give it to them. There is no peace deal possible with them until they come down to earth.
20. What the hell do they know about elections?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.10.09)
There isn't even ONE democracy in the Arab world. Dictatorships, police states, absolute monarchies, no freedom of anything, who the hell are they to criticize?
21. #12, yeah it probably confuses them
Danny   (02.10.09)
Why Olmert doesn't get 99.999% of the vote.....
22. #2, all the arab and muslim parties except...
Danny   (02.10.09)
Hizbollah, Hamas, Syria and Iran.... or in other words the people that Israel is actually fighting. The ones who Israel isn't fighting apparently are more "moderate"
23. Killer , huh!!
Ray   (02.10.09)
Too bad the Arabs can't choice their killer :)) I say the arabs should worry about their own corrupt, terrorist leaders before prying into the business of other nations. I became a real fan of Lieberman after the Gaza Operations because I saw first hand how the world still hates Jews and Israelis now more than ever. Israeli will always be defined as a Jew first in the eyes of the world no matter how hard Israelis try to dissociate themselves from their religions. Israeli needs to become more Zionist now more than ever and fight for its very existence. Arabs will never let go!!
24. #20 Terry,they are only jealous
Trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (02.10.09)
Because whoever our leaders are,somehow they are accountable. One day or later, they are liable to go eventually to jail like any citizens. That possiblity does not exist in arab countries Either the leader rules with an iron fist or he is murdered or overthrown by another bloody dictator
25. If extremists are people who....
Al-Kufr ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.10.09)
don't want to put their own heads on the chopping block for Muslims and Europe count me in!
26. arab media
simon ,   TA   (02.10.09)
Dear Observer#2 Yes there are moderates left in Israel we are just alittle thin on the ground, very sadly I should add. I am a member of The Green Movement-Meimad and I don't think that there is anyone in Israel who could say that our party chairman Rabbi Michael Melchior is anything but moderate. We will, with luck and some very hard grassroots campaigning get a few seats in the Knesset. So wish us luck and all of you who haven't voted yet get out and vote moderate!
27. #12 - Observer - Is Hamas running in the election?
William ,   Israel   (02.10.09)
"Can I suggest that the winner is who ever kills more children. " I didn't know Hamas could run in the Israeli election. Surely, for the plight they bring against all Gazan women and children (totaling hundreds of thousands), they would surely be the winner.
28. Arab elections....
William ,   Israel   (02.10.09)
"Who do we subjugate and kill today?" 1) Jews 2) Jews and B'hais 3) Jews and Sunnis 4) Jews or Shia 5) ALL Infidels Place your democratic, free vote now.
29. arab media
simon ,   TA   (02.10.09)
#16 & 12 Golda Meir once said that the Arabs will only make peace when love for their children becomes greater than their hatred of Israel. Now you know!
30. Pity I Can't Vote For MY Favorite Extremist
David H ,   Marietta USA   (02.10.09)
I just hope the Israeli public has had enough of their current worthless government to send it packing. Hamas and the whole liberal Western world need a very large and very loud shot fired across its bow. What time do your polls close?
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