2 prime ministers
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 10.02.09, 23:27
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1. 2 rotating pm's?we haven't got rid of olmert yet
3 rotating pms cause ,   olmert wont go   (02.10.09)
2. Likud & Kadima must work together
Josh ,   San Jose, USA   (02.11.09)
Any coalition that excludes either will live or die at the whim of half a dozen small parties. It's time for Livni & Netenyahu to hold their noses and shake hands. They can have rotating PMs, co-PMs or they come up with something really exotic. And once the dust settles, they really should take a look at the American or the French system of government. Israel's system of proportional voting causes more problems every election.
3. IN the States this would be considered a landslide for Bibi
Jonathan ,   Jewish Homeland   (02.11.09)
65-43 essentially. not even close thearab parties don't count be they wouldn't join the governement even if asked . Now we have to see if Pere is gojng to be a Mensch and play by the rules or let Livni and himself prove that their are losers when she falls on her face trying to do the impossible
4. Bibi
J K ,   NYC, USA   (02.11.09)
His only issue in forming this government will be having to include Shas in it who will of course demand the Education porfolio. Other than that no reason Bibi cant form a right side coalition and keep Kadima and Labor in the opposition. I dont think Livni can even form a gov't unless she can someone get Lieberman on her side.
Simha ,   Toronto, CANADA   (02.11.09)
6. Perhaps we should have new elections in
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.11.09)
a month. All parties that did not have the minimum needed for a mandate should not be allowed to run.
7. Bibi has her over a barrel.
David ,   Jerusalem   (02.11.09)
He's got her over a barrel. Even with the Arabs she doesn't cross the threshold. She absolutely has to have Israel Beiteinu and the religious parties. And if she gets Israel Beiteinu she loses the Arabs. Shas has already ruled out joining a government she leads, and it looks like Lieberman is leaning strongly towards the Likud (Bibi will give him most anything to block Livni). As such, Bibi has her over a barrel. He can simply say no - and from her demeanor during her speech: she knows it. She's offering Bibi a unity government and he's already horse-trading without her on the right. More pun than it, Attila.
8. rotate?
Leonard ,   LA usa.   (02.11.09)
Now I seen everything. Only in Israel it seems this could happen. Wow. I'm in the USA and glad of it. I'm sorry for the people of Israel to have such politics or maybe you all like it. Hmmm Maybe. do you?
9. Where is Gilad Shalit ?
Yiannis Kareklas ,   Athens Greece   (02.11.09)
The rest is of no importance. Same old story : who gets the chair?
10. Share the Power?
Panda Bear ,   Omaha USA   (02.11.09)
Sharing the power might confuse the world too much. I also wonder why with so much attention to the corruption of the Kadima party, as reported in the media, why Israelis would want Kadima in power. It appears to me that when one looks at Israels form of government it is in a continual cycle of being formed. I would think the less corrupt one's governmental officials are the better off one's country is. If they share power, who will be PM first? Will they split power with Livni serving as PM from Saturday sundown through Tuesday sundown, and Netanyahu serving as PM from Tuesday sundown through Friday sundown, with each serving on alternating Shabbot days? Then if one has a special family event to attend, they can switch shifts with each other. This would probably help to keep anyone who wants to attack Israel off balance. They may never know who is in charge when they go to attack.
11. Hmmmm. Right wing religious party. Aaaah.
Adam Eliyahu   (02.11.09)
And for those of you who kick and scream, you better get used to it. The public got tricked into voting for non-religious right once. That led to Sharon taking off his mask. Simple demographics; the majority of Israelis are right wing, as this election showed. A significant and growing number are religious. A religious right wing party would actually be true democracy: a reflection of what the people want. I understand that left wing eleitists are used to ruling by fascism; controlling the press and the courts and using the police and shabak to arrest right wing, but this will change.
12. bibi landslide
Israel ex-pat   (02.11.09)
what samim are you smoking...Bibi had a big lead and lost to Livni....if this was USA he would ride off into the sunset as a L-O-S-E-R.... but because of Israel's ridiculous "no responsibility" system...he gets to return, and return, and return... with no new ideas.. For that matter most of them have nothing new to contribute...time to set up location based constituencies and hold them accountable for their actions...
13. First choice for spinners, last choice for the Likud
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.11.09)
Livni as a equal partner means accepting some form of her 'land for peace' concession plan. That is the path of self-destruction for the Likud their last choice. A coalition with Kadima-Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu-Labor is the 2nd to last choice, although finding a suitable job for Livni would be a problem. Friedman as Justice Minister perhaps, Livni never. Livni as FM would be plain silly. She would undermine the government at every opportunity and she knows nothing about Finance either. They don't even need her to make the coffee.
14. Hey Atilla, I didn't know
your'e writing articles here
15. Please no
Sagi ,   Israel   (02.11.09)
You have succeeded in making fools out of us, now you want to make fools out of yourselves.
Chanan ,   Johannesburg   (02.11.09)
Wwe all know that Israel has 6 million Prime Ministers - or is that 6 million Presidents (perhaps both)
17. one year
zechariah   (02.11.09)
Start with one year each.netayahu pm livni fm yaalon dm and ramos treasury . take in shas and utj for the demographic option . Iran must slow its nuclear program . Gaza and the west bank must be relieved and israel commence massive defensive and offensive security.
18. Aye! Why Not.. One War Criminal to Another..
RJBH ,   Methil   (02.12.09)
No Conflict of Interest there!
19. understand
Leonard ,   LA usa   (05.01.09)
This is a most difficult government to understand. Very complicated to me or is just me? I just don't get it. Who's in charge?
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