Survey: 31% of Europeans blame economic crisis on Jews
Published: 10.02.09, 18:42
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31. Somewhere in the Good Book
The 11th Man ,   London   (02.10.09)
it says that the exiled Jew will be either 'a lion' or 'water'. One brings death, the other life. I love Israel and the Jewish people and I think it's ridiculous to blame them for the current crisis. However, 'the lions' amongst them such as Robert Maxwell and Bernard Madoff, do an awful lot of damage to the Jewish reputation. We owe many, many great inventions to the Jews but we also owe to them the invention of the Atom Bomb. LIKE LIONS, LIKE WATER......
32. The world's second oldest profession
Douglas Miller ,   Detroit, USA   (02.10.09)
At a time when Europeans are less attached to Christianity, Europeans are still very much attached to anti-Semitism. At a time when Christianity has repudiated hatred of Jews and expelled bigots from their midst, anti-Semitism still racks up big numbers in Europe. The message is loud and clear and unmistakeable: anti-Semitism has very little to do with Christianity and a lot to do with Europeans.
33. To Marco in Spain
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (02.10.09)
Yes we Jews control the entire world. We are Marsians that landed on earth with space ships and we want to kidnap Spanish men and women and perform experiments on them. We control mass media, we control the economy and we control all people. We also control you - we have sent laser beams into your head and we made you write your talk back. In fact, we Jews are so powerful that we can change reality into fantasy and fantasy into reality and we can control your will. We control whether you will get an erection in the morning or not. And we control your brain. And we control the Devil, God, the world and the universe and we exist only for the purpose to piss people off and take over the entire universe - that is why we have to fear for our lives and protect ourselves due to our godly might. Best regards Jewish World Power
34. and how?
Jacob Erickson ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (02.10.09)
I'd really love to interview that 31% and ask them "So, HOW are Jews to blame?" and watch them all just say, "Because they're jews" or "Because they control all the money" or some other BS like that. It's just pure racism, they don't even know why. And if Jews do control all the money and own all the big businesses, wouldn't we be suffering the worst from the economic problems? Why don't people think before they talk?
35. Jesus and Loyalty
Jacob Erickson ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (02.10.09)
I don't see why Jews wouldn't be more loyal to Israel than to their own countries if they have to deal with that much rampant racism against them with the governments of their own countries doing nothing. Also I don't see why people complain all the time about Jews killing Jesus. Regardless of who killed him, they needed him to "Die for their sins" for their religion to even exist... plus he resurrected himself anyways, so regardless, he came back after he died... so what the heck is the big deal?
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (02.10.09)
With its long history off anti- Semitism , Europeans now have a genetic disposition towards this disease off their very limited soul. It is totally useless to spend the time and energy on losers like this. With the disappearance off the European continent at the hands off even more savage people , we can look forward to an increasing trend in the coming years.
37. 26 exactly... ur so right.
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (02.10.09)
Marco usually writes rubbish posts like that. I often wonder if he hates Israelis and shares anti-semitic views then why would he hang around ynet so often...? Bit odd.
38. The Europeans are idiots.
Steven Wilson   (02.10.09)
The banking system in the United States and worldwide will likely be nationalized. If you own banking stocks....Insurance stocks....and anything connected to them........get out of them. If they get will lose everything. Why sit by and watch your money evaporate into thin air? Put the money into any investment not connected to the banking industry as well as Insurance industries.
39. It was the bicycle riders, stupid!
The 11th Man ,   London   (02.10.09)
40. Jews more loyal to Israel than countries they live in,
David ,   Arnhem - Holland   (02.10.09)
41. RE: Jesus and loyalty
Mikko Peippo ,   Espoo, Finland   (02.10.09)
Jesus = Yeshua is the Messiah of jews... He was an jew. He was born in Bethlehem, lived in Israel and he fulfilled 333 tenach prophecies. Just find it out. May the God of Israel bless u on that path. We all crucified Him...thats for sure.
42. Why are Jews still lining in Europe?
leo ,   bklyn   (02.10.09)
No self respecting Jew should be living in that anti semitic cesspool called Europe. Inquisition, Pogroms, Holocaust, Blood Libels, etc, etc,etc. Israel, United States and several other countries in the Western Hemispher are the only places where Jews are welcome. So you can take France and Great Britian for starters and get out. Without Jews these countries will descend into third class nations as did every other country that persecuted Jews.
