Meretz shock: Gal-On not in Knesset
Eli Senyor
Published: 11.02.09, 11:19
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1. Maybe psychiatric counseling would help.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.11.09)
Meretz isn't a political party it's more like a group-therapy session for seriously delusional misfits.
2. It will continue
Asher ( truth hurts) ,   Jerusalem   (02.11.09)
and there failure to strive will continue as more & more Jews and Israelis wake up & realize, that our Destiny in the Land of Israel and our need to return to our Jewish ways is the only way we will survive. Judaism will PREVAIL as it has for thousands of years. You will all shrink slowly till you will disappear.
3. Perhaps some soul-searching would help
Shalom   (02.11.09)
Meretz have proven themselves as idealist dreamers, that have no touch of reality with the challenges that Israel and the Jewish people are facing in the world. We are sick of hearing the same rhetoric from them. Livni is bad enough but at least Kadima seems to have no ideology!!!
4. drop dead meretz!!!!!!!
5. # 1 Terry
Sagi ,   Israel   (02.11.09)
In that respect they are beyond salvation. The only answer is a strait jacket.
6. Meretz shock
Yosi ,   Sydney Australia   (02.11.09)
Every dog has his day and life is a bommerang.This is such A SWEET MOMENT!
7. Nitzan Horowitz
Francoise ,   Beer-Sheva   (02.11.09)
Please Nitzan go back to journalism where you are so good. You are wasting your time and talent. Leave politics to politicians. I am refraining from commenting on your choice of Meretz...Really!!!!
8. #5 Sagi, Israel.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.11.09)
Actually, they have more in common with bizarre messianic religious cults, just they express their meshugas in political rather than religious terms. Did you ever see the cartoon of the crazy man with a sign saying, ''The End of the World is Today'' & then the following drawing where ''Today" is crossed out & ''Tomorrow'' is scribbled in? That's Meretz.
9. Read the signs, Meretz final implosion imminent
JPS ,   Efrat   (02.11.09)
Sad, but true, Meretz appears to be ready to drop entirely off the map in the next elections. The signs are there and they are damning. Oron is looking to see what went wrong with the connection to the "New Movement", but he's blind to the reality. Meretz is doing itself in, nobody is helping it. Just like blind Israelis 30 years ago who every time there was a fatal car crash investigated the mechanical flaws. Israelis just couldn't accept that 99% of the time it was the driver at fault - that meant they had to blame themselves, and not somebody else. Well, here we are in the 21st century and Meretz is looking to blame everybody but themselves for their failures. Wake up, Meretz! Israel still needs a party that champions social causes. What we don't need is a party that abandons all its work and champions the single cause of a losing formula for a non-existent peace process.
10. Best news of these elections
Yisraeli   (02.11.09)
As said above every dog has its day and today its meretz the enemy and terrorist supporting party. Good riddance couldnt come soon enough, sorry you were able to cross the threshhold at all...inshallah not next time.
11. I hope Beilin UNDERSTANDS whats going on
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (02.11.09)
with him and his party and finally SHUT UP!
12. Departure of -Gal On
Joe the Plumber   (02.11.09)
Just for this simple act of my voting in yesterdays farce of Israeli Dictoracy- I am over the moon to know that this nagging and Jew hating voice will be silenced forever.- by the voice of the people. Her moaning has become insuferable over the last 10 years, which only contained one message -hate my fellow Jew.- So Ms. Gal On its back to the Kitchen for you dear- and with the advent of Purim its time to make those silly Haan ears for which you are famous.
13. Fruits and nuts
Gideon Reader   (02.11.09)
#1 Terry in beautiful Eilat Nah! Counseling will not help. And you cannot get support from a jockstrap with wornout elastic, which is what the left is. Delusional though is what the maroons who voted for kadima are. What is the policy or ideology that they profess? None that I am aware of. Which leaves the personalities of those on the slate. That is even worse. I just do not understand.
14. Not their fault
Gershon ,   Kfar Saba   (02.11.09)
I think that there was nothing wrong with the election strategy. It's just that many on the left voted for Kadima as a tactical vote, as they realised that in order to have a claim to form a government, Kadima had to have more Knesset seats than the Likud. The tactics appear to have worked.
