Yisrael Beiteinu doesn't rule out Livni as PM
Yael Branovsky
Published: 11.02.09, 11:14
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1. Please start by taking care of the thug youth element.
Da ,   win   (02.11.09)
You surely can do this.
2. Its called bluffing, you dont announce what your going to do
otherwise you would have no leverage in terms of getting high portfolio
3. Playing his cards right ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.11.09)
And he knows he has a good hand. Our politicians are unscrupulous, unprincipled, & opportunistic. If they put the same energy into working in the country's interests instead of their own, Israel would be a far more successful place.
4. Under endless investigations
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.11.09)
He has to get the police off his back, preferably by being shown innocent, if he is going to be appointed to any cabinet seat of influence. This is the day after that people warned about.
5. Lieberman the SNAKE
ben Gur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.11.09)
A very dangerous man. Stay with the Likud or forever die. Nobody will ever trust you again.
6. Israel's real face:Ex-Night Club Bodyguard Lieberman
Tayfun_Turkey   (02.11.09)
To my knowledge Lieberman worked as Night Club Bodyguard in Baltic republics in the past. Beside his character is a good symbol for Israel in international showroom, he has another implication for Israeli future, possibly you overlooked, Whenever he stick to power even partialy Israel will turn to a State of MAFIA, you will not able to park you car in free places without paying protection to Racketeers-Certainly to make sure your cars will not be destroyed by them when you returned back to your car. Even each school will be a heroin or other drugs selling center-Certainly these are only examples and not inclusive of all you will face. IDF will get involved with drug trafficing you will watch how such Crimes will be TOLERATED under several pretexes, it will not pass to much time to find them supporters in Press under several fabricated ideologies of Freedom. At surface Lieberman will be at odds with Palestinians but Mafias all over the world abuse minorities and therefore you may reasonably assume a very strong mafia of Palestinians nurtured by Lieberman, he will be their protector as well. Lieberman is parlimentary mapping of a social reality already observed, Remembered Swastikas drawn in schools?İt is the voting base and social ground of Lieberman. Here I wrote this to witness my prediction on this date of 11 Feb 2009 before any such sypmtoms were recognized.
7. I warned the lieberman voters you were strengthening left
Jason ,   tel aviv israel   (02.11.09)
You wanted to punish Bibi by voting for a government who would recommend Livni for PM. What is so wrong about this election is 75 percent of Lieberman's voters wanted bibi over livni and in a one on one matchup bibi crushed livni in poll matchups. Israel electoral system was much better when one on one for prime minister to get over fifty percent. This is a sad day for Israel. Livni will do nothing about the thousands of tunnels. The thought of Livni leading this country has given me the shakes.
8. Lieberman betraying his voters
Neal ,   sderot israel   (02.11.09)
75 percent of his voters wanted bibi over Livni. The only way Kadima could have won is to have a trojan horse on the right thinking they were voting for a strong rightest to strengthen Bibi while they were really voting for a trojan horse for Livni. This is brutal. This is the end of democracy in Israel.
9. I wish Lieberman to get this historic opportunity to show
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (02.11.09)
HE IS CLEAN! All his campaign has been in the Right side;I hope corruption does not tempt him(at least not too much,since it is delusional expect too much of polititians)and that he takes a good and positive path in the behalf of Israel,otherwise,-he can be sure-his opportunity will go to the dump VERY QUICKLY! THINK LIEB,THINK VERY WELL BEFORE ACTING!!!
10. #9 Butt out - not your business you live in brazil
israel   (02.11.09)
11. He's just posturing
David ,   Jerusalem   (02.11.09)
This is big talk for horse trading. Leiberman wants the best deal out of Bibi possible and he's pulling a cock of the walk routine. He's already expressed a preference. He's just wheeling and dealing. There's nothing she can offer him Bibi can't. Labor and Meretz are going into the opposition. Shas and the Arabs have stated they won't sit with her. Israel Beiteinu and UTJ aren't enough to put her over the threshold even if they do go with her. And we know NU and Beit Yehudi won't sit with her. That being the case she must have Bibi and Israel Beiteinu to form a coalition and lieberman knows it. He also knows Bibi won't go for it. He doesn't need her.
12. Israels political system=Whore fest
Al   (02.11.09)
The people have voted, The people get screwed. As I have written so many times, the people will end up getting screwed over and over again. No security, no hope, no reaL WEALTH. Poverty, fear and apathy will rule the day. The system must change or Israel will decend into anarchy.
13. Coalition
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.12.09)
I wish,Livny,Natanyahu.Barak,will form a government,and leave out the extortionists,and the extreamists,this is a golden opportunity to shape the future of Israel.And not to have to cave in to pressure groups
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