43. Marco: "I can see the cliche of anti semitism coming."
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.10.09)
Marco (#15) writes, "I am a christian and I believe the survey is right. As a matter of fact, I believe the percentage should be higher." Marco, I don't know if are a full bore anti-Semite. But it's clear that you have internalized anti-Semitic fantasies. That makes you as hate filled and ignorant as the masses of your European brethren. In days past, we used to refer to Jews as the "canaries in the coal mine". Often seen as anl "outsider", a given society's attitudes toward its Jews was a "leading indicator" of that society's overall health. Europe these days is not very healthy.
44. The scapegoat of ancient / modern history - The Jew
Jan   (02.10.09)
Well, well, well, it looks like the european messiah is on his way. Bloated with 10's of million muslims, a scapegoat is required in order to appease the mob. Is european pogrom being rejuvenated with 21 st. century refinement of course ? During the midle ages, the Black Plague hysteria was drowned in jewish blood. They were expultions, forced conversions, massacres, and as always, the main justification was religious. The Cossacks slaughtered 10's of thousands of jews in the mid 17th century - no one knows exactly. In Germany, Richard Wagner wrote an essay attacking jewish composers such as Mendelsohn and Mayerber, accusing them of being harmful to german culture. And I can go on, and on, and on. Is today's survey of economic voes in Europe part of it's past, present or future ? As the same old stories are brought to the surface: Jews have to much power - Jews are responsible for the financial crisis - Jews have too much control in the business world - Jews have too much influence. I forgot to add France's " L'affaire Dreyfuss " and / or Emile Zola's " j'accuse ".-- can't be everywhere !!!
45. David, Arnhem, Holland
Gábor Fränkl ,   Bp, Hungary   (02.10.09)
The city of Arnhem is supposedly a great place with the big Rhine - Rijn river - . Can I visit you once? I plan to go to Holland for half a year to work/live in Amsterdam. I am a rock-solid Israel-lover myself.
46. Anti-semitic disease still festers in Eurabia
David ,   Boston, USA   (02.10.09)
Its a disease that wont go away until we Jews breed in significant numbers. They always pick on the small minorities. The more we do, the more they despise us. Try not using anything we create and see if you feel the same way.
47. #40, Jews more loyal to countries they live in than 99%
David ,   Boston, USA   (02.10.09)
From history, you will see that Jews are more loyal to the countries they live in than 99% of the other people there, so your comment makes no sense. There is a great video about Jewish history in the US, 350 years worth and what Jews have done FOR USA showing their American pride. What concerns me are statements like yours. Others can support their homelands, why cant Jews also support Israel and still love the countries they live in? Double standard.
48. #33
(-) ,   JAHRUSALEM   (02.10.09)
LOL!!!!!! you just made my day! finally - im proud to be a jewish elder of zion !!!!!!!!
49. #8 is a perfect example of this deranged thinking
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (02.10.09)
I almost feel sorry for them. Almost. I believe that the Jews of Europe should start carrying weapons and start packing their suitcases. EUROPEAN JEWS - COME HOME!!
50. Hate To Say It, But To A Degree It's True
David H ,   Marietta USA   (02.10.09)
The main crisis was precipitated by the collapse of the Fannie Mae banking system here in the states. Barney Frank, nice Jewish lib from the socialist state of Massachusetts moved heaven and earth to prevent congressional oversight of the corporation. His boyfriend was/is a higher up in the corporation, and was raking in a small fortune with every bogus loan Fannie Mae was making. Now you can add in Barry Hussein Obama's catastrophic wish list of an economic "recovery" plan, and we have complete disaster pending. BO has put together a minyan of like minded Socialist Jews to run this disaster, starting with Rahm Emmanuel down to his non tax paying Sect. of the Treasury who avidly pushes the plan. Add a touch of Bernie Maddof and his ponzi scheme, and the stock markets tank. Jews in general may not be the "cause" of the downturn, but we sure as hell are doing our damnedest to throw fuel into the anti-Semetic fires at every available opportunity.
51. #16, Timothy Geithner is NOT Jewish
Jake   (02.10.09)
He is background is German-American and Christian.
52. #50
notice that barnie frank, A DEMOCRAT, did this even under the bush regime....and yet, we still chose democrats.