15. By by Meretz, you won't be missed!
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (02.11.09)
16. so far, the best news!
oded   (02.11.09)
run , meretz run , away from us.. this party's contributions were dismal at best... and it shows.... it was formed on socail paltform but acheived nothing.. good riddence!
17. as long as these mechigenes don't
Charles   (02.11.09)
get any power...... nothing happened
18. Less enemy in the knesset!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.11.09)
Perhaps they can run in the mnext elections of the palestinian authority or are they too anti Zionist even for the palis. Perhaps old jumass would consider jumping on his sword?
19. Meretz in shock
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (02.11.09)
Bye bye Meretz. You might be dieing a slow death but you are dieing just the same. Wake up the people have spoken, we don't want your failed policies. Over the years, you and your supporters have had nothing but comtempted for the general public on what we want, now your on your way out. As for Gal-On see ya, no more.. And I am a kibbutznike, that should tell ya something
20. #13 Gideon, my friend ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.11.09)
I do not even pretend to understand Israelis & their political conceptions. My frequent conversations mostly leave me baffled, bewildered & somewhat shell-shocked. Why anyone at all would vote for Kadima is beyond me. Then again, you are living in a country that elected Obama - do you understand that phenomenon? The world is full of mysteries, my friend. One can only look on in amazement.
21. Piece now but NOT tomorrow
Jay ,   USA   (02.11.09)
If everyone could please let us just talk. I am sure we can all get along if everyone will play nice and have understanding. We will try to understand your FEELINGS.
22. Shocked because the party is out of touch with reality!
martin knopfman ,   tel aviv   (02.11.09)
23. #11 - Beilin never understood what was going on :-)
martin knopfman ,   tel aviv   (02.11.09)
24. #20, Terry - Not a mystery
Alon K. ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.11.09)
Around 25% of the country voted for Kadima. That means 25% of the country are clueless or worse. It is not a mystery though - we have the media to thank for those results. There is constant manipulation of the masses through a key sentance/phrase thrown here and there, pictures that demonize nationalist politicians and outright lies. Hear something enough and it becomes true, right? So 25% of the country could not see through the media smokescreen or really do want Israel to become weaker and more pathetic.
25. meretz election flop
travelfreak2 ,   countryside   (02.11.09)
I looked and looked for a Sephardi on the list - I think I found a professor as No12 on the list... I like you Jumes - but Meretz did not get my vote... There must be a 'reconciliation' between Meretz and Sephardis - or Meretz will remain nonsignificant
26. Communist parties dying off is a sign of well-being
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (02.11.09)
This is really good. Any communist party getting high voting percentage in an election is a sign of sickness. Voting for communism is just not what a sound and happy human does.
27. learning "lesson"
Asaf Golan ,   Sugar Land   (02.11.09)
I lover hoe politicians say stupid things like "we should learn a lesson" or "soul search" so some such stupid statement. Never have I seena political party say "you know what? Maybe a platform calling to divide Jerusalem is going to cost us? Maybe the masses do not want gay marriages, maybe they do not want us to change the Jewish character of the state? Maybe we should move closer to the consensus in support the war against terror and stop the incitement against our Jewish brothers living across an imaginary green line?" but no. They will either learn nothing or go further to the Arab-left.
28. meretz
bubba ,   nyc   (02.11.09)
yerida has its consequences
29. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT when Meretz holds hands with Hamas?
Jae ,   Lynn, Ma   (02.11.09)
I dont know of any Jewish party that appears to denigrade their Jewish tardition, history and past. Do they even know that Jews are the aboriginal people of this land dating back almost 4000 years to Isaac Jacob his children and on down the line to the times of the pharoahs and Moses etc etc? Do they even know that our people were ethnically cleansed and had genocide commited on them by the Roman Empire and by the Church? I doubt it very much. No they are more likely to believe arafats spin that all the early jews were really palestinians and wouldnt want a jewish country. RIGHT. So is it any surprise that their ideology of Jewish-denial and Arab dhimmihud has gotten them only 3 seats? How can anyone respect who you are, if you dont respect your own identity and heritage and affirm it and be proud of it, instead of embarrased and ashamed by it; this is Mertez's failure in my opinion.
30. #1 - Shut up Terry....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (02.11.09)
I don't agree with them either, but they're not misfits. The results of this election say enough about how their ideas are received by the public. But at least they are off their asses working in government for what they believe in. Not sitting on their asses pontificating.
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