53. to Alexander from Herzliya
Justine   (02.10.09)
Dear Alexander. Your rant picked my curiosity. Please explain further. "Everybody hates Poles". Interesting, I have lived outside of Poland for most of my life and never noticed. I would say the (unfortunate) dislike of Jews is much more noticeable. So what are your sources? Any surveys, data? And even if it was so, so what? If Jews are disliked this is prejudice, but if Poles are generally disliked, it's warranted? "It is common knowledge that Poles are intellectually retarded". Again, what this "common knowledge" is based on? In "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" Polish national IQ is estimated at 99 and we have a rank of 17, while Israel has an IQ of 94 and its rank is 60. Those are controversial studies, I agree. But PISA studies of students performance worldwide (2006) shows that Polish students do way better than Israeli students in science, mathematics and reading ( BTW, Jews are often relatively brilliant but this only goes for Ashkenazim, Sephardi Jews are average. In other words, it's primarily the Polish Jews that are more intelligent and there is a scientific argument that this was due to the way Jews were employed in Poland (in intermediary occupations that demanded some intellect). So you owe us something here. "They are primitive peoples with a primarily and predominantly agrarian past - people of the land - cheap people - cheap labor - cheap and low cultures." I wouldn't say any of the nations listed has "low culture". Unless you're ignorant about them. And what exactly is the relationship between being agrarian and being "low culture"? Most if not all people of the world have an agrarian past. France and Germany were predominantly agrarian while their cultures were already quite "high". And Israeli kibbutzniks were not exactly anti-agrarian. "Jews civilized the Poles and the Spaniards." Care to expand? Jews gave Poland several brilliant artists and scientists, but this started in XIXth century. Before, Jews contributed as everybody else. They did not bring Polish culture or economy to a new level. "The Poles believe that Yoshua Ben Yoseph was Polish" Really? I'm Polish and never believed that, nor do I know anybody who does. Thank you for the insight you give into the mindset of certain Israelis.
54. Polls
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.10.09)
Mr Foxman ! Why don't you stop with those silly polls ? if you would conduct a poll asking people,who is responsible for all the wars in history, earth quakes,tsunamis,locusts,droughts, floods,polio outbreaks,of course,the Jews !,will be the answer, a great number of humans are evil,just give them a a target,and you will be surprised how much veamon they possess,historically,the Jews vere Europes most favored enemy,nowadays,antisemitism has spread all over the world,(by the way,polls should be outlawd,because,they influece people,)All you ,with antisemitic veamon,beware ! you will end up like Achmad yasin,and other enemies of Israel and the Jewish people.
55. German Jews were more loyal to Germany than Germans
USA   (02.10.09)
German Jews waned to be the best Germans who ever lived, but it didn't matter, they still voted for Hitler.
56. Loyalty of Jews to Israel
Chris (not Jewish) ,   Stanford, California   (02.10.09)
The Poll's results just show that Jews are justified to be loyal to Israel rather than to the countries they live in.
57. And when the economy is good, does that 31% thank us?
Doron ,   Israel   (02.10.09)
58. RE: #41
Jacob Erickson ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (02.10.09)
Well seeing that I used to teach a class for Jews on how to deal with missionaries, I'll just name my favorite point on that matter. The most commonly known prophecy is that the messiah will be a decedent of King David. The new testament tries to prove this twice, listing the genealogy of Jesus and it goes from King David to Joseph... who was just married to his mom with no real connection to his son. Unless of course you don't think he was the son of God. Sure he probably called Joe, "Dad" but that doesn't mean anything in terms of the actual prophecy... so do your research before just blabbing on about things you only think you know. And for the other 332, most of them are also just mistranslations from the original text. And I'm sure the people that finally wrote the story of Jesus so many many years after he died referred to the Jewish bible to figure out ways to write how he fulfilled the prophecies without knowing if they happend
59. #47David, Boston
David ,   Arnhem - Holland   (02.10.09)
''Jews more loyal to Israel than countries they live in'' I'm sorry David if you think that way, because i am not making any statement. It is just a quote of the news above from YNET. I just put it as the subject of my personal opinion that i love Israel no more or less, ok? .
60. David,50#, Barney Frank is about as Jewish as I am ....
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (02.10.09)
a snowman. Right now it is snowing in the Golan but does that make me a snowman? Barney Frank may have one or even two Jewish parents yet he cetainly does not represent Jewish people. He doesn't even have a Jewish boyfriend!